• Gizzy Gazza 6 months ago

    HAPPY DEATH DAY!! Who is the killer?! But its christmas i dont wanna die! Leave a like on the video if you are enjoying and want more, thanks! 🙂

  • Witch Dr 6 months ago

    Happy death day Christmas

  • Arrow Fan#1 6 months ago

    Put two of the Fool friends

  • firemasterdude 1908 6 months ago

    i love you gizzy keep making theses vids i love them

  • I ship a Lot of people 6 months ago


  • MagsPie 6 months ago

    Perfect thing to watch while getting a splinter out 😕

  • Swirl Yt 6 months ago

    Love it keep it up man

  • KsaBoy xGamer 6 months ago

    Under 100 comments and under 1k likes and under 1k views

  • Kadie Eabry 6 months ago

    Hey gizzy purge number 40 I’m so excited to see if you survive or not by Dexter lol love u gizzy 😎💖

  • LPS Roxy 6 months ago

    #Cute XD

  • werewolf child12 6 months ago


  • Justin Entzminger 6 months ago

    You should do JASON (Friday the 13) Christmas video

  • foxy tkelliher the fox pirate kid 6 months ago


  • Abby Castor 6 months ago

    Happy death day Christmas!!

  • EcHO sHARD 6 months ago

    Oh gosh this movie got me into horror

  • HackMan /Will 6 months ago


  • Crazii2hot 6 months ago

    Gizzy wheres JORDANN

  • DarkJen Wolf 6 months ago


  • Moonlight Singer 6 months ago

    3:30 the girl with hot tube has meh skin on XD

  • Josepheter99 6 months ago

    UMMM GIZZY   that movie was back in October why would u be doing now???

  • Emoji Chanel 6 months ago

    Quartz is a mineral and its formula is SiO2

  • Lola Gonzalez 6 months ago


  • Brys33 Chansler 6 months ago

    It’s Paul 19988

  • Mr Pandagames 6 months ago


  • Kayleigh Erickson 6 months ago

    Gizzy I missed the live stream of purge, oh if I didn’t please let me know please I would appreciate it thank you gizzy

  • hshshd hxdhdj 6 months ago

    Its Christmas yayyyy.me save it when it actually is Christmas
    I’m one of those people who wait till 5days before Christmas to get everything and to get in the holiday sprit.(can u react to the last guest a sad roblox story by oblivioushd

  • Ares Bergman 6 months ago

    How to make a yandere Christmas special?

  • little angel butterfly 6 months ago

    What is Dejavu?

  • TimeforPokemon High 6 months ago

    Happy death day christmas

  • Freezing Blue 6 months ago

    hi gizzy

  • Freezing Blue 6 months ago

    what texture pack do u use

  • xXxProGamer 6 months ago

    has anyone noticed Gizzy speaks for not only Springtrap in fnaf6 but also he speaks for Tammy in fnaf 6 and Beth in this And Tom in this
    lol Gizzy u bad but a great youtuber just make different voices

  • iBenDico 2 6 months ago

    I’m happy that Happy Death Day is back! Well…. at least another episode is back. But still keep in these AWSOME one part role plays! My favourite one right now is Babysitter. Always tickles me in a special way! Keep up the happy death episodes! Maybe do special New Year’s Eve Babysitter or Happy Death Day special? That would be good one.
    Babysitter: if you did the Babysitter one the evil babysitter could try to rewind the New Year clock so he/she can try kill you again if they fail? Perhaps?
    Happy Death Day: the killer should try to kill the clock so you don’t rewind the day and the killer TRYS to succeed but they don’t. Obviously.
    Hope that you have a good Christmas Gizzy! Love you and your videos! Maybe you could take my ideas into consideration? Hope you do.. HAPPY CHRISTMAS GIZZY!!! (:

  • Forever Noobs 6 months ago

    …and I killed Beth
    But everything is okay
    Since I’m on meth (;

  • TheFlowGod12 6 months ago

    I don’t get why you thought the etch a sketch I got for my secret Santa was bad 🙁 I spent a whole 2 dollars on that for her!

  • janee Sebastian vlogs salomon mentor 6 months ago

    we enioy as me

  • tiago williams 6 months ago

    Yay 😀 happy death 💀 day is back and where is yandere high season 3

  • Emma Crystal 6 months ago

    I love Christmas.

  • antisepticeye 6 months ago

    me: *see’s gizzy with a knife* uh NOPE! *i take off running the other direction*

  • Spring trap AKA SPRING BONNIE 6 months ago


  • desilynnxx 6 months ago

    It’s name is Paul I saw

  • Gamingwith Aaron 6 months ago

    Gizzy where’s Sam are you guys still friends tell us

  • Aye_Itz_Kristina XDD 6 months ago


  • Tiger Tyson07 6 months ago


  • FireRang -Minecraft and more 6 months ago

    Who else danced to the intro 😄 🕺🏻🕺🏻

  • Søren Otto Hansen 6 months ago

    let me gessss it is the gall vifffffff purpel hair

  • calvin francisco 6 months ago


  • Leona help 6 months ago

    Keep on uploding happy death day vids pls

  • Angelina Wellman 6 months ago

    i knew it the whole time

  • Shadow Fangs 6 months ago

    Yaaaaas i said this in the last vids

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