• Gamer Hurley 2 weeks ago

    microscop. the eye can already see infinitly but fog nad other objects get in teh way

  • Idiot at Random 2 weeks ago


  • thom0530 thom0530 2 weeks ago

    wait foxy said again to the tiny evil creatures in the pillow statement

    Do you with this what you will

  • AstuteExxy 2 weeks ago

    Was foxy taking a little peek there!!! Oooooh!!!

  • Trinity Moynihan 2 weeks ago

    Welcome to Harry Potter x minecraft fnaf sister location

  • Jqcks0n Master55 2 weeks ago

    Foxy, let Lolbit join the Live Stream pls. Like if you want Lolbit to join the Live Stream

  • Ailes Sombilon 2 weeks ago

    (i mean you foxy and lolbit)

  • Bonnie Is cool 2 weeks ago

    Would you rather be with lobes or would you rather be with circus baby

  • Rand Rand 2 weeks ago

    おまけに う もうしにれう

  • Ralpholos Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Puppet can already shrink by becoming a baby and he can stretch into his true form which I miss. Puppet please bring back your true form. It only showed up for 2 episodes

  • Cole Bragg 2 weeks ago

    Puppies right they both make you see a very close because his stop sign example you would see the stop sign from Zerega very away and the magnifying glass example what up you see the stop sign to so yes puppy is correct and you are wrong

  • Gabriel Carrillo 2 weeks ago

    Foxy x Allison Angel

  • cowy milk 2 weeks ago

    well any how every one bye you cut off bye in your out trooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ashton Burgin 2 weeks ago


  • Arawan San 2 weeks ago

    I ‘m miss bidybab what happens to

  • Alexzandria Rukavina 2 weeks ago


  • ramadhan zaf 2 weeks ago

    Giant squid or colosul squid

  • Aleesha Fox 2 weeks ago

    ᑕᕼIᑭ 🍟 🍟ᑕᕼIᑭ🍟

  • Amber Hutcherson 2 weeks ago

    There was an episode where foxy was in the future and it said lobit got tired of waiting for him that means that the were going to be together

  • Bonnie the Bunny! 2 weeks ago

    Puppet the weirdo!

  • Nate the great 2 weeks ago

    He’ll never know the truth

  • FoxytheROBLOXgamer 2 weeks ago

    Jigsaw reference

  • sonic septiceye 2 weeks ago

    do you mean invincible or invisible foxy????

  • FNaF Adventures 2 weeks ago

    For the one foxy asked about Moon or Ocean I would choose Ocean

  • shadow wolf mc 2 weeks ago

    baby is nab nab funtime foxy is dathzeth and funtime freddy is gallent

  • Gino musicer Z Gamer Sapp 2 weeks ago

  • ms gr 2 weeks ago

    foxy would you rather to marry lolbit or to marry lolbit?

  • Withor 88 2 weeks ago

    Would you rather play FNAF or Undertale

  • Granny Bonnie 17 2 weeks ago

    Hi Roxy can you let Granny

  • Frisky girl I’m new y I love little big planet :3 2 weeks ago

    Foxy was gonna say a game of life y death

  • Roger Bratseth 2 weeks ago

    Foxy you have lolbit


    why all i could hear was “Couples” or was it “Couple”

  • The T.U.M girl rocks Anya 2 weeks ago

    I am back!

  • The T.U.M girl rocks Anya 2 weeks ago

    Ready to watch ur videos!

  • The T.U.M girl rocks Anya 2 weeks ago

    Who plays lobit?

  • Shea Wingate-Rainey 2 weeks ago

    Hay btw funtime foxy is both genders

  • Coolgirl434 Does stuff 2 weeks ago

    Three times u have made this kind of video lol ps lol foxy I love te ship lolbit x ft foxy and can LOLBITE meeet foxy the 1

  • Granit Abazaj 2 weeks ago

    Circus baby is dump and crazy 😜

  • Retro Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Only 15 chickens

  • purpleninja 2 weeks ago


  • Madison Jordan 2 weeks ago

    Puppet is confusing

  • Madison Jordan 2 weeks ago

    The vid

  • Tracina Garner 2 weeks ago

    do a video with spin the bottle

  • Ami Milligan 2 weeks ago

    Mary lolbit plz you are a cute couple and I ship u

  • TEAMTRAINOR 2 weeks ago

    Foxy the pervert peek peek peek looking at Lolbit eek eek eek
    That’s a parody of a joke someone made about me
    “(my name) the rabbit hop hop hop eating a carrot yum nom nom” I ATE A CARROT ONE AND THATS BEEN GOING ON FOR TWO YEARS also for some reason people call somebody else in my class my sister but we are not related

  • Spring bonnie The king 2 weeks ago

    Me:Yes TRUTH or dare funtime foxy/darzeth:….. Me:I dare you to kiss lolbit in the mouth MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Funtime foxy: uhhhhhhhhhhh (lolbit:…… (Funtime foxy: pass… (Me: NO PASSES!!!!! (Funtime foxy: oh…. Ok well here I go (kisses lolbit) lolbit:….. (Blushes) (funtime foxy: (blushes) (Me: 😀 (puppet: what did I missed? (Baby: oh just that funtime foxy kissed lolbit (puppet: AWW MAN I MISSED IT!!! (Me:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. ha…. Ha… Heh good times funtime foxy:SPRING BONNIE!!! COME HERE Me: YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE COPERS HAHAHAHA Puppet: it looks like…… THINGS NEVER CHANGE baby: you really wan…. Puppet: IM GOING HOME (Signed by spring bonnie the king)

  • Spring bonnie The king 2 weeks ago

    Is it me or did baby got smaller

  • Lps Ram 2 weeks ago

    Can you do a foxy cheats on lolbite with a nightgourd

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