Minecraft | FRIEND OR FOE? | MY DISASTER… (23)


  • Zoran Matijašić 1 month ago

    it is in the ender chest



  • GeoJoe Harwood 1 month ago

    you have a totem of undying in your ender chest SB

  • sam marran 1 month ago

    Spawn the wither on them

  • GeoJoe Harwood 1 month ago

    oh right

  • supposedbreak92 Supartini 1 month ago

    wow friend or foe is so fast!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zeone Brincat 1 month ago

    Sb you are the best youtuber ever

  • NotBot1 1 month ago

    SB’s bad acting when he loses his totem

  • NightFuryis11 Games 1 month ago

    Why does everyone think the Arrows of Poison are so good? You can literally two-shot anyone, no matter their armor with the Harming 2 arrows…

  • Sourire Sisters 1 month ago

    Sb do another reading your comments

  • Soggy Popcorn 1 month ago

    It’s in the chest

  • jacob musgrove 1 month ago

    I love the new base

  • hot head 93 Does gaming 1 month ago

    SB when will the next ford live stream?

  • charles mcfadyen 1 month ago

    Did you base it on friend or foe by Michael morpurgo

  • Lurking Chimera 1 month ago

    When is the next friend or for video

  • Sommer Bambrick 1 month ago

    Sb no big b does not have your totem of undieing it glitched he already had one but you should be able to get it back like if you agree

  • Coolboy 1888 1 month ago

    Face cam???????

  • Navraj Gill 1 month ago

    Why not come home 2 bows

  • Caleb Houston 1 month ago

    Sb can you make a video of how you did the Endermen farm

  • Minecraft Milner 1 month ago

    SB you can have your bow in the offhand and the sword in the normal hand so you don’t need to switch between them

  • Nathan Allen980 1 month ago

    @SB737 That’s not ur fault u hade a power cut ask squid to go on creative and get you a totem on undyingPlus squid said he will steal the wither skull of your house and will spawn the wither in your house

  • Chaosbreaker075 1 month ago

    My idea for the bridge has been Built to life yay

  • Ben Meeks 1 month ago

    Nice vid sb

  • Natalie Maddock 1 month ago

    You can just put the normal potion in a cauldron and click with arrows on the cauldron and it makes tipped arrows

  • arnas jazukevicius 1 month ago

    Yay but plz get squid dragon breth plz plz plz

  • Shirley Gannon 1 month ago

    Cool vid SB

  • Akkan Gonsalves 1 month ago

    SB next episode kill everyone i n the sirver

  • troy norris 1 month ago

    I love you because I love your video

  • That Guy 3604 1 month ago

    That was a full out war, the players, endermen, and the ender dragon were all going crazy.

  • Loralei Thornburg 1 month ago

    I missed a viedio

  • hotdogboy22 1 month ago


  • DanPlayz 1 month ago

    You should give the end crystals to squid so he can fight the dragon and get the breath

  • Max Glover 1 month ago

    Yes I am

    love 💖

  • CoCaptainBlue's Gaming 1 month ago

    Some advice,
    1. Organise your store room.
    2. maybe add unbreaking to your shield.
    3. get a horse with Armour and saddle, (quick charge+quick escape)
    4. use depth strider III in water to make u super speed )advantage over everyone else)
    5. Keep having fun 🙂

  • Captainmer 961 1 month ago

    You need another Woodwand mansion or try to Trade with bigb

  • Georgeo Nacouzi 1 month ago

    U can kill the wither and make a beacon so u get unlimited strength leaping speed and regeneration

  • GamingMaster 1 month ago

    Diamond survival…

  • Darryl Yamashita 1 month ago

    Tipped arrows with harming 2 does more damage without the flame enchant on a bow

  • OrlaTheChallenger 101 1 month ago


  • Pokemon_Master206 1 month ago

    Why do they need the dragon breath?

  • Andre Joseph 1 month ago


  • BasicAlli 1 month ago

    do it tommorow

  • BasicAlli 1 month ago

    he did not

  • kait0930 kait0930 1 month ago

    What dose the dragons breath do

  • Belinda Ryan 1 month ago

    That so sad loosing totem of undying 😭😢

  • xXbigalexgamingXx 1 month ago

    I WANT BIGB TO WIN BOII! also rip SB u lost the totem. “It’s totally unfair!” *NOT* u were the one who had ALL the adventages, but now… U GOT TAKEN DOWN A FEW PEGS! >:)

  • xXbigalexgamingXx 1 month ago

    btw ive never had a flood when mining sand boi perfection

  • Laura Hiscocks 1 month ago

    Sorry I’m late

  • toys with Courtny 1 month ago

    There all going to teem up to kill you

  • Pikachu Aqua 1 month ago

    That arrow was like 3 harming ptions together with fire

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