• Grian 7 months ago

    I guess you could say this is a geogrian house ????

  • Killboy1100 YT 7 months ago

    Now i know how to make georgian houses, modern houses, viking houses and those… Forgot the name house

  • Forest 7 months ago

    Hey Grian! I have a question. Do you still work on wynncraft?

  • BlendedSpider 7 months ago

    I don’t know what block that is, but I know for sure it’s not cyan concrete… Did you mean clay?

  • Aceattacker 7 months ago

    Grian can you make a futuristic or sci fi build cause it seems like not a lot of people do it when I search on YouTube

  • finalfreak56 7 months ago

    grian now you have to cover other architectural styles such as victorian, post modern, etc.
    frank lloyd right here we come

  • Colin Nemeth 7 months ago

    You have no idea how badly I want to build with Grian. Ugh.

  • Iceday _ 7 months ago

    Please Do Rustic Fantasy House!!!!

  • Anime Shinigami 7 months ago

    Groan why don’t u try working with theneocubest I see both of u being extremely good at building both of u have amazing ideas

  • mustasch lol 7 months ago

    Build Rick in Rick and morty

  • TheDevil Gaming 7 months ago

    Hey Grian, Who is your cameraman?

  • Anthony97531 MCPE and Undertale 7 months ago

    9:28 really? Anvils and hoppers?!

  • TheBlueGamingChallenge Hanafi 7 months ago

    build a Burj Khalifa like if you agree

  • 2MuchMax 7 months ago

    What also works is stacked on topnof each other:
    Brickstairs brick reversebrickstairs brickstairs brick and so on…

  • EmberPlays 7 months ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find Grian’s voice oddly pleasing?

  • #videogamesmatter 123 7 months ago

    Grain can u start a series where you build a city with skyscrapers, streets, houses, and more city things please.

  • Evangeline Rodrigues 7 months ago

    I don’t like this because there are not very good instructions and he is going way too fast!!! Like if agree

  • Panda_Swag5935 7 months ago

    My popsocket broke so I just think and make my self aroused and use my peen as a phone stand

  • Darc GM 7 months ago

    Thanks 4 ur vids I used to be OK at building now I feel happy with what I make! Thank you! Subbed

  • Joe K 7 months ago

    I want you to build a smiling dancing jack-o-lantern carrying candy.

  • Ironight 7 months ago

    Some form of oriental or japanese tutorial as I’m making a map and it would help greatly. Thx!

  • Musette Steger 7 months ago

    I wanna see you build a server spawn. :O

  • Firepuppy 101 7 months ago


  • PlanetMammal MC 7 months ago

    Hey grian. I just made a video on how to build a house and I plan to use that design for my server. Can you give me some tips pls?

  • Mangle Fan 7 months ago

    Grian you and my friend are the best builders I know

  • John Lucas 7 months ago

    1.13 textures

  • Enderderp24 7 months ago

    can u plz build a snowball trying to drink hot chocolate but the snowball is melting from drinking the hot chocolate

  • Hunter Patton 7 months ago

    On your server can you make it not possible for people to quit, it’s so annoying when your opponent leaves when you built something ok and you are made to either be a spectator or replace another quitter and have to basically restart.

  • Blu Sythe 7 months ago

    build an airplane riding people while the airplane is drinking a human

  • a completely awesome name yay 7 months ago

    build a spaceship

  • Growliththepup 7 months ago

    HeyGrian, what ever happened to ARKUS? I just got into it and I fell in love with it immediately…. But what happened to it? Did you guys give up on it or just put it off because there weren’t as many views?

  • Grian I Follow ur tutorial and i rec it and i do a tour i shout out u in meh channel

  • marcos segon 7 months ago

    well now to wait for that disasters video that you recorded today and i couldnt have the chance to join just because my internet decided to go horribly wrong in that moment

  • xXx GabytZa xXx 7 months ago

    Fan from Romania!! xD

  • Fahadco64 Gaming&More 7 months ago

    can you talk about the new textures that are coming in 1.13?

  • William sonAtHi 7 months ago

    In wich terrain, could I use this build ?

  • DeathknightDN 7 months ago

    Grian, off topic, this is going back to you’re server Wynncraft, I’d like to know if you could tell us how you got the armor that’s pretty much painted onto the player skin as overlays? It was a really cool concept, and really made the game feel mooore…. Interesting? That’s the best word I can think of at least XD

  • Meme. Org 7 months ago


  • alyssa landry 7 months ago

    hey I like your work, but I would like to offer some constructive criticism. You are going too fast, slow down. You need to help people out with the details, and be more specific with how high a block goes and how far out it goes (like show them the actual starting point instead of just stating it). These tutorials aren’t fun when people are getting frustrated because they messed up a block and don’t want to tear down a whole wall just to fix it.

  • The Serene SAVAGE 7 months ago

    Thank you for the beautiful house

  • Burnerben 9911 7 months ago

    plz subscribe thank you😍😃

  • Pinecone 7 months ago

    Can someone tell me the story between Sam, grian, and taurtis?
    I’m very confused.

  • Rj Norris 7 months ago

    for your next build you should build wayne manor as in bruce wayne

  • Supreme 7 months ago

    1st person tutorials pls

  • TheCoolUnicornGaming 7 months ago

    #Buildthiscommetinbuildyourcommets built a dirt block digging a human

  • Andrew Pfeiffer 7 months ago

    sub To Me And The Last Digit Is Who You Are
    0 .Captain Sparkles

  • BananaWizard 772 7 months ago

    Everytime i build something cool I watch a grian video and know it’s awful

  • Zenni&Vukki 7 months ago

    Grian what is your view on Mojang deciding to re texture vertically every block on twitter?

  • Matty's Minecraft World 7 months ago

    How about you create The Eden project from Cornwall ! I bet you would do an amazing job of it ! Make a great video !

    It’s a great educational place and would raise awareness of it and how important it is we look after I’ll environment!

  • Guizok 7 months ago

    Wow my house is very like that and I didn’t even know!!!

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