• Tru Frazier 1 week ago


  • Lexus Her 1 week ago

    you should do BTS no offense to any A.R.M.Y.’s ( that’s what BTS calls there fan group). Don’t worry I’m one too ish

  • Danielle Dieden 1 week ago

    Destiny 2222

  • Midnight Studio 1 week ago

    Screw Cramer!!!

  • Lol Lol 1 week ago

    foartite beekbelebeleblebelbe

  • Tavion Griffin 1 week ago

    Ssundee next time when ur it go super saiyn then fly up in the air then switch spots with them plz

  • glitch Freddy 323 1 week ago

    More lucky blocks plz

  • WiiLeer Reacts 1 week ago

    “Im positive he is bush.” That sounds hilarious.

  • Elliott Strong 1 week ago


  • euangaming 1 week ago

    Ssundee you should make a Minecraft battle royale minigame video

  • Sean Roh 1 week ago

    Hi sundee

  • Sunyul Kim 1 week ago

    Uggghhhh ssundee use your leftover nether stars at dirty dan!!!!

  • Zaza pachulia 1 week ago

    Minecraft is dead

  • Fin Raz 1 week ago

    Over 40 thousand likes with over 1 million views

  • True Terarrian 1 week ago


  • Sunyul Kim 1 week ago

    Strategy for the killer: buy super saiyans and murderous warps. Use super saiyan to fly up really high and then use murderous warp to swap places with a hider. They will fall to their death!

  • Nonoon123no 1 week ago

    You should make a hider item that teleports the user to the neerest car part

  • 9mm Glockcoma 1 week ago

    You ruined my favorite skin😿

  • Sneaky Sniper 1 week ago

    So cool

  • martha Pacheco 1 week ago

    Your so mean to crainer

  • Musical Potato 1 week ago

    Nico Nico Niii…

    I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it

  • Max Marsden 1 week ago

    PLEASE do not leave minecraft minecraft is dying please people in the comments please play togethor please i big for you to not leave minecaft

  • Mykolas Gaming 1 week ago

    Play rust

  • The Aussie 1 week ago

    I hate fortnite. But I love murder (THE GAME! CHILL!)

  • big bro 1 week ago

    I wacth the movie but i am indonesian

  • big bro 1 week ago

    Is this ifinity war murder ?

  • Tamara Štembal 1 week ago

    One questione. What aboir Maddi?

  • The Storm 1 week ago

    U guys aren’t even sad that Crainer is with Pat and Jen (PopularMMOs and Gamingwithjen)

  • MidTense Kuro 1 week ago

    derp ssundee T_T

  • Vaniac 1 week ago

    “Crainer is out of town, you will see soon enough” Is crainer going to visit Ian?

  • Lil Luiz 1 week ago


  • CrestedGaming 24 1 week ago

    Nice headphones 😂

  • Huey Mac 1 week ago

    ? But how he?????

  • Jm Salva 1 week ago

    xD haha so funny when ssundee said LIttle

  • Hayden Tube 1 week ago

    Ssundee on fortnite make a v-bucks give away

  • Fuquan Kuang 1 week ago

    Is Maddie coming back to the videos

  • Serious_ Seal 1 week ago

    999 Points! Great Video Ssundee!

  • Rin Okumura 1 week ago

    Anyone realise that Ssundee is always the last killer?

  • Angello Star 1 week ago

    Bring back 100 ways to die pls

  • Erin Cunningham 1 week ago

    why thanose (I don’t think I spelled it right) in the thumbnail

  • Jake Plays_15243 1 week ago


  • Ani A 1 week ago

    avengers infinity war murder run

  • Tiago Gouveia 1 week ago

    ear plugs still arent connected to anything

  • lucas roper 1 week ago

    Love the vids but whens u n crainer gonna play?

  • pemark capurcos 1 week ago

    i hate that face…

  • Steven PlayzAlot 1 week ago

    hey sundee i used to like you but now your shit

  • Light Cyromanc3r 1 week ago

    Andrew is such a hacker

  • JustPoke_ Minecraft 1 week ago

    Its not as fun without crainer…..

  • GabDPanda 1 week ago

    You should have an infinity gauntlet item and it should cost 5 stacks

  • OliTechno 1 week ago

    Star Wars themed

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