• NewScapePro 2 weeks ago

    Man, Ramirez really puts the _fort_ in _Fort_-nite. That lady can build!

    If you guys liked this video, check out the Fortnite short we made on our new NSF channel. I think you all will dig it! It’s the first link in the description.

  • sly explorer 1 week ago

    Sary cory I just unsubscribed

  • Slayer-asp- 1 week ago

    Add teknique or I derp more then I do now

  • Jay Ish 1 week ago

    Sponsored by: PUBG 😝

  • Max B 1 week ago

    I see now why people think fortnite is bad for you

  • Nick Mendoza 1 week ago

    Fortnite woo-hoo

  • uganda knuckles 1 week ago


  • Paolo Stefanini 1 week ago

    fortnite the tanos

  • NightWOLF 337321 1 week ago

    2:58 there is a cow in the background

  • knifeto eatyou 1 week ago

    Great video

  • Lethal 911 1 week ago


  • mr. frosty 1 week ago

    It’s been like 5 minutes since you’ve played but it’s been days since i’ve been waiting for a video

  • mr. frosty 1 week ago

    Show a guy that make puns and joke all the time
    And the ending is not so cool

  • Vanguard knight adaliga 1 week ago

    Newscapepro wow nice video can u pls part 3 and pls can u teach him the lady?

  • Vanguard knight adaliga 1 week ago

    With guns

  • uganda knuckles 1 week ago

    the monkey guy it too serious

  • Erkhes Batkhuyag 1 week ago

    Shorts were like *и ди нахуй capitalists* and the series like *блять an freaking tiger I on my tail*

    Ashlie:Also did he said torrito
    Me:dude what the блять do you even heard US earrape?

  • Erkhes Batkhuyag 1 week ago

    Also pls make WWII rp plox

  • Nathan Tng 1 week ago


  • quynhanh tonnu 1 week ago

    Wait, i thought you could not tam damage.

  • Aila Ray 1 week ago

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    Играй в мини-игры на minegames.ru

  • nindrago the astronian 1 week ago

    I Call hax!!

  • TheFlawless 1 week ago

    9:29 There Boss is a Hacker In The End if im Correct

  • Will_The_Slayer 1 week ago

    they are using techguns…. MY FAV.

  • Natasha Bell 1 week ago


  • The Sattelite 1 week ago

    D I P

  • Oshawott Blue 1 week ago

    Yeah think!?

  • Nicolas Lazarte 1 week ago


  • CREEPERBOOM 10 1 week ago

    “are you eating the microfhone?”

  • Vibol bot 1 week ago

    Make a thanos fortnite one since that mode exists

  • Maya Verheyen 1 week ago


  • Dylan Hutton 1 week ago


  • Logan The Anime Panda 1 week ago

    Hey Corey could you do a reaction video to one of my videos it is okay if you say no

  • August Kralovic 1 week ago

    what is this mod pack??

  • Starsyko Games 1 week ago

    Thank you, it has felt like forever

  • Matheus SCP OP Leonello 1 week ago

    Oh cmon Cory

  • Yell Jell 1 week ago


  • LIVE Action 1 week ago

    SkyDoesMinecraft plays Fortnite Now

  • hunting time 1 week ago

    Man fuck fortnite

  • Harrison Kildea 1 week ago

    By did u have to do a crime fortnite with minecraftntogether

  • Clucky Tao 1 week ago

    Is this really Fortnite

  • Dionne Beaumont 1 week ago

    I love fortnite it’s a cool game

  • Peppermint Cookiee 1 week ago


  • Terry Dunn Lynn 1 week ago

    Wow good luck fighting them they have john wick master builder

  • Sombrero Cactus YT 1 week ago

    Donald Trump would like to know you location.

  • Martha Winston 1 week ago

    ummmmmmmmm cory what happened to ur voice actors.this channel kinda well idk feels different it doesnt have the same feel of happiness in the episodes as much as before ummmmmmmm

  • eyeless jack 1 week ago

    I know this is a roleplay but it’s like your really the game right then you should know friendly fire was removed
    from fortnite just wanted to let you know ☺

  • alf draws 1 week ago

    continue it! this is awesome!

  • Sean Keriby 1 week ago

    vikturi royale

  • Pavan Dalani 1 week ago

    Hey cory can the next scp be scp366 or 370

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