• Mr Zbro 3 weeks ago

    Ssundee there no such thing as leather ammo

  • Russel Camp 3 weeks ago

    my name is russel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samuel Cummins 3 weeks ago

    sundee has a titan x graphics card

  • John V 3 weeks ago

    Ssundee when do you upload GTA V

  • Erikas Eronas 3 weeks ago

    Lol i just failed the stream loool

  • Kesar King 3 weeks ago

    i bet ssundee dosent even know what thug life even means
    like if you think so too

  • King Playz 3 weeks ago

    I guess im just to white and nerdy

    like if you know the reference

  • Kenna Kejela 3 weeks ago

    Skkkkkkkkrrrra pop pop

  • SanicX 3 weeks ago

    after he died i saw a ad that was about remembrance day

  • Frank Lanzana 3 weeks ago

    They should have a 30 minute purge next week

  • Sebastian Alvarado 3 weeks ago

    He said “leather ammo”

  • Trina Vazquez 2 weeks ago

    love your videos

  • JayClaws 2 weeks ago

    what days do you post this

  • GELUV 18 2 weeks ago

    my reactoin wow

  • Arod 3936 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee can you please play Clash Royale again? You inspired me to start playing in the summer, and now I’m in arena 8 😄

  • Distorted Apple 2 weeks ago

    Dude, you feel dumb, I spent like 5000 dollars on a game.

  • Hiraeth :P 2 weeks ago

    MineDude went from like 100 subs to 2 mil

  • Victor Uribe 2 weeks ago

    He said leather ammo

  • Taylor Tran 2 weeks ago


  • Xavier White 2 weeks ago


  • Kaleb Harrison 2 weeks ago

    Since this video came out, minedude went up 1500 subscribers

  • D-man PLAYZ 2 weeks ago


  • Demon Pig 2 weeks ago


  • Extremebacon_27 2 weeks ago

    “I didn’t chose the thug life the thug life chose me” -Derp Ssundee

  • Aiden B-Man 2 weeks ago

    plz give me a shoutout

  • Sinking Rock 2 weeks ago


  • GOOD_GUY 2 weeks ago

    Is this the old map!?? It looks kinda similar… Well certain parts.

  • adwill 2 weeks ago

    Introduce we pons plz

  • Goalie Tube 2 weeks ago

    I liked SSUNDEE with out his editor now it’s just cringe

  • Trixi Gt 2 weeks ago

    I really want you to try out this game called (growtopia)

  • mr pit pull 2 weeks ago

    that the same dude in the video

  • Audio Panda 2 weeks ago

    Not Even The Thug Life Would Choose Derp SSundee!!! lol

  • Awesome117116 2 weeks ago

    Stop this series

  • Sean Wiley 2 weeks ago

    SSUNDEE play more minecraft bed wars

  • KK Martin 2 weeks ago


  • Walala_Boy 2 weeks ago


  • American gamer&blogs 2 weeks ago

    Grear video esketit

  • KingSmokey 2 weeks ago

    “Leather Ammo”

  • Blue Foxy 2 weeks ago

    When’s the tank comeing out and how much will it cost? (Also can u name it T1 Cunningham cuz it looks like the real thing)

  • Creox Xhz 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee. stop shooting newbie player. is kinda rude

  • Mini Scout Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Love the series continue ssundee!

  • COOLGUY44 257 2 weeks ago

    Leather ammo

    What is life

  • Christopher Solares 2 weeks ago

    When SSundee has a NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan X to play Minecraft

  • thomashley 2 weeks ago

    so he looted that long and fought nobody… such a dead server lol

  • mr. Unknown 2 weeks ago

    The kid was ahvking

  • PIggyDoesStuff 2 weeks ago

    If u still dont know /ec is enderchest

  • WhitePillow 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee ya needa upgrade your cpu to the 8th gen 🙂

  • Bug Milk 2 weeks ago

    when i try to play this sever it doesnt work

  • JOSHSTAR123 486 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me

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