• Rick de zeeuw 1 week ago

    I love you

  • rehan imran 1 week ago

    Dub step gun mod

  • Maria Ronquillo 1 week ago

    And #jen de killer

  • Isaac C 1 week ago

    I love you pat but be like jen!

  • alif Gaming 1 week ago

    PLz more minecraft war

  • ChompyTyrantGaming 1 week ago


  • Isaac C 1 week ago

    Well in minecraft fortune

  • Isaac C 1 week ago


  • Vella Grace 1 week ago

    i heard that if you compilment pat… he replies!

    *Nice toes!*

  • camprank the 1st 1 week ago

    Pat why don’t you play real fortnite duo mode with jen

  • Diamond Gaming 1 week ago

    This is my favourite series of all time!!!

  • Tracey Geneau 1 week ago


  • TheErrorSniper 1 week ago

    New rules: u can only have 5 weapons/items except materials and ammo. (Just like fortnite)

  • Night lizard 1 week ago

    You should add a map

  • Tracey Geneau 1 week ago


  • vincent david 1 week ago

    Dis Fortnite so cool you make dis better pat

  • Chris is Crazy 1 week ago

    this idea might come a bit of a stretch but you guys should create your own server that is this but have it on bigger maps like the alice in wonder land map full of chests and stuff for others to play and you could record playing with others because lets be honest, dont you get tired of killing jen? 😀

  • andrei radu mindru 1 week ago

    Stop letting jen win

  • happyboy76 1 week ago

    Dude I love your Fortnite videos! I really hope you make more!

  • Jason Birtwell 1 week ago

    Play Sea Of Theives!!!!!

  • happyboy76 1 week ago

    Oh and Pat, start winning more.😎

  • Bode Gutierrez 1 week ago

    There’s a fortnite mod out there you should use that

  • RMV Black 1 week ago

    Jen #pro

  • King Samiteo 1 week ago

    Is this a series?!?🤩

    It is! Yay you guys made my day😇

  • Bianca G 1 week ago

    Jenn is such a boss!Lol

  • Jdjdkxkx Vvb 1 week ago

    حلو ماب

  • Hassan Ahmad 1 week ago

    I had my 1 royal win in fortnight I am 11 years

  • Hayden Christensen Wijaya 1 week ago

    I LOVE FORNITE minecraft

  • kitty tube 1 week ago


  • Reo Payne 1 week ago

    helllllllloooo pat! i love this series!

  • Gamer Gum 1 week ago

    One day I’ll be like popularMMOs having 14 million subscribers everyone subscribe to me

  • Kyle Biglang-awa 1 week ago

    Turn this into a multiplayer game

  • Marcel Martins 1 week ago

    Omg tank you

  • sherinnafia muhammed 1 week ago

    Jen is ze new ninja!

  • Marcel Martins 1 week ago

    I ment thank you

  • -Lefty The Marionette- 1 week ago

    Pat please stop screaming.

  • dylan Holleman 1 week ago

    I think Jen looks at your screen

  • NATALIE loveslife 1 week ago

    Jens awesome 💖 so is pat. 😉👍👌👏

  • Imperialmode101 101 1 week ago

    Play normal fortnite plzzzzzz

  • Dcter Dan 1 week ago

    Instead of calling it Minecraft fortnite call it Minecraft battle royale

  • Sally Haj 1 week ago

    I hope next time jen records and if she wins, she posts her point of view becauseeee Itss amazing

  • Chris Cousins 1 week ago

    Fuk jen

  • Coronel y yo 1 week ago

    Soooo goood

  • Domi Doom 1 week ago

    I want you to play minecraft with crainer and thea

  • Edward Lames 1 week ago


  • Red ZiPro 1 week ago

    pat theres only 5 slots in fortnite i think 😛

  • Dcter Dan 1 week ago

    Pat ur bad

  • TBNRAgron kelsie 1 week ago


  • dylan Holleman 1 week ago

    And you add too much ammo because in regular fortnite there’s less ammo and more ammo benefits her play style but it didn’t benefit your play style (It benefits Jen because she’s the killer)

  • Rebecca Primo 1 week ago

    The toilet have poop

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