The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Frostmaw!


  • PopularMMOs 2 weeks ago

    Enjoy the vid guys!! I’ll be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • Ella lockwood 2 weeks ago

    PLAY BED WARS AGIAN AND STREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weilong liang 2 weeks ago

    Jen sucks

  • Marshallmations 2 weeks ago

    Ermm… Pat The Emerald Block gives 9 which means 9 X 15 = 135 YOU DONE MATH WRONG!

  • TheNextGenarationGamer 2 weeks ago

    When Pat whispered he sounded like filthy frank XD

  • Lenlee Soriano 2 weeks ago

    NOOOO!!! He forgot to trade with the lucky villager!!!

  • maria aika puff 2 weeks ago

    U have forgotten the villager

  • Grace Denton 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice that pat said pig on a stick instead of carrot on a stick

  • ElephantsLover 2 weeks ago

    19:45 Pat, you should’ve gotten that crafting table since you will be needing one to trade for 10 enchanted golden apples!!!

  • Anastasia Desy 2 weeks ago

    Pat is super op

  • Shawna Harrington 2 weeks ago

    Love you so much and you are awesome loveeeeeee yoy

  • Plasmapanther 444 2 weeks ago

    You should re-fight the axe-wielding boss again since it has been updated with the ground slam attack. It would also be cool to re-fight something that you fought back in 2015

  • RJPlayz 2 weeks ago

    Jen: He’s huge!
    Pat: T-that’s what she said

    Me: call 911. I’m dying of laughter

  • ohemgeeitskacey 2 weeks ago

    Pat when you opened the well at the start there was some emerald blocks that came out of it on the side and you forgot to read in your crafting table for 10 enchanted golden apples

  • Ham and Mayo 2 weeks ago


  • LanceDoesGaming 2 weeks ago

    Pat missed the emrlad blocks from the well

  • Shawna Harrington 2 weeks ago

    I’m Mattie and I love watching you guy because you awesome

  • gagasan baru 2 weeks ago

    Pat its feather and netherstar

  • Kate Andrea Chiu 2 weeks ago

    I love you

  • Kate Andrea Chiu 2 weeks ago

    I’m gonna go and call Jen “Granny problem voice Jen

  • Kate Andrea Chiu 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys you know how to destroy a structure of course you know. So can you blow up THE ARENA!!!!!! PLEEEEEESSSSSEEEE

  • yvonne ohara 2 weeks ago

    I love your Vids popularMMos

  • ValtsuPelaa W 2 weeks ago

    What about the lucky villager??

  • SlayingHurdle72 2 weeks ago

    Pat you forgot the crafting table for enchanted golden apples trade from the villager.

  • Ronnie Singh 2 weeks ago

    Hi Pat

  • JK TV 2 weeks ago


  • Michael Yaroson 2 weeks ago

    Bring back the explosive challenge games if you agree then hit the like button

  • Cobra Coonrod 2 weeks ago


  • Aarav Sethi 2 weeks ago

    I bet u 59 bucks pat wont see this

  • Trhees 2 weeks ago

    Who only likes watching them open the blocks not the battle idk why but I don’t like watching the fight like if you agree

  • alpha gamer 2 weeks ago

    pat you missed a block of emerald

  • Ellie Shaw 2 weeks ago

    I so happy Jen is back

  • Ellie Shaw 2 weeks ago

    Pat is correct if you haven’t seeent Popular MMOs or gamingwhith Jen you need to start life today by watching their vids!

  • Tylor Moss 2 weeks ago

    Pat I have an idea, if you get more beacons in one challenge game you can use that beacon in the next same with Dragon egg or nether star good Idea Yea?

  • Harrison Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Give it back jen

  • Milly Langman 2 weeks ago

    Pat and jen r the best YouTubers

    Like so pat can read this

  • alpha gamer 2 weeks ago

    and the lucky villager that gives you gapples

  • Dorjgotov Erdenechimeg 2 weeks ago

    I love you guys Pat and Gen

  • Gamer Dude 2 weeks ago

    Why u no take beacon from well lol

  • Charlie Powell skits 2 weeks ago


  • Kubilan Pasalan Gireada 2 weeks ago

    Pat should have told Jen he will give her the Beacon for a crafting table

  • Klara Jezkova 2 weeks ago

    im new pat and jen but i love your vids so bad!

  • Taryn Elizabeth Hargreaves 2 weeks ago

    Omg I soooooooo love you 😍😃😍😍

  • Freddie Bradley 2 weeks ago

    That axe rips off reinhardts hammer so bad

  • Taryn Elizabeth Hargreaves 2 weeks ago

    Jen he gave a unlucky

  • Starlio KK 2 weeks ago

    Pig on a stick xDD

  • ash greninja 2 weeks ago

    Yay plzz bring epic proportions plzzz

  • GinoGamesNL 2 weeks ago

    The star and becon where from you

  • Epic Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Pat if u remember u can get 10 for an crafting table and u got that structure with more crafting table.

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