• Vladimir Elenes 3 months ago

    One of the heros will be lost #DontTrustJared

  • bearforgottensouls 3 months ago

    Called it on the Episode 5 video, Todd as Sho from TWEWY as the Trickster. Things just got interesting.

  • Jack Spedicy2 3 months ago

    everyone will die the same way

  • SuperVoodude 3 months ago

    Of course Jared, the D&D player, is chill with whatever the “DM” is planning 😛

  • Ukiby3000 3 months ago

    I hear that Ogre Battle music at the end! You guys can’t fool me!

  • Lord Acclaim 3 months ago

    Should’ve had Jumanji music playing over the Jungle map scene

  • HIYGamer 3 months ago

    Does anybody else think Jared is in on the stuff going on with Tod? I find it interesting that he didn’t want people going on the roof just before the house fire.

  • the mudkip-master 3 months ago

    the description says episode 5

  • Shia In a Can 3 months ago

    I saw invisibility particles lol

  • Raindasher 3 months ago

    Stylish trickster avatar confirmed! I like that he realized he needed to leave them another sign since they destroyed the first one trying to put out the house fire. Looking forward to seeing more tricks!

  • Super Dude 3 months ago

    5:05 PB&Jeff

  • -Peebs - 3 months ago


  • Emji Amsdaughter 3 months ago

    I love all the stuff Todd’s doing!

  • Mine Turtle 3 months ago

    13:05 Todd was probably saying wtf while editing

  • Edward Elric 3 months ago


  • Edward Elric 3 months ago

    By the way Todd and the trickster aren’t the same person, at least not ingame. Todd was the mage guy, who was never referred to as the trickster.

  • sleven animations 3 months ago

    What if the trickster is Jon?

  • Pixelcraftian 3 months ago

    Wow, episode 6. Can’t believe no ones dead (apart from McJones)

  • Wild Freeze 3 months ago

    “It says.. “Try holding it, ya dingus”.”

  • Jorge Diaz 3 months ago

    This is the first episode of this season where I’ve started to feel really addicted for more. I think I’m really liking the added mystery and stuff. BTW- Todd totally started that fire on accident imo haha (which is a good thing cause it alerted them to the new treasure).
    Also, I’m really liking Jared’s positivity in this episode.

  • Trihawk 3 months ago

    At 7:23 there was a sign that got blown up by the creeper, it said “Sorry guys, Hehe, -Trickster”

  • Axelisplayin 3 months ago


  • Yeonshin 3 months ago

    just realized todds icon is dressed like sho minamimoto and thats awesome

  • Keanine 3 months ago

    Loving the little “story” segments, it’s giving me nostalgic feelings towards Shadow of Israphel!

  • AceRedstone 3 months ago

    How many gimmicks can you for into one season?

  • Aust TheNoob 3 months ago

    Todd’s new little portrait looks like Sho Minamimoto, and I’m madly in love.

  • Bailey TDA 3 months ago

    Make dantdm in the series

  • Spencer Burnheimer 3 months ago

    Who needs a map?

  • AlphaDragon601 BECKFAST 3 months ago


  • CopperWire 3 months ago

    @ 7:23
    “Sorry guys, hehehe. -Trickster”

    Well, I suppose Todd /did/ say the journey would begin with fire, and there’s been a lot of it so far. The #GodModTodd mage tower, McJones waltzing into lava, Mr. T here burning the house down… The gang has been having one hell of a time here haven’t they?

  • Aurageyser Orion 3 months ago

    And now I want to play monster hunter generations again (maybe I finish 4U) though I’ve not got alot left to beat since I Solo’d Hellblade (number 10 was disappointing) and Alatreon in Mii-verses last week haven’t played since as I would share my hunts on there still kinda bummed that I can’t share anymore.

  • Ping Pong 3 months ago

    That genuine panic when the house was burning was hilarious! None of the players saw it coming that someone would troll them!

  • EarthBound kid 101 3 months ago

    Wait, was Space Hamster the one who screamed “He Blew our f***ing house down!” ?

  • MultiNaoya 3 months ago

    nice choice of skin by the ‘trickster’ :v

  • XM Micah 3 months ago

    To be honest I don’t like how a bit of it is scripted

  • Amy Huntzinger 3 months ago

    Best hardcore ever so far. The soothing Jared/Jeff farming to the trickster running wild. I am solidly team Todd.

  • NinjaKIngAce 3 months ago

    So… That wasn’t Todd, Right?

  • Linstead 3 months ago

    How is it that mcjones is still the only one who has died?

  • What is the mystery man

  • Thomas D. 3 months ago

    Dean doesn’t trust Jared who is basically baby McJones. They should be protecting him now accusing him XD

    Watch as the show goes super meta and they execute Jared as a witch, then excommunicated Jeff for saying that the sun is actually the center of our system. I personally can’t wait for Dean to shoot Franz Ferdinand.

    Jkjk Dean I love you just protecc not attacc

  • Thomas D. 3 months ago

    Also Todd you’re doing an awesome job.

  • Pedro Chagas 3 months ago

    Todd is apparently the RPG god

  • RustBot42 3 months ago

    When you realise that the thumbnail is actually foreshadowing.

  • Super Jay 3 months ago

    I think Todd was putting something down and he accidentally set the house on fire. Or maybe it was intentional…

  • Tinyunknown156 Gaming 3 months ago


  • enigmagirl 3 months ago

    At about 6:30 you can see the house being on fire

  • onehalfotaku 3 months ago

    Dean sounds so empty inside… he doesn’t want to say it.

  • Zayluminous 777 3 months ago


  • Dcarpman77 3 months ago

    todd is making this so great

  • edgar contreras 3 months ago

    chad is so useless when it comes to helping everyone in danger he just watches as the fire goes on and on the silver fish episode he didnt even hit the silver fish

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