We are playing Morph Hide and Seek as hedgehogs!
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  • Raymond Tung 4 weeks ago

    Someone can make that sentence the funniest thing ever.
    Im a chameleon

  • angelica maricar Abrasaldo 4 weeks ago

    Not minotaur

  • Kayla Knez 4 weeks ago

    I went into your store and my brothrers getting a t-shirt and iwent in jens shop and got the life is beautiful crop top i love you guys 😙😙😙😙😙😗😗😗😗😗

  • dandmcastelli 4 weeks ago

    If it say move just jump

  • dandmcastelli 4 weeks ago

    Your good at raping pat XD lol

  • Kitty Cat Katy 4 weeks ago

    I’m Bad To

  • Assassin Gamer21/SloppyAG21 4 weeks ago

    Play Fortnite

  • GAMING IS MY MIDDLE NAME 4 weeks ago

    U said mine er tor

  • Ethan Kirby 4 weeks ago

    Hi Pat and Jen I love our kids. I watch them every day. Thanks so much😄

  • mrexplodingcreeper 10 4 weeks ago

    Pls sub to me

  • Elexia Brace 4 weeks ago

    I love your videos you make my day I love you so much and please ask Jen why does she stalk you every hide and seek #Cringy

  • Kitty Cat Katy 4 weeks ago

    I Got 1 yo Dar was a Hesh Hog Dat Blue his Name Was Sonick And Blue The End Did you Like it 😊 😢

  • Haris Planincic 4 weeks ago

    3:20 the albino master was freaking out

  • Clare Salisbury 4 weeks ago

    (Not hatin) jst sayin

  • Kitty Cat Katy 4 weeks ago

    You or Gooder ☺😁😀😁😀😁😀

  • Davud Beganovic 4 weeks ago


  • Urooj Nadeem 4 weeks ago

    cring rap

  • Baymax 567 4 weeks ago

    Do Sonic hide and seek please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galaxy Kitten 4 weeks ago

    R.I.P headphone users 😵

  • Baymax 567 4 weeks ago



    21:13 what are you talking about Jen ? Pat won so many times in the past.Jen won like 5 times

  • gennaro gerrard 4 weeks ago


  • sophie Williams 4 weeks ago

    hi pat and jen u r da best
    love your vids so much and today is so good 1 because im talking to pat and jen 2 becuase we are cooking in school

  • Lia Ifopo 4 weeks ago

    oml…pat and jen…you make my day a happy one 🙂

  • David Brown 4 weeks ago

    The one and only sonic only likes 🌭

  • Chloe Jarvie 4 weeks ago


  • Roniemay Grimshaw 4 weeks ago

    Yo yo Dad I’m a big rapper and that is how I roll so you better watch out if you’re messing with my power pack oh you don’t want to know ya Jen I’m going to get you I’m gonna get you if you want me to even though I’m coming to get you gonna get you so good bye for now

  • Roniemay Grimshaw 4 weeks ago

    I was supposed to say pat

  • Jizzie’s biggest Fan! 4 weeks ago

    Jen=“ Your so porkey!”
    Me= 🤣

  • chetato GAMING 4 weeks ago


  • Holly Bumbarger 4 weeks ago

    Your rap sucks pat

  • nam nguyen 4 weeks ago

    9:56 that happened on the penguin Hide and Seek!

  • #GetRekt 4 weeks ago

    Play more real life hide and seek on jens channel please!! ❤️

  • Thaddeus Ting 4 weeks ago

    Is anyone willing to buy me an optifine cape?

  • Ana Kalan 4 weeks ago

    what a worm

  • Аня котик 4 weeks ago


  • BroodingSalmon 13 4 weeks ago

    1:39 I gotta stay away from hedgehogs or they will eat me!!

  • michelle kerin 4 weeks ago

    please do more hide and seek, I love it!!

    like if you love it too!!

  • Awsomekidgamer 424 4 weeks ago

    Lol he eats his own spikes lol I’m pounding my desk right now

  • Fluffyfloat ! 4 weeks ago

    You guys are crazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Raimi Dominic de Villa 4 weeks ago

    Alright its been one minute since
    Jen kills pat

  • Joyce Bato 4 weeks ago

    18:28 Oh My God I can’t stop laughing plz call 911😂😂😂

  • Monkey buses Gumb 4 weeks ago

    Pat you should look for name plates

  • Sasha Berman 4 weeks ago

    you are the best youtubers ever sorry I cant subscribe my mum wont let me:(

  • AC Slime 4 weeks ago

    I thought hide and seek was on Jen’s Channel..

  • 09811 09811 4 weeks ago

    no new intro???

  • მედეია აკოპოი 4 weeks ago


  • mikhaelle Limbaring 4 weeks ago

    do a new map

  • Pandicorn Plays 4 weeks ago

    It’s so weird… I stop watching pat and Jen for a while, like a week or so cause I don’t like the series they uploaded. Then I don’t know why I like them! I watch them again tho, and all of a sudden I luv them! Who else feels like that?

  • Rolyena Dalipe 4 weeks ago

    pet in next hide and seek vid can u be a squirell dont know spelling im justy 10 yrs old

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