SSundee and the gang try to learn how to count to 5…
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  • Dalton Minton 6 months ago

    It’s a spud

  • nicole patton 6 months ago

    OFFENSIVE IM IRISH me laddie

  • Mercy Romero 6 months ago


  • AwesomePikachuGaming 6 months ago

    How about a power up where you can toss a car part anywhere and it goes into the car or you can throw it to give it to a random player

  • Mateo 6 months ago

    Zelda murder game!!!

  • dalissa cotto 6 months ago

    Under Yale and cup head murder run

  • Tanala Duncan 6 months ago

    Use speed

  • ibnu chouldum 6 months ago

    I hate you cirner

  • Jordan Chen 6 months ago

    Fnaf theme

  • Kim Shaw 6 months ago

    Is very wered that they are downing a murder of all the YouTube ERS out their : /???

  • Pork Chip 6 months ago

    Make a naruto/amine theme

  • SilverSnake 6 months ago

    Ssundee probably have of won if he used his infelred

  • Angel Juarez 6 months ago

    Pewdiepie sucks😡😡😡

  • Maheer Bhuiyan 6 months ago


  • Talon Aoyagi 6 months ago

    Next theme should be keheen, t, and all them

  • Chase Smith 6 months ago

    why’d you have to include Pewdiepie, he’s so bad..

  • Slouchy Casew 6 months ago

    What do you want my name is Jack. Am I famous???

  • The Beta 6 months ago

    Do a collab with pat and jen! ADD another cute Couple! 👍👍👍

  • Awsome 96744 6 months ago

    You should put lock down for the killer

  • xXsniperboyXx the boy 6 months ago

    Nice one Thea! Cuz mah fave is dantdm

  • Katiliniana Fj 6 months ago

    Can u do a barbie murder????

  • Aryan Kadam 6 months ago

    You got corrupted ssundee so that’s why crainer won

  • sherri berri 6 months ago

    Do Christmas version
    Killers: Santa
    Mrs. claus

  • Jordan Phenomenal 1 6 months ago

    Do Logan Paul if you did jake paul

  • Gamer 101 6 months ago

    I’m waiting for an episode where everyone escapes…

  • Erika Fabiola Liera Martinez 6 months ago

    hunter call of the wild

  • dong mason 6 months ago

    Add a trap for murder slow all survival for 10 second

  • dong mason 6 months ago

    Add a trap for survival gain speed for 10 second

  • Lance 6 months ago

    I hate how bad ssundee is in surviving

  • Erika Fabiola Liera Martinez 6 months ago

    sword throw the killer can throw there sword

  • BJ Gamer 6 months ago

    Ssundee looked like him self

  • Cozmichd .flame 6 months ago

    Do a murder run of kehan neomc TS marjo createtor

  • VolatileLyric63 6 months ago

    I swear ur retarded sometimes like y run back into him

  • VolatileLyric63 6 months ago

    That impression is butt

  • Diamond dog 6 months ago

    What’s the opposite of Jacksepticeye Markiplier obviously. ❗️❗️TRIGGERED ❗️❗️

  • King Peter 6 months ago

    It is not jack he does not have green hair he had brown

  • Arctic GalaxyWolf 6 months ago

    Take Theas time and turn it upside down….

  • Zane Spencer 6 months ago

    That was the best trolling ever 🙂

  • JarCraft12 Lantry 6 months ago

    Get more than 4 people in the run but add more car parts

  • James Abc 6 months ago

    Cup head run yes and also it’s anti septiceye on star

  • Thepinkworld AJ 6 months ago

    Do anyone notice the happy birthday banner in the background of ian facecam?

  • aloha sibala 6 months ago

    Please do a trap that when you activate it makes you a cage for the killer for 8 seconds

  • aloha sibala 6 months ago

    Do a power ranger murder run

  • Ariana nice and good girl 6 months ago

    Sundee have u make an smurft murder mystery if u didn’t make it I like to see it

  • fireblade gaming 6 months ago

    crainer doesnt need any armour

  • Anabelle Acleta 6 months ago

    that is the bro of Dan ssundee

  • The Kai 6 months ago

    Ssundee if you have Jack and Pewds in here then you should have Mark as well

  • Chroma's Corner 6 months ago


  • Antoni Bennett 6 months ago

    I saw popularmmos arena

  • Insane Melon 6 months ago

    Who’s birthday was it

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