• ricky mak 1 week ago

    Spot the different next time now
    Normal or medium

    Did you spot all of the congratulations if you did if you want to bonus level go to my reply!!!!!

  • Queen Equine 1 week ago


  • Joshua Vargas 1 week ago

    30:04 What was that 😂

  • Patriana Gibbs 1 week ago

    Hey pat and gan

  • pvz 2 gamer346 1 week ago

    When the evil Jen dies it’s funny😂

  • SAYVUR gaming 1 week ago

    Can u play more fortnite super funny

  • pam pam 1 week ago

    Some thing that i want to see is jen set’s up EVERY thing because i want pat to guess the clue.

  • King of Lightning Epic King SuperCrafter 1 week ago


  • Jace McDonough 1 week ago

    Remember dan tdm lab 🤣😃😃😃😃

  • KingKirby 1 week ago

    It’s weird to hear Jen say “sucks” cause she never says that

  • Kawaii Shane Playz 1 week ago

    Pat u mean human cheese finger not Human finger cheese XD

  • Alex Flores 1 week ago

    Put in blooper somewhere

  • Nicole Horseherder 1 week ago

    Jen you are in the vid

  • Rear Raor 1 week ago

    Pat do the fortnite at the lucky block arena minigame with jen and do the chest in the swamp too

  • Brooke Forte 1 week ago

    do some jen lip jokes and pls bring season 10 of epic proportions pls

  • ALGSonic 1 week ago

    This is one of the best challenge games ever!

  • The Karout Kids 1 week ago

    I love evil Jens sound affects ha ha ha so funny

  • brevin smart 1 week ago

    I love ur vids

  • John Fredrich 1 week ago

    Keep the good work up

  • henry chan 1 week ago

    omg when i watched ur vid u had 9.5Mill subs now 14Mill Congrats Boi

  • Chess Master Hyperdeath 1 week ago

    You finally put the trades in order

  • XxdeathstridexX 1 week ago

    Plz like this comment for no reason 😀

  • Jeff Harris 1 week ago

    I love your vids but this is my dad acc so i can’t sub 🙁

  • LanceThePlayer 1 week ago

    26:56 Jen The Savage xD

  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    Pat to get beacons from wells, place block on water getting rid of it then gather the iron then open the block, poof no wet beacon.

  • Rovin Belen 1 week ago


  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    You should invite Ssundee and MrCrainer to do challenge games with you

  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    And if you want cool custom blocks, just call Kehaan, ask Ssundee

  • Relatable 232 1 week ago

    6:49 I knew something bad would happen when Jen told Pat to stand next her “super lucky block” when she was going to open it. I was surprised he actually believed her 😂

  • Ray Seyer 1 week ago


  • shearece love 1 week ago

    Love ur vidz I’m really late watching these sorrrrry🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Maliyah Sanders 1 week ago

    Please make it tomorrow please don’t let down I think I’m losing my mind now it in my head please I hope that you be here when we need you the most (please oh and also some are fnaf*five nights a freedy’s and tattletail )love vids

  • Ventcent Soc 1 week ago

    I’m going to get the book

  • Emanuel Matkovic 1 week ago

    you guys made me so happy ,could you do epic proportions season 10 plz!
    I will be sooo happy

  • davin yamson 1 week ago

    how do you have damage indicator

  • Katrinah Reisener 1 week ago

    U guys should of did the jen lucky block😢😢

  • Katrinah Reisener 1 week ago

    FuriousDetroyer wad killed trying to hurt PAT😂😂lol

  • Mia Olguin 1 week ago

    I like cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  • Just Cosmic 1 week ago

    #BACKFIRED 18:26

  • Rene Angelo Villanueva 1 week ago

    pls do a Mob Battle.
    Evil Jen vs Evil Bodybuilder Pat

  • Adrielle Irish Tan 1 week ago

    friend me please

  • Adrielle Irish Tan 1 week ago

    and play roblox my name is TheProStunner1 in roblox

  • Unicorn MSP 1 week ago

    23:00 Jens laugh tho 😂

  • Yellow Mmph 1 week ago


  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    You are so funny

  • Tenzin Norbu 1 week ago

    you guys rock like this comment you think that they are awesome and to keep up with the work

  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    Put a challenge game on jen chanall

  • Tenzin Norbu 1 week ago

    my birthday was yesterday please like

  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    1:)=a happy day

  • Arnulfo Andales 1 week ago

    How much is the boss

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