• Do not Read my picture 2 weeks ago

    That’s this location animatronics are designed to capture children which means I’ll be twice the size as a human

  • nienke xxxilovefoxy 2 weeks ago

    Puppet:5 foot 9
    Foxy:wait what?
    Me:*jump’s on puppet with a sword* FOXY IS NOT SHORT!!

  • Karen Wallace 2 weeks ago

    real life

  • Angela Owens 2 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy freedy went on your youtube channel and did a video on it😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Georgio Jozefzoon 2 weeks ago

    Is F.Foxy the leader of the location?
    Or is it Baby?

  • PoSy posy 2 weeks ago


  • Patrycja Edyta 2 weeks ago

    Puppet:Baby is 7’2 foot and Foxy is 5’9 foot.

    Foxy: wait…WHAT

    Me:Puppet I think that you mixed up baby’s and foxy’s height and weight

  • Molten Freddy 2 weeks ago

    Bon bon

  • Chica the pony Gamer 2664 2 weeks ago

    Bonbon is the shortents

  • Blanca Merced 2 weeks ago

    Bon Bons a ………..NAP NINJA

  • fnaf theorists 2 weeks ago

    I love Baby but she is so mean >:v
    Foxy helped her and then she made fun of him

  • Florina Rina 2 weeks ago

    Hey Dont make fun of Funtime foxy

  • FuntimeFNAF334 gamer 2 weeks ago

    LOL i wish he would be small forever and ever because it’ll make my day!

  • Anna Shirley 2 weeks ago

    Hey puppet its annas5510 i have a chalange for you, here it is find some way to get foxy and lobit together as in boyfriend and girlfriend. I ask you to do it because foxy is to shy to so it himself and also its obvious that you are the smartest in the group concitering you are the scientest

  • Nicolas Rotondo 2 weeks ago

    I took the list and it it said that foxy he was the tallest 7.9 feet

  • Octavia The Party Wolf 2 weeks ago

    Has anyone ever seen the drawings or pictures of when they make Foxy super short?like if you seen them!

  • Taja Bell 2 weeks ago


  • Shannon Nash 2 weeks ago

    Puppets mean foxy taller then all of you because he has ears big ones

  • My Diamond Cave 2 weeks ago

    thanks foxy!

  • ปณิตา ศิลากุล 2 weeks ago

    i think is bonbon

  • Ryan Fleischer 2 weeks ago

    Foxys 7 foot 2 baby’s 5 foot 9!

  • MrWaffle290 2 weeks ago


  • Zaq Choate 2 weeks ago

    dont be rood and call him shot and heavy

  • Zaq Choate 2 weeks ago

    foxy is tall

  • Kim Mohlman 2 weeks ago

    Ft foxy is pretty much taller than ftfreddy

  • Endogirl 1987 2 weeks ago

    Puppet should of said baby and foxys hights were mixed up

  • Tweeny Amazing! 2 weeks ago

    Baby is being a scaredy cat

  • Ben Ridgely 2 weeks ago

    No the couch is green

  • Brendan Pump 2 weeks ago

    I am 5ft and 11inch and I am 12

  • Lane Schroeder 2 weeks ago

    Foxy and freddy r the same game height of 6.5ft, ballora 7ft, baby 6ft, puppet 6.8ft

  • Gregory Fam 2 weeks ago


  • Gregory Fam 2 weeks ago

    Akeley foxy is 5 foot one and 2 pounds and foxy skinnier than everyone

  • jayla gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    Bonbon is the smallest

  • Ralph Mosqueda 2 weeks ago

    Foxy Is Tall And All Of Them Is Heavy Because They Are Made Of Rare Metal

  • ADISON TAYLOR 2 weeks ago

    Foxy I feel u I’m the smallest one in my family so ya I’m smaller than u I think no we are the same size it’s fine I feel ya 😔😑 pretty sad 😭😢 I think you all are the same size but bonbon And Baby sorry Bon Bon And Baby your small but really it’s Bon Bon Like Bon Bon is the smallest one and bonnet -.- now to think about it 🤔🤔puppets the biggest bc of him big head and long legs and you are the Second one and Freddy and ballora too and then baby then Bon Bon And Bonnet

  • Turbo The omega 2 weeks ago

    Bon bon and baby is shorter than everyone

  • Nick Diaz 2 weeks ago

    I hate puppet

  • Nick Diaz 2 weeks ago

    Foxy is apost to be tall not short in fnaf 6 foxy is tall so thats why he needs to be tall

  • Craig Loughridge 2 weeks ago

    Its obviously bon bon

  • Madison Blackwelder 2 weeks ago


  • Antonio Betancourt 2 weeks ago

    Didn’t mean to foxy to Funtime foxy Freddy Freddy is dead man man he’s a dead bear

  • Antonio Betancourt 2 weeks ago

    Puppet me he just said a mean word to the toebox Funtime foxy

  • william cassel 2 weeks ago

    I agree with every one that bon bon is the shortest and why baby why do you think your the shortest

  • max three tails 01 2 weeks ago

    Si int puppet is a little buch is int he

  • Tsz Ching SIU 2 weeks ago

    Kill killpuppet master

  • Damian King 2 weeks ago

    Ffoooooooooooxxxy!!!!! mary LOBIT.

  • Blue Moon120 2 weeks ago

    AHHHH i wanted to foxy be the bigger

  • Daniel Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    I think bon bon is the shortest


    Both puppet and ballora can make each other taller wow

  • Cherry Shinta 2 weeks ago

    Your 4 place short or 3

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