• Tommentos Atom54 3 months ago

    I feel the video was better with the music and video clips. Can we all take a moment to thank Russell.

  • ProfessorDJ 3 months ago


  • mrmlgdoge life 3 months ago

    Do more call of the wild

  • AARUSH Sharma Randev 3 months ago

    Play ROBLOX with Crainer and friend me my name is epicredgamer2008 and you can pay to win in ROBLOX

  • Mclain Leslie 3 months ago

    We got more than 70k

  • ZombieSlayer20 derifield 3 months ago

    Make more GTA 5 Minecraft

  • KarateSkull 3 months ago

    86 k likes haha

  • ALPHAVLOG3R_05 3 months ago


  • OwenWolfGaming 3 months ago

    Screw trump

  • Mary Calvert 3 months ago


  • Some person that likes roller coasters 3 months ago


  • saif ali 3 months ago

    $70,000 dollars to buy a jet or what?

  • bigjohnBucksxx 3 months ago

    Why did we stop doing intros

  • Gibson Tim Weaver 3 months ago

    I love donald

  • Jermaine Andre Dela Hente 3 months ago

    Ep 7

  • tnt awe 3 months ago

    85k likes =$485k

  • Olivier Pagé 3 months ago

    I come back after one year, this is weird…. Was I watching this every day before ._. HOW?!

  • CORRUPTED ONE 3 months ago

    Who else thought he was going to buy the gamma blaster?

  • Qrow Branwen 3 months ago

    Ssundee would Love EA

  • Manal Salmeen 3 months ago

    Ssundee if u Risk it all get all ur money with u so if u get 4 emerald u 5x all ur money

  • Irfan Faridzi 3 months ago

    people like ssundee are the ones who made ea thinks microtransaction is a good idea. i don’t hate anyone, but, it just annoys me a little

  • navi780 Minecraft and more 3 months ago

    1m views in 3 days

  • 3212Timmy 3 months ago

    How about more

  • GreenAppleSlice -Minecraft 3 months ago

    Ssundee u can ask maddi to kill u and then she will pass u all the money and u don’t have to split it to anyone

  • Bobby's Channel Thing 3 months ago

    plz make another episode

  • Seanpaul Badong 3 months ago

    Best you tuber ever

  • Little Gamer 3 months ago

    50,400 more

  • GamingWithAlex TM 3 months ago

    this server is broken i cant join it

  • Toped 3 months ago


  • Jespero7 Berglundo 3 months ago

    wen i play i get killd be admins,youtobers and doners 🙁

  • Clyve Anybody 3 months ago

    He waste money in casino

  • Owen Woods 3 months ago

    Your an idiot make 2 accounts and kill your main account for the money so you get it all for yourself

  • Soffia Ragnarsdottir 3 months ago

    Quick maths

  • Blipzy The King 3 months ago


  • collin kichen 3 months ago

    what days does he do the videos?

  • Ian Carlin 3 months ago

    Pay to win

  • collin kichen 3 months ago

    whats the server ip

  • AshtonGaming 23 Gaming 3 months ago

    PLAY MORE!!!!

  • CHARIZARD DUDE 3 months ago

    Ssundee I have 100,000,000k dollars In this games and I am level 120

  • rippityripriprip illuminati 3 months ago

    Are you sure you didn’t get 70k likes are you suuuuurrrrrreeeeee

  • Angie John 3 months ago

    Ian stop doing math

  • ezekiel jones 3 months ago

    No intro?

  • Michael Green 3 months ago

    We need Lancyphoo

  • Shirley Munoz 3 months ago

    Who’s watching in 2017

  • The big dog Lion gamer 3 months ago

    You have 87 thousand dollars

  • Shellie Pierce 3 months ago

    I loved this show is your pixelmon and Pokemon for the YouTube on the ssundee and crainer, too.
    The Pokemon is your favorite thing to do.
    I loved this show my favorite thing about this Pokemon and the pixelmon is my favorite thing about this Pokemon and the pixelmon, too. The Snorlax is my favorite Pokemon, too.

  • CHARIZARD DUDE 3 months ago

    How do u log on to this server

  • Below Zero 3 months ago

    Cancerbaby said he wanted a lunar staff for 350k that’s a lot

  • kelli swicegood 3 months ago


  • Vortexion Elite 3 months ago

    People are offering 500k+ in chat. While your gambling…..

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