• Matias Rusimovici 5 months ago

    Mine craft for the Atari 2600

  • Enchanted Celebi 5 months ago

    For those who only have a 3ds I would say yes

  • Jay Spurgeon 5 months ago

    In terms of handheld MC ports, it would be Switch, Pocket Edition, Vita, New 3DS.

  • Dankmeister 5 months ago

    Of everyone’s *FAV*orite sandbox game

  • Ash AMV 5 months ago

    3ds xl

  • jxk46 5 months ago

    PS vita ;(

  • Cheung Lik Hang Alex 5 months ago

    I would rather 3Ds

  • Awesome Falcon 15! 5 months ago

    Still Better Than Cube Creator 3D

  • Awheah17 5 months ago

    The best Minecraft is Minecraft

  • ssj blade master 5 months ago

    Screw Xbox!

  • legoshowtv 5 months ago

    how much do u pay for for it and can u get it on a regular 3DS

  • brandon prdo 5 months ago

    Took like 30 years

  • Critchy 5 months ago

    Java hands down is the best and always will be

  • CoolMc Crafter studios 5 months ago

    I’m just waiting to get mods in like 2025


  • Super Mario 5 months ago

    Can we have an FPS Minecraft game next? Dibs on it going to the Switch first!!

  • Some guy on the internet 5 months ago

    What’s next? Minecraft: Smart TV Edition?

  • Wolfy 0 5 months ago

    Eh. I don’t want to buy Minecraft for the 8th time. (Not exaggerating)

  • MuddyPuddle 5 months ago

    Demon Flavored Lemons called it!

  • fireboy gaming flare 5 months ago

    I need this!!! My brother said it would never come out because minecraft Never was on Nintendo at the time I use to have a 2ds I was going to wait til it comes out but my brother broke it…

  • ItsTheDeadGuzma 5 months ago

    Sees that there’s minecraft on Nintendo 3ds, instantly goes on madloader to get it for free

  • Tepig Ninja 5 months ago

    Huh, I’m surprised at how well it preforms on the New 3DS/2DS! But I’ll pass this one as I already own Minecraft on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

  • BlueWizz Gaming 5 months ago

    Or keep your PE and get a bt controller

    Worth the money or not?

  • Lalu Aria Gagas Yuridi 5 months ago

    does it capable of 3d??

  • Lord of empire 5 months ago

    I’m going to stay with Xbox one edition because for only 30 dollars you can get the game and 6 textures packs with it

  • BoomerMCPE 5 months ago

    My phones plays minecraft better than this

  • DeathMask Gameplays 5 months ago

    I’m Actually Saving Up For A Nintendo Switch But I Want A Consle Version And I Can’t Really Aford To Get The Switch Right Now… Do You Recommend Me Picking It Up Intel I Get My Switch? [LOL, I’m Still Goona Get It! I Love Da New Nintendo 3ds!]

  • Mr. Chicken 5 months ago

    nintendo switch is a present for me

  • Bogdan Full TV 5 months ago


  • The Sayan Mudkipz 5 months ago

    I might get both because i cant always bring my switch so if i cant ill use my 3ds

  • Andrew L 5 months ago


  • Glitchy 5 months ago

    Very Awesome video!!! Great job!!! I think this version is worth it, Minecraft on 3DS looks really cool

  • EddTheBob TheRulerOfTheWorldTheUniverse 5 months ago

    3ds Version should be 15 or 10 dollars

  • Jason Meschino 5 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for 5 years ever since I first started playing Minecraft for it to come out on 3DS.

  • Anton Bagin 5 months ago

    OMG my friend sold his new 3ds for 90$ and he bought PSP because it hat Minecraft (unofficial) and week passed and he said. “Sooo you still have 3ds HAHA I can now play minecraft than I shown him new Minecraft on 3ds and he FUCKING YELLED that he sold it WEEK AGO. Wow I was laughing so hard but kinda sad for him … #Prayforfulko

  • Ningyo 5 months ago

    As I don’t have any portable outside of a laptop (Java & Win 10 versions) and a Switch, I can’t try it out. I’ve seen a lot of helpful reviews, including this one (thanks!), but one thing I’d find interesting is how it looks in 3D. It must be kinda cool to see it in 3D. 🙂

  • Jonny be good Gaming 5 months ago

    But does it have the end?

  • Solaris Cage 5 months ago

    I’m so used to the framerate dips on my PS4 $lim, this won’t bother me at all. If this ever gets Better Together I will be very happy…and if this did get online I would be very happy.

    By the way, you forgot about the PlayStation Vita.

  • Mexican Miguel 5 months ago

    I only have a 3DS so im gunna try to get the 3DS version

  • TheMemer27 No 5 months ago

    Looks good, but I’ll probably STICK to Pc and Switch

  • The Duck King 5 months ago

    Minecraft: Flipphone edition… coming soon… featuring the ability to call

  • AshlyTCG-Pokemon,beyblade & More 5 months ago

    Next: Minecraft Gameboy Edition

  • KlingonCaptain 5 months ago

    So, the Vita version is the worst?

  • RayTheEpic 5 months ago

    Hmmm… Who would’ve thought that the stupid kids saying that Minecraft is bound to come to 3ds were right.

    I was one of those stupid kids.

  • Vaporeon Gaming 5 months ago

    Does it work on normal launch 3ds? I thought they have same slots for games?

  • OHH BRO 5 months ago

    Mojang why did u not release Mc on psp it is so successful more than vita

  • Awesomeness2435 Productions 5 months ago

    Now ee need a version made specifaclly for Windows 95

  • Instara Cofe 5 months ago

    To be fair, minecraft is too over hyped to begin with. So regardless how anyone feels or what logic they can throw at this… The hype train will continue to steam roll.

  • Grimoire of Worlds 5 months ago


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