• Theisbetterthanyou 4 months ago

    no one can say projared is a curse anymore.

  • noah gardner 4 months ago

    I was expecting Todd to come in and use the totem to revive the wither to make them fight it again

  • pigykins 4 months ago

    hey pbg, loving the series but a suggestion for future minecraft hc is maybe try mumble. It is a team speak so when you are near someone in the game you can hear them but if they get further away they get quieter. Same thing used in uhshe season 3, but anyway please keep up the good work ^-^

  • Manny. 4 months ago

    ProJared, SpaceHamster, and Dean are the real VIP of this season!

    (and McJones should have been revived instead of Dodgers)

  • SamTheKidd 4 months ago


    jared should be counted as one of the winners this season. on top of dying heroically on most of his deaths (ex: his lava death in i think MC 5 where his main concern was “take the (diamond) sword!”) this season the win was BECAUSE of him. they have never beaten the wither and i was positive they were going to lose. his last words show it all. thank you jared for making this season the first to beat the wither.
    chad was also the reason for the win. he warned about the withers attacks etc etc, there was a comment somewhere pointing that out. chads scream when they left the nether really solidifes this season.

  • samuelddragon 4 months ago

    This season of Hardcore was honestly one of the best. Here’s why (spoilers), first of all since MineZ Hardcore 2 it was teased that Todd would be playing a bigger role in this hardcore. Near everyone was very excited about this because Todd’s editing was one of the best parts of both Minecraft Hardcore 5 and Terraria Hardcore 3. So having Todd play a bigger role in this was just amazing and really funny to have. Todd’s moment with Jared in the first episode was both really epic and charming. And based off of what Todd said that episode. There’s more than a couple trinkets he would like to get his hands on than just the revival totem. Which hints to something that might be going on in future hardcores that’s way bigger than what we can speculate. The cast was also really really good in this season. Of course we have our usuals. Chad and Dodger were really cool guests to have. And of course Jared was there too being such a big role too and really shining this season. I’ll get back to that. The choice of who to revive was really cool. I know that there was a lot of rivalry over whether to revive Dodger or Mcjones. And to be honest the choice was made as soon as Dodger died. She was a guest on hardcore so they were going to revive her. I really hope that the war in the comments doesn’t stop PBG and Todd from doing things like this in the future ESPECIALLY because it just shows how much people cared for the decision. The actual quest to go get the totem was really really good. I liked how you could tell how Jared was getting frustrated as it went on and they felt like they weren’t getting closer. That was just pure character and that’s something Jared has and why I like him on Hardcore so much. He has fun with Hardcore but also takes it seriously when someone’s in trouble or if everyone’s in a dire situation. Not to say others don’t, everyone was awesome in this season. There were very epic moments in this season like Todd causing the fire in the house, The adventure to get the totem, the pigman attack, their escape from the Nether, the battle with the Wither. There’s just so many moments I couldn’t mention them all. Another part I really liked is how excited Chad was to be on Hardcore and make it through the Nether and kill the Wither. His little end bit was the perfect moment to end the season on, good choice Todd. In fact, Todd has amazing editing throughout as well just like he did in Terraria Hardcore 3. I wish he will have more of an impact on the adventure throughout the whole thing in future Hardcore instead of just after they collect whatever item Todd wants. However that’s probably for a story they’re building up. The teaser at the end is really cool and yet I’m not too sure of what hardcore it will be. It will probably even be a new version of hardcore or it could possibly be another MineZ or regular Minecraft. There’s probably so much more I’m forgetting to mention but I hope they continue to add amazing spins to their hardcores and build this story that they seem to be creating with Todd the Wizard watching their adventures. Everyone who worked on this Hardcore. You are all AMAZING!

  • Simon Koetsier 4 months ago

    Y did the wither not give the effect any more?

  • Edward Vasquez-Lowe 4 months ago

    Chad shouldn’t be guest on hardcore.

    He should always be on hardcore.

  • David Jameson 4 months ago

    8:53 – Spectator sees the ghostly image of another spectator. 😐

  • David Jameson 4 months ago

    And they just let the stuff on the ground despawn… such scrubs.

  • Pikapower Kirby 4 months ago

    Second chances, huh? Now I’m gonna sit here being hyped for next season. And I’m trying to remember who had the dog army. I want to say Barry, but I’m honestly not sure.

  • Swagmasta 4 months ago

    He didn’t even die by the wither lol

  • Stevenson2000 4 months ago

    Did anyone see PBG in Spectator Mode at 8:52 ?

  • Japanese Seabass 4 months ago

    13:15 peebs ghost lol you got him to spectate you guys lol

  • Japanese Seabass 4 months ago

    its funny that both barneys survied

  • Satat 4 months ago


  • Rossomak 4 months ago

    what’s with the ending?

  • Rossomak 4 months ago

    How many wins have they had to date?

  • Quadnines 4 months ago

    And the sun rises on a scene of bittersweet victory…

  • Loser's Club 4 months ago

    When a girl actually wants to hang out with you, but you postpone it because you have to catch up on Minecraft: Hardcore. Poor life decisions are the best life decisions.

  • Jared died for our sins

  • FruitBatsLyra 4 months ago

    I can’t believe you guys finally beat the wither! It was so much fun to watch! 8D

  • Spear180 4 months ago

    Congratulations guys!

  • C Smith 4 months ago

    Ok. So. Did anyone else notice…

    Jared died to a zombie.

    Jared died because there were zombies out. There were zombies out because it was nighttime. And they were fighting at nighttime… because DEAN DRANK HIS FUCKING POTION EARLY.



    In conclusion, Fuck Dean 2017.

  • i kinda like how jared was somewhat like the “protagonist” of this season. being the one who communicated with todd at the beginning, who first learned of the totem of undying, who led his group towards finding it, and even made the noble sacrifice of his own life to lead the team towards victory against the wither. he even had a sort of rivalry with dean when he returned, with jared having to slowly gain deans trust again up until the very end. i really like how this season came out

  • jockaloo nation 4 months ago

    He protec he attac but most importantly

    He die witot me notics

    Projared in a nutshell oh and spoilers

  • Octodog 4 months ago

    Jared is so epic

  • jockaloo nation 4 months ago

    I have an idea for a new Hardcore series it’s called drumroll please….

    Hardcore XL where everyone from every season of every game comes together to slay Ender Dragon,Wither,Envoker, and Elder Guardian (or four bosses from whatever game there playing) and there will only be one series for each game. do you like my idea? like if yes dislike if no.

  • TheLoneGamr 4 months ago

    Overall a solid if not kinda boring season. Most disappointing thing was the integration of Tod, thought he was going to be involved a lot more then he was since the end of the hardcore before this made it seem that Tod was going to screw with the players. Instead, he was kinda pointless.

  • LostScarf 4 months ago

    Damn that Seven Samurai ending

  • Emanuel Montes Adame 4 months ago

    Logic has been destroyed guys
    I thought this would never happen
    Even in 1,000,000,000 years

    Dean actually lived till the ending of the season (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

  • Mr EMC 4 months ago

    The ending…….i don’t understand the ending…..

  • Just An Average Joe 4 months ago

    I didn’t like Chad at first for some reason. I don’t know why…But I DO know that I absolutely LOVE him now! He was so helpful to the group and he made everything so much much upbeat and exciting. Even though it’s highly unlikely this will happen, I really want him back for another season.

  • batatat 4 months ago

    “I’m a bad Hanzo main!” had me dying

  • shadow567 4 months ago

    Jared was killed by a zombie

  • Micah LeBlanc 4 months ago

    Don’t Starve Together hardcore some how anyone?

  • LittleDemonInside 4 months ago

    MVP: ProJared

  • A HotDog 4 months ago

    I’m going to point out something…. They were playing on easy mode. You could tell because the pigmen didn’t do nearly as much damage as last season and in easy mode, the wither doesn’t give you the wither effect, and they never got the wither effect the whole fight

  • TheExplorerOfTime 4 months ago

    LET’S GO!

  • HAYDEN VANCE 4 months ago

    Dean lasted the whole season wow.

  • DipstickPines 4 months ago


  • skyler parrish 4 months ago

    @todd tension rising from KH2 as battle music plz

  • Jordan Kreger 4 months ago

    To those who doubted the team after they chose Dodger…

    * *mic drop* *

  • NiksonBrothers 4 months ago


  • ObiWattKenobi_LP 4 months ago

    For once Jared didn’t explode or die a fiery death.

  • Santa DJ luigi 4 months ago

    I’m going to be honest, I hate hardcore. For one reason and one reason only, EVERYTHING IS PRE-FUCKING RECORDED. and you upload it,
    Bit. I would really rather have you do it over time and listen to your viewers. Please. But that’s just a complaint, A LUIGI complaint.

  • SodaZo , 4 months ago


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