Typical Gamer plays Minecraft! Playing Minecraft with my girlfriend!


  • Typical Gamer 7 months ago

    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed our Minecraft Halloween Special! Be sure to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE for more daily videos and reply to this comment and let me know what you’re going as on Halloween!

  • Kristen Bell 7 months ago

    Blaze powder

  • Eric Dolajeck 7 months ago

    You use empty bottles to make a potion in minecraft just to let you know typical gamer

  • Anthony Gaeta 7 months ago

    A ninja

  • Fernando Martinez Solis 7 months ago

    we want ark

  • Adrian Torres 7 months ago

    Mod mod mods pls fam i am your super fan and I am in the th gang dab hounds play with toast hike nico play zmod

  • Lizelle Collett 7 months ago


  • Szymon Krüger 7 months ago

    You’re house is so bad better watch Grian TG

  • Kih Kyrhan Morgan 7 months ago

    i’m gana be jason

  • MistaKILLA 21 7 months ago

    When are u doing skyrim

  • Erratic gamepro 7 months ago

    A robber

  • the obvious name 7 months ago

    Where’s ark?

  • Extreme Skidge 7 months ago

    Guys like the video pleass.. i love his minecraft videos w/ his girlfriend

  • Timothy Fiedler 7 months ago

    Try closing the game completely to clear up lag. That’s what I do when I lag running LAN when my wife and I play.
    Also, if you instal optifine, it will run way better, and you will have about a hundred more video tweaks.

  • striker fisher 7 months ago

    Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

  • wanitube extreme 7 months ago

    l am a zombie pirate for Halloween

  • Aurora Gamez 7 months ago

    Make a beacon and rainbow

  • Aurora Gamez 7 months ago

    Get mmooodddssss!!!!!!

  • maria silva 7 months ago

    # like spike

  • Brodie Cook 7 months ago

    Go back to wwe

  • GamingSpin 7 months ago

    TG you are Lagging necause there are too mamy entities around your base noob interpretation there are too many chickens arpund your base

  • Kai Keogan 7 months ago

    Ark please like if you want more ark

  • Leilani Maiava 7 months ago

    Hey typical gamer you what to play Minecraft with me my gamer tag is lanigirl 07

  • top gamer Ranes 7 months ago

    Blaze pouder

  • MR AWSOME 7 months ago

    Put a blaze powder in brewing station

  • jontae jones 7 months ago

    Im not watching this live and im only at the dog part so you probaly did this but you can give them both bones but it has to be from same person and they have a baby pup But either tg has to give them both bones or samara has to

  • DKING JUNIOR 7 months ago

    ghast tear

  • Nyklan Patience 7 months ago

    play roblox

  • Darren Wu 7 months ago

    tg use shaderpak

  • Darren Wu 7 months ago

    the i most be I

  • Conner Leckrone 7 months ago

    A Assassin

  • Crusher RBLX 7 months ago

    Like if you hate like if you hate like if comments comments.. got that?

  • Ramdon Name 7 months ago

    O dirent liket because it was lagy

  • Patrickeboy Aripaz 7 months ago

    I am ezio from assassins creed tg oh and samara should be a protector of the cat kind

  • Yesenia Ramirez 7 months ago

    im foxy from five night at freedyes

  • Jiggly Jello 7 months ago

    Potions are easy to make when it turns to a mundane potion you have to put in the next ingredient then it turns to a potion

  • Julian Smith 7 months ago

    2k18 plzzz

  • Luther Ridgeway 7 months ago


  • Misty Perry 7 months ago

    There can be only one wolf.

  • Jonathon Goodding 7 months ago

    Typical gamer you can duplicate items by using item frame

  • Suafa Lemana 7 months ago

    I’m going to be hulk for Halloween

  • Isaih Aiden Alvidrez 7 months ago

    Tg i love your vids and i am going to be riddler from batman

  • ALLIEHIPPER 7 months ago

    im being fready kruegur

  • Lakshmi Jayaraman 7 months ago

    You deserve it samara you will die 😠😠😠😠 you coward samara! ! !

  • Daniel_cool_2times 7 months ago

    When are u going in the whole in that mountsin

  • Neha Singh 7 months ago

    ✋✋team hamster

  • Travis James Palubio 7 months ago

    Tg use nether warts for the water bottles then once they become awkward potions, add the other ingredients you can use glowstone or resting to make it stronger or last longer

  • Rohan puttur 7 months ago

    You must put the blaze power

  • Louise du plessis 7 months ago

    I am going to be Jason

  • Drake Brady 7 months ago

    The fact that he gave up on potions that are so important in this game, pisses me off so much,AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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