• Nik Erlandsson 10 months ago

    I think you should move the sofa and tv down a floor, and build the living carters by themselves and not in the mess of crates and stuff in the surface floor

  • Wizards World 10 months ago

    Please do more building. All the technical stuff is cool, but it gets old.

  • Zack Miller 10 months ago

    When he turned his night vision off I thought it was really dark for him but I had my brightness turned all the way down

  • shahzad sabir 10 months ago

    Iskall scar’s gun shop has like open creates which have bullets and guns and stuff like that

  • Yannick Percy 10 months ago

    you could make an underground habor in the still open area that leads into a river maybe? lots of love

  • Ana Horvat 10 months ago

    you are good

  • Joseph Buckley 10 months ago

    Maybe he could put a submarine halfway out of the water in the area that does not have anything in it yet

  • Lewis Mayhem 10 months ago

    The mods dont work dude

  • Bas Haaksema 10 months ago

    Unfortunately it is too dark on yt

  • Fireyclaw 10 months ago

    Iskall your flag looks like Magikarp from Pokemon

  • madea j 10 months ago

    Love the chisel and bits episodes, thanks.

  • Daryl Van Humbeck 10 months ago

    That sofa is fantastic, Iskall!

  • Evil Giraffes 10 months ago

    You should get some orange tones on the rusty rail, rust is never one colored, get brighter orange where it seems most likely to rust

  • Michael Shipley 10 months ago

    Your definition of cool and my definition of cool are two different things

  • Michael Shipley 10 months ago

    If u want to make things centered in chisel and bits shift and move your curser anywhere to allow you to place on two different pixels

  • Michael Shipley 10 months ago

    Here is a tip for your railing that u worked on. Maybe ad some little gaps that are barley noticeable to make it seem like it has been there a while

  • Lunarcole 10 months ago

    Iskall, make sure you have a bunch of bare light bulbs dangling in some of the rooms and also have hanging florescent lights and make sure it is very bright.

  • Jeremy Barth 10 months ago

    man that couch is awesome keep it up bro
    and use glow stone for the end of the stogie

  • GIGB The label 10 months ago

    Iskall i love all of these episodes but can u please start adding more light to your builds your lighting is terrible

  • JackTheNarwhal 10 months ago

    the M looks like the monsters inc logo

  • Have you thought about any strange testing facility in the basement of the bunker. Where like the military is doing weird genetic tests or something like that. Could make like a secret entrance with high security to get into and weird machines down below.

  • RiverPlasmaHero 10 months ago

    Awesome video as always!!!
    Really enjoying this series!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Thanks Iskall!!! 😀

  • QualitySpot 10 months ago

    Add BLINKING lights !!!!

  • Amani Aberra 10 months ago

    loving the base!

  • Padysz 10 months ago

    Who saw chisel & bits and fast forwarded right away?

  • You Zhou 10 months ago

    You can use the chisels and bits wrench to rotate the thing you placed

  • Piña De La Mancha 10 months ago

    Am I the only stupid idiot who sees a poop on the flag?

  • Stelios Ramfos 10 months ago

    Why don’t you make some kind of ventilation?…also you can make some cases with guns in them, like the ones that use in the movies to carry guns. Moreover you can make an ammo and a medic room.

  • You Zhou 10 months ago

    Make a hole to drop the stuff into the system and on top of it place a portal so you can just drop things on the ground and put a portal underneath them and it will go straight to your system

  • You Zhou 10 months ago

    I love everything you do for YouTube <3

  • SomeOnline Persona 10 months ago

    A lava bit for the cigar…

  • Jaiden Jones 10 months ago

    Do a series on fallout 4

  • 卢家顺 10 months ago

    All praise the high,EL MAYOUR ISKALL

  • fj dragon 10 months ago

    Glad Midsommar!

  • Sebastiaan van de Noort 10 months ago

    Do less chisseling and more technical stuff.

  • resonation573 10 months ago

    Iskall maybe try to make fire exit signs and/or a recording studio wit one of those [recording] signs outside which lights up, anyways, see what you think

  • Matt Peterson 10 months ago

    another episode of painting with iskall….

  • Paul Spencer 10 months ago

    You can use C&B with fluids, how about lava for the tip of the cigar?

  • Noah Thomsen 10 months ago

    wow, just WOW!

  • ScaredyCat 10 months ago

    You could make a crate storage next to the sofa as if they had to sit in the middle of it to watch their TV

  • Carl August Tronrud 10 months ago

    Love the video, Iskall! Whether it’s technical, building, rambling of doom – your videos will always be entertaining 😎

  • pigandchickenextraAB 10 months ago

    Now it is looking bunkerish, is that even a word? Well now it is! Great job Iskall!!!! You could “steal” some rats from Scar so the bunker looks even more rotten!!!

  • Hatredking 10 months ago

    if you could chisel clouds it could work for smoke off the cigar

  • Mint Tea 10 months ago

    yo screw making it look like folds, make ACTUAL folds! if you can make the edges of the banner stick out a little bit in a wavy way that would be sick

    this is a dank episode though in multiple senses, love that messed-up look!

  • PGH- Alpha 10 months ago

    iskall you should make the banner viva la revulition

  • Pugloney 29 10 months ago

    I love these types of videos!

  • KOOKIE2018 10 months ago

    Can you chisel and bits a torch?

  • Lothar Quest 10 months ago

    That symbol could be the name of a crazy post-apocalyptic tribe named “Mad Boar”, that took the military bunker after “the war”… 8^D

  • MethodicallyInsane 10 months ago

    I mostly watch you to learn cool new modded things (you’re very effective at accidental teaching), but that chiseled furniture… it’s superb.

  • The Vibe 10 months ago

    you could put a raidioactive sign and make it iskallium in the storage crates

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