• Miro Klimczak 4 months ago

    Who requires a topographical depiction?

  • Mattrocks124 4 months ago

    I think everyone but Jeff will die in the while fighting the wither probably because he was the one to get to the end last season

  • Rainbow6Noob 4 months ago

    Pbg is roast beef

  • Rainbow6Noob 4 months ago

    Put dodgers head on bilbo when hes running yelling im going on an adventure

  • My inability to binge all of these in a row is causing me visible stress

  • TheRandomGamer 4 months ago

    No cursing on the Christian server

  • TenTonTerror 227 4 months ago

    Little do they know. The wither is going to murder the crap out of them. They need regnoration potions to even stand a chance.

  • Retro Toast 4 months ago


  • SuperMariofan 2021 4 months ago

    It’s not like they are literally gonna start off the next episode fighting the wither, they will probably prepare a little bit first THEN they will attack the Wither

  • chinimasse 4 months ago

    Since the beginning of minecraft HC that one thing that has always driven me nuts and seeing them run around and do things while their hunger bar isn’t full! Goddamn the amount of times I would think to myself OMG EAT!! I can’t be the only one, right?

  • SpaceCowX 4 months ago

    “were fucked like a duck on a fuck farm” – Dean 2017

  • Persephone Hades 4 months ago


    I can’t believe they actually did it. They finally completed this part of their quest. They’ve tried to obtain those skulls over the course of seasons, and they finally did it. Even if they fail and all die by the Wither, they’ve made Hardcore history. I’ll finish this season happy no matter what. I’m so proud of all of you for achieving this.

  • 14:47 when jeff’s OCD gets to him

  • Fraction O 4 months ago

    These 4 are actually a super OP group

  • Moros Silverwing 4 months ago

    I will still consider this season a win; they’ve gotten further than any other Wither season.

  • Smartie 72 4 months ago

    I love Chads hyper attitude “LETS GO BOIIIIII”

  • Sonny Money Watson 4 months ago

    U should add Simoz

  • Ryan Harrison 4 months ago


  • The two Lego bros And Lego shop 4 months ago

    You guys have to bet it

  • the Gamer Errors 4 months ago

    Dean is so bossy!

  • Heffe Boy 4 months ago

    Good luck fighting the wither but I think Jared and Dean will die and team Barney is going to happen #teambarney

  • SilveredSilhouettes 4 months ago

    Jeff was making me so nervous, omg! Tense episode! No matter how this wither fight goes, This has been a great series. Chad’s a great guest, I hope he’s back in the future!

  • Mookkbbhbb Hhcfxxccgg Nnj 4 months ago


  • Mookkbbhbb Hhcfxxccgg Nnj 4 months ago


  • klop422 4 months ago

    Jeff MVP

  • klop422 4 months ago

    One of them dies immediately due to a fluke of a glitch.
    Dean dies during the ensuing battle.
    The other two succeed and then have a final battle between each other.

    Wait, I’m five Minecraft seasons too late

  • CopperWire 4 months ago

    Holy… they might actually win this.

  • Plushmaster 15 4 months ago

    If I was in this, I might still be alive… but I’m 60% sure I’d be dead.

  • dwglr 4 months ago

    I’m seriously proud of them because this is the first time in the hardcore series they’ve been able to get all the wither skulls needed in order to summon it. The previous two times were a bust. We all remember that Barry incident where he descended into madness. But now they can actually summon the wither! I feel like, even if they lose against it, they should still feel pretty durn accomplished since they’ve always died before this step while farming for wither skulls. I mean, yeah it’s preferable if they win, but they’ve gotten farther than they ever have before.

  • Magicmason1000 4 months ago

    Did anyone notice at 5:02 a pigmen despawning? I thought It was funny 😀

  • _ Tylireous _ 4 months ago

    I really hope Todd didn’t change drop rates of Wither Skulls to make this episode possible.
    He might have tho.

  • Matthew Ruddick 4 months ago


  • I Did Something 4 months ago

    Chad’s scream

  • TheRoyalZora 4 months ago

    It does kinda upset me that they constantly spam-click instead of timing their hits so they actually do some damage at all. That’ll be their death at some point

  • MMagicc 2.0 4 months ago

    I’m glad that tod edited in the dead face last time dodger and peeps were still alive xD

  • The poison tomato 4 months ago

    Win because the wither is easy by your own

  • Edger 4 months ago


    Dammit jeff! Why you have to keep fighting blaze? Now you died with 2 skulls on you. Be careful next hardcore. Good luck.

  • Thebiggey Zone 4 months ago

    9:00 were are the pilers?

  • Liliana Triviño 4 months ago

    at least they have 4 peapole insed of the last serise 1

  • Art Blaster 4 months ago

    Wow Chad, I bet you were really nervous up to this point. Haha

  • Dimetrodon 22 4 months ago

    Wait a minute. There were three lava related deaths this season and the wither requires three charred and disfigured skulls. Coincidence?

  • TrubluPlays 4 months ago

    “We’re all right.” *SpaceHampster on fire on screen*

  • Lard Crump 4 months ago

    15:01 I want see Chad actually doing that shout

  • Los Niceguy 4 months ago

    Hammy is like the MVP of this series already. He is proving to be indispensable.

  • Monkeh King 4 months ago

    Instead of saying dean screams why didn’t u put chads channels

  • Co Throne 4 months ago

    Chad is the new mcjones

  • Colin Bro 4 months ago

    15:01 Best part of the whole series.

  • Kratos Aurion Plays 4 months ago

    6:35 The heck? That can happen? So that might explain why sometimes the pigmen will randomly aggro them.

    15:41 Someone other than Mcjones did some research? Maybe they might not be doomed after all.

    19:00 Potions might not but not having full diamond armor might make or break it.

  • Leo Does Some Stuff 4 months ago

    15:00 highlight of this season

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