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  • Dwayne Parsons 3 weeks ago

    The stone and water thing just yse Depth Strider boots

  • Royal Gladiator 3 weeks ago

    There a limit of how many mob in your island rember that.

  • Joel Hardet 3 weeks ago

    When the video has audio and a black screen. ;( x 729.283

  • قناة مدرستنا 3 weeks ago

    I am from Iraq Hi Translator from the browser

  • dustin 3 weeks ago

    That’s the smallest meteor I’ve ever seen spawn.

  • Snow 3 3 weeks ago

    This didn’t show up in my subscription box :/ feelsbadman

  • Gregory Owen 3 weeks ago

    Jardon you FOOL !!!

  • Jeffrey Adams 3 weeks ago

    Jorden make them into slab so you have more stone

  • Ethan Byrd 3 weeks ago

    I just saw the trailer for the new Minecraft story mode episode 4! It comes out on November 7th! It’s only a few days away! I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure am excited about this!

  • Annie Hermans 3 weeks ago

    So I broke my challenges tab in the Dino map of sky bound. WELP. HELP. It froze on the 3 doors 16 window panes and however many wood planks challenge. It says I haven’t done the planks even though I had so made more and more then I tried restarting minecraft and then restarting the island. I didn’t realise it wouldn’t restart my challenges. I’m stuck on the wood planks achievement forever, nothing I tried has worked.

  • Some Mightyena 3 weeks ago

    i’m still going to rep my homeland, the steampunk server.

    we might not have a sparklepants, but we have steampunk decor instead of dinosaur.

  • ExtremePugRider 3 weeks ago

    I only just realised he started uploading on this channel again. Didn’t you leave to do what you wanted to? I was happy for you, but I guess you still wanted to stay on this channel for more money. You are supposed to follow your passion; right? I guess you didn’t.

  • Ratghoil 3 weeks ago

    2 tips. First meteor you got was very, very small because it replaces the blocks it hits aka (The leaves and the bit of tree) just an unlucky spawn. Second tip. Your rocket scales with your jump boost (Kinda) so you wanna get places fast just max that out.

  • anson got 3 weeks ago

    you can just kill mobs and gain xp in mob arena LOL

  • Alexander Roxas - Vlogs And Gaming 3 weeks ago

    You are supposed to freahin put the spawner below the slab you idiott so that even the skeleton is down in the killing zone the spawner spawns stacks

  • Ben Mitev 3 weeks ago

    Jordan you can just type /is go you don’t need to write out your name as you own the island

  • khaim0919 Dickinson 3 weeks ago

    Can you make a video with either a full strategy guide or unedited mining world game?

  • Mr Vility 3 weeks ago

    I dont understand y u nick in pve mining world it makes no difference

  • Meldins STI 3 weeks ago

    Does every comment about the spawner get 100+ likes

  • you place the spawner should be under the slab!!!!!

  • r2darky 3 weeks ago

    IT WORKS LIKE A NORMAL SPAWNER BUT YOU PLACED IT WRONG YOU SHOULD’VE PLACED IT BELOW THE SLAB LMFAOOOO… You can see you placed it wrong because it’s hoovering above the slab..

  • Malpkakefirek 3 weeks ago

    Is this premium server?

  • King Fayaz 3 weeks ago

    Do a giveaway of 5 savage ranks

  • King Fayaz 3 weeks ago

    You can skip out of your crates if u know ur not getting a shard and u have a chance to get it

  • Flying Robot 3 weeks ago


  • Constanza Osorio 3 weeks ago

    Its better to use /is browse to look for player shops. The spawners are cheaper

  • Harshul Singhal 3 weeks ago

    u got unlucky with the meteor, it is worth it, just get a bunch of mining upgrades (xp investor, reserve, and greed) they are the only places you can get emerald and especially emerald blocks! they give insane xp

  • Idc about a username 3 weeks ago

    That meteor was way smaller than it should be it just glitched Coz it landed on a tree

  • fressfisch 3 weeks ago

    lost interest 5 years ago. you still doing this? maybe time to move on? you are too talented to waste 10 years of your life doing this! then again i’m just a random person from the internets

  • snow man 3 weeks ago


  • Justified Gamer 3 weeks ago

    You guys read my comment!
    I’m the guy who said it would be shorter to type /is go x33n, even though there are other commands.
    My heart literally skipped a beat when you said that! Thanks so much man!

  • super builder 2 weeks ago

    pls build the second layer

  • Cgoezpro Mayer 2 weeks ago

    You sould do more skybounds plz

  • Dip_n_ Swag 2 weeks ago

    Minezon is the best

  • TwinPotatoes 2 weeks ago

    Im not gonna complain about the spawner, lol.
    Meteors always spawn on the highest ground, so if youre at the coordinates but there’s land on top of you, the meteor will spawn there. The meteor you got was a small one because it unluckily spawned on a tree. If it spawns on flat land, it will be so much bigger (10x10x5). If you have the opportunity, dig down where the meteor is going to land (a meteor looks like a huge fireball that falls from the sky) so that it goes deeper into the ground, spawning more ores.
    Also, spawners are cheaper if you buy them from players. Like the enderman spawners are 10mil from the spawner seller at the market but some players sell it for as low as 4mil. This is mainly because mobs have a chance to drop spawners (including creepers!). Btw, skeleton spawners are only profitable if you have a high level looting sword and if youre killing them all the time. You can use the sword abilities slay/rage to 1 hit them too.
    Spawners that get you money without you having to do anything but go near them are enderman, witches, iron golem, etc because their drops sell for a lot and you can automate their kills.
    I have a lot of tips and tricks, I kinda wanna start a “tips and tricks” series on my channel to further help other players. Sorry for the long read, I just like giving these information because back then, I didnt really have anyone give me these helpful stuff. Reply here if you have any further questions!

  • Dion Manaog 2 weeks ago


  • Gersi muca 2 weeks ago

    Put a slab on the spawner

  • marksgv 2 weeks ago

    Home, sweet home. lol. Don’t know how many games I never learned something simple and useful like that until way too late. Jordan does get all the good things doesn’t he. Coal, Quartz, waves of mobs, just all the luck. I do have to agree with X33N, just watching the Mining PvE is a very easy going thing. The ongoing ridiculous nicknames, everyone on the server has to know it’s him. They have to. That’s funny. Jordan’ll get that win one day. Glad to see a meteor finally, but, yeah, the meteor colored me disappointed. A mediocre xmas tree that took so much effort to get to. If that was the meteor. There was such build up to it with those announcements. On the other hand, the schematic thing was pretty cool.

    In any event, I thought it was a nice well rounded episode. There was a bit of a return to the Skyfactory like side, after the combat of the Mining world. Seems like they will have to build out around the dragon,to have it’s presence felt more. Otherwise the insta build we saw today was neat. It was cool to have that kind of thing again, as a change of pace. Then it will be back to the warzone for some fun with Jordan on the hunt.

  • aomething 2 weeks ago

    Yea, Jordan, u could have also done a simple /is go, and it works exactly the same for u

  • Random Honorable Gaming 2 weeks ago

    You put the spawner under the slab, so that skeletons don’t spawn on the spawner. Because, if the skeletons spawn on the spawner, the spawner will be way less efficent.

  • Andrew Buchleitner 2 weeks ago

    That was a small meteor

  • Liam Milinazzo 2 weeks ago

    did you know that people by 5 emeralds for 1000 start selling X33N and Cap

  • Tanner Elcombe 2 weeks ago


  • The Burning Side 2 weeks ago

    Mining World is my favorite thing about this series so far

  • Aloha Braddah 2 weeks ago

    Put it under the slabs

  • Nate Tʍi 2 weeks ago

    what if you buy a blaze spawner and have them fall into water, can you collect the drops and are they worth anything?

  • Nate Tʍi 2 weeks ago

    now you have a lovely view of a dragons but

  • Jude Waide 2 weeks ago

    Jardon. READ THIS! The way that meteors hit, is that on point of impact they turn every block in a certain radius which is not air in to an ore. Because it hit a tree, it got a tiny amount of blocks, they are usually a lot better and WILL make you win the game. The best possible cenario is if the meteor hits a lake, as this is the most possible amount of blocks. This is how I made 2 mil FROM A SINGLE GAME. I literally only finished mining it at the last seccond.

  • Mr. Gold 2 weeks ago

    Is he playing on 1.12.2 version or 1.12.1?

  • William Bernadotte 2 weeks ago

    The meteors can be 4 times that size

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