Today we play MODDED Minecraft Lucky Block Walls with Hacks!
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  • Channel Cancelled 2 weeks ago

    at 12:00 austin asked him why jerome was killing everything, but jerome said auto killaura, its mob aura jerome, lern2hak

  • Attackop 2 weeks ago

    There are already a lot of public hacked clients and anti cheats on servers but ur choice 😛

  • robbie vilar 2 weeks ago

    There are 5 likes never let him relax until he deletes his channel

  • mad13777 2 weeks ago

    Honestly got annoyed about the chest piece from Austin

  • xxStriker09xx mc 2 weeks ago


  • mitchel van vliet 2 weeks ago

    if your smart enough you would be able to figure the hack client, I already know which one it is. but I aint telling cause I find it rather stupid to use a hack client

  • Angel Lilli 2 weeks ago


  • TheBeast Ian 2 weeks ago

    Skill Client

  • Nara Plays 2 weeks ago

    Mcpe toolbox is better than a pc one

  • Ice phoenix 2 weeks ago

    Jerome u had lucky potions that u could have used

  • David Zheng 2 weeks ago

    ban austin from hacking or any walls with commands

  • ANTHONY GOLD 2 weeks ago

    Do trap maze with minnidear, Ben, and Austin

  • green potato 2 weeks ago

    Jerome throws a gold block out for 7 ingots

  • The Gamer Games 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome i did watch ben and i did see the name of the hack name and the name is impact

  • Virao 2 weeks ago

    So Jerome now’s a hacker wow

  • destroyer cass 2 weeks ago


  • Maximilian Martinez 2 weeks ago


  • Shepherd Of Light 2 weeks ago


  • Tatsuya Shiba 2 weeks ago

    I honestly think Dasha makes the lucky block walls streams worse. She mostly wins, but only because she hides for nearly all of the fight, and comes out only when there is one person left, and if she has like 10 times more lives than them.

  • Arya Silverleaf 2 weeks ago

    Do a hack vs world edit lucky block race

  • Akram Hussain 2 weeks ago

    Do more pranks

  • Sigils 2 weeks ago

    IDK How Dasha always does this….

  • Bedwars Pro 2 weeks ago

    I hack

  • Roy Van Mastrigt 2 weeks ago

    Jerome depends you say hackers no no little people from like 11 years old what dont know what they are doing with it or what half the things mean also love yur channel where’s ARK

  • Meken minecraft 2 weeks ago

    A.R.K A.R.K A.R.K A.R.K A.R.K A.R.K

  • Kate Davis 2 weeks ago its back up

  • Gabi Barukcic 2 weeks ago

    I cant belive austing actually pressed alt+f4

  • Jeremo 947 1 week ago

    How do we have “Happy bright smiling faces” when it’s start of week?

  • Ignitus Does Things!?! 1 week ago

    Jerome wins daisha died first lol

  • simply. joribel 1 week ago

    Jerome I subscribed to your new roblox channel and I just want to say I subbed at 17k subs

  • Marvel James 1 week ago

    he took it

  • Wong Jack 1 week ago

    Why do you don’t have the mini gun bow hack on?

  • Zed Go 1 week ago

    I took down the comment cause this is supposed to be a fun place for kids love all

  • Eric Lee 1 week ago

    Now that’s how the place is suppose to look like, when playing Lucky Block Walls.

  • spinnexlplayz 19 1 week ago

    hes covering it on perpose

  • Flaming Bandit 1 week ago

    What was the 5th hack

  • KING ARCTIC MASTER 2450 1 week ago

    Please do not break your voice with your intro

  • Eric Lee 1 week ago

    Jerome probably would’ve won if Dasha was more engaged in the battle phase, instead of being somewhere else for so long. Like, notice that Dasha barely had any kills Edit*when everyone else was still around.

  • Jocy Hlywa 1 week ago

    can’t you just go in his inventory and take it back

  • little twig 1 week ago


  • Alexander Kemp 1 week ago

    I CANT XD 3:51 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • UnbeatablePleb 1 week ago

    Jerome stop using Skill Client use Jigsaw, Tomato, Liquidbounce, Wurst, Pandora, 0megaM0d or Huziuni

  • Edip Özel 1 week ago

    sorry found the client its THE ONE AND ONLY SKİLL CLİENT

  • TigerClawYT 1 week ago

    jerome u should do a trolling vid with nice poster u switch accs with one of them and see if they find out

  • Bowen Chen 1 week ago

    Austin is the worst we all can say that

  • Camryn Swanstrom 1 week ago

    Jerome do a tutorial on how to get Minecraft mods I want to know.

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