• Amazing Somehow 3 months ago


  • Samuelry1 3 months ago

    Yay. i like these not good pros.(peebs 4×4 obsidian)

  • Timothy Fitzpatrick 3 months ago


  • KewlNerd20X6 3 months ago

    12:38 “HE’S IN, BOYS! HE DID IT! HE SAID IT!”

  • SetoWars 3 months ago

    17:08 Hey Todd… I can see you up there… Stop looking ominously at the group…

  • Mr. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Liked for Ori and the Blind Forest OST

  • Kyah Martin 3 months ago

    Dean really needs to record his POV

  • Zzyzx 3 months ago

    Anybody know any of the music in this video? It’s killin me

  • Danixer 3 months ago

    anyone else notice Todd’s invisibility potion particles at 2:37 lol

  • An Average Gamer 3 months ago


  • cadmium-ores 3 months ago

    Whenever I see anything remotely dangerous on screen (e.g. lava) I have horrible visions of the demise of whoever is nearby. xD

  • Mystic Totodile 3 months ago

    #thatwasasolid4seconds of entertainment

  • Jerry Lantz 3 months ago

    A lot of the music in this series sounds like it could be from Chrono Cross. That soundtrack is amazing, and some of the music is very relaxing

  • Matthew Humphrey 3 months ago

    Also use a compass to find the original spawn point.

  • Kimber Nielson 3 months ago

    I love the hardcore series

  • rininrin 3 months ago

    That taz reference tho

  • TheLanimation 3 months ago

    What is the calm music that plays around 18:00? I can’t find it with any of the links in the description

  • Zakri Family 3 months ago

    guys I saw todd using a invis potion at 3:38

  • Zakri Family 3 months ago

    oh wait, 2:38

  • MyBearCub101 3 months ago


  • garbo 3 months ago

    who needs a map

  • Anthony Dawson 3 months ago

    Well unless you turn off the portal next episode, I get the feeling something’s going to come through (If that’s possible)

  • Master Fate 3 months ago

    To get rid of the rain, sleep in a bed.

  • Master Fate 3 months ago

    Just make a new map to draw the other chunk.

  • Zachary Edwards-Zoars 3 months ago

    Cue Sranger Things theme song!

  • thelaughingrouge 3 months ago

    They need one of those baby leash/harness things on Dodger.

  • theagentofK 3 months ago

    #sub2yungtown is a forced meme

  • Dam Sowell 3 months ago

    2:32 when she turns you can see bubbles (Invisibility) The trickster?

  • enigmagirl 3 months ago

    I have a crazy theory. I know I posted this on a comment but hear me out. What if the reason for *SPOILER* McJones’ death *SPOILER* was because he is to come back as “The Trickster”. He died quickly so he can take on a new persona. The reason for this thinking is because Todd announced himself as “the Wizard” but the signs are as “the Trickster” which in my opinion is not the same person.

    Or because I also theorizes that The Completionist was just frozen in time and we never really truly confirmed that he died in the first season, he’s come back as the persona of “the Trickster.” Yes, yes, I know in another video Jirard stated he came back from dying from starvation but that is still interesting concept as well.

  • The vonsscout show : Reviews and analysis 3 months ago

    In the jungle, the Chadtropic’s jungle the Chad sleeps TONIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

  • thatquirkyredhead 3 months ago

    Are all of these songs playing from the game itself? Because if this is the game’s soundtrack then holy shit why haven’t I heard any of it before?!

  • Litl_E Postiv 3 months ago

    If you see a pink sheep it’s permanent bad luck.

  • Josh Hergert 3 months ago

    HE SAID IT!!!!!!!

  • Carter Kulm 3 months ago

    Dodgers kind of an idiot

  • Baylor Greene 3 months ago

    Now that I know some of you guys listen to The Adventure Zone I like this minecraft series even more

  • IDrewD 3 months ago

    13:28 is that an adventure zone reference?

  • Stephen Leigh 3 months ago


  • James Sunderland 3 months ago

    If I were Todd I would exchange members of the party just to troll

  • Danail Velinov 3 months ago

    But the obsidian portal was, from a long time, made to work in any shape. Should I just throw away the knowledge about minecraft that i have?

  • Henry Zephirin 3 months ago

    Who need a map

  • Henry Zephirin 3 months ago

    Making it Stone Auto stone

  • SilentPlaythroughs 3 months ago

    14:10 Just gonna ignore that name?

  • Rasmus Nordenstein 3 months ago

    13:28 Was that a Adventure Zone reference?… I F@CKING LOVE YOU DEAN!!!

  • Rasmus Nordenstein 3 months ago

    I’ve seen a couple of 100 fans in comment section of The Adventure Zone… that is pretty awesome. BTW The Eleventh Hour is the best! And I want my own Fantasy Costco… where all my dreams WILL come true!

  • Zach Rovinsky 3 months ago

    Journey starts with fire… the house catching on fire…

  • Jessica Hill 3 months ago

    Every time they go to Dodger and I see that she needs hearts and food I’m stressed out. Dodger please don’t die.

  • DragonSlayerGU 3 months ago

    12:39 he said the thing!

  • Trainable 3 months ago


  • Nightstargalaxy 3 months ago

    I’m really loving the music this season. Great work, Todd!

  • Pinguino del Rio 3 months ago

    2:38 If you look closely, you can see gray particles on the right of the screen. Which means someone was there, watching. Someone with an invisibility potion.

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