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  • Tiger Gaming 1 month ago

    Ssundee I have an idea for a killer When a Killer drop a ice block on the ground and all the player will freeze for ten seconds

  • Jo Sivan 1 month ago


  • Grimmy 97814 1 month ago

    Its like Friday the 13th

  • Kevin 777178 1 month ago

    heres a trap idea Pepper makes the muder blind for 15 sec and the players have speed for 5 sec

  • Incredible Acrobat TR 1 month ago

    You can make a trap that makes innocents 30 blocks closer to the murderer when he/she uses it.

  • DestructionPatP Akmal 1 month ago

    Here are some good traps idea
    1)Decoy trap-survivor(Makes another version of you)
    2)Turret-Killer(Shoots arrows at survivors in-range)
    3)Base-Survivors(Spawns a mini base to hide for a few seconds)
    4)Pet killer-killer(Spawns a 30 second
    pet that helps you find every survivors)
    5)Teleport apple-survivor(Teleports 25 blocks away from where you hide)
    6)Flashbang-killer(Creates a big flash blinding all survivors for 10 seconds)

  • Bunny Bunny 1 month ago

    How about next murder game nobody can use any traps not the hunter or survivors and the hunter can’t break walls

  • Masind Vlogs 1 month ago

    what “moving” mod is that?

  • KawaiiGaming 1 month ago

    You should do Toy Story Murder! You can use make a modelling of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Little Bo Peep and Rex!

  • ikram hazim 1 month ago

    Good man

  • Tigers 1 month ago

    Add the teleportation trap for the runners

  • Captain Meliodas 1 month ago

    You should add a Decoy trap, basically what it does is makes a crouched version of the player wherever the user places it

  • MrRoboticCarrot 1 month ago

    best intro. agree with me

  • Avery James Parrish 1 month ago


  • Luke Heaton 1 month ago

    I can see neoMC at the top of the gate entrance

  • Unown Gamer 1 month ago

    A trap that can see their foot presents

  • chau minhdo 1 month ago

    Hey do you guy think they should do Power Ranger for the next video!?! Like if you agree!:)

  • EndersGaming YT 1 month ago

    Make a trap where the killer is invincible and can see anyone on the map

  • McLaren plays MC 1 month ago

    Big Hero 6 theme plz! It wold be awesome. Also you’re doing great.Keep it up

  • DJ Sapit 1 month ago

    SSundee could you do a custom map challenge on Flag Conquest minigame with Madelyn, Crainer…? You can find the map in minecraft forums

  • nena marison 1 month ago

    Plz play more roket leage

  • DGgamer22 1 month ago

    Derp Ssundee saved me from that song in the beginning

  • HATERHZ 55 1 month ago

    Do THE POWER RANGERS murder / Like so Ssundee can see

  • Jacob Rutherford 1 month ago

    I love your video

  • Anthoni Angwyn 1 month ago

    copyright from tf2. The deadringer

  • Ho Ttt 1 month ago

    could you guys try harry potter version if there is a harry potter mod

  • mr leprechaun 1 1 month ago

    telaportation trap

  • WereWolves 1 month ago

    I wanna so that chainsaw don’t remove blocks or destroy the blocks

  • Gavin Ding 1 month ago

    You should add a trap where if the seeker triggers it, he gets sent back to spawn.

  • Sem Pouw 1 month ago

    Do a murder thingy with barney as killer

  • Cedriicc _Gamer CoolDisneyAnything 1 month ago

    if you like more like this comment and comment i like it!!!

  • Carlrussel A.Doblada 1 month ago

    pls add in these new traps
    hypersonic discord= makes all the survivor have speed and invisibility

  • Gio Dural 1 month ago

    ssundee make a horror video like this i want it mickey mouse themed

  • Jastin Philip Lutrania 1 month ago

    This mask’s are so creepy

  • Master of Metang 1 month ago

    Wow. Ssundee is a proffesional murderer. The more you know…

  • Ryan Waleed 1 month ago

    Ssundee is reindeer
    Me: Grandma got run over by a reindeer, more like, reindeer got run over by grandma

  • Jacob Playsgames 1 month ago

    insane death # for the killer

  • Zenalina Hadi Putri Pratama 1 month ago

    No Thea
    No Loud screaming 😂

  • PSATDM FC 1 month ago

    the op buff, a hider gets +10 health, speed buff(only lasts 15 secs) invisibility and invincibility that also lasts 15 secs
    the killer can see players for 10 secs, speed buff same secs as the seeing players effect ,invisibility also 10 secs and immunity to traps for 20 secs and it costs 3.5 stacks of nether stars or keehaan can decide how much it costs

  • Alexander Yeh 1 month ago

    Use the scare and kill them -_-

  • Fire God 1 month ago

    Here’s Johnny!

  • Sellus1438 1 month ago

    Make a trap where it auto kills the person closest to you but it costs like all your nether stars

  • azzi talukder 1 month ago

    kiss trap

  • Dominic Loves_Anime 1 month ago

    The Apple should not hurt you when you fall from high places so that the killer can’t one shot you after he/she sees you.

  • Nene Mendoza 1 month ago

    Like for creapynessssssssssssssss

  • 12 Tree 1 month ago

    Tellitubies murder

  • matthias lim 1 month ago

    Add a wall of cobble trap

  • DollarSlime 1 month ago



  • KarlGaming- Minecraft,Roblox And More! 1 month ago

    Add A Five Heart trap For the Seeker/Killer And turn the hiders/survivors turn into five hearts
    Like if you agree

  • FiveLions Gaming 1 month ago

    gremlins or trolls next plz

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