• Stephanie Hebert 6 months ago

    wy leav them pan cacke was in there

  • JaneRoxanna 6 months ago

    my phone number is 4179040

  • JaneRoxanna 6 months ago

    my house number is 4006

  • Toy Foxy 6 months ago

    I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad 😡 wen Sonic.exe ate Pancake because they just introduced Pancake.

  • Kelly Barbee 6 months ago

    Sonic exe im going to kill you man and funtime foxy wants to kill you to

  • Alexi's Adventures 6 months ago

    Can you take

  • jolanda inge 6 months ago

    Hey foxy plz make a vid that your sister visites plz

  • Will-O-Wisp Mimikyu 6 months ago

    1. Sonic.exe does not speak
    2. Stop using boom skins
    3. He is a demon murderer who takes the form of Sonic and he kills without explanaiton
    4. He chuckles unlike knuckles
    5. Stick to the character’s personality
    6. He doesn’t eat them
    7. He would not care for a tail

    I actually care when people bend a character for their own usses instead if sticking to the personality.

  • mark archazki 6 months ago

    RIP pancake

  • The Manged mangel 6 months ago

    Foxy x Lolbit please😊😀😎😚😉

  • Tangle The Fangle 6 months ago

    my friend is a lol

  • Tangle The Fangle 6 months ago


  • CNZFournier 6 months ago

    Actually I Like how you left you’r friends at you’r Adventure room trapped XD

  • Sonic 566 6 months ago

    Hmm we might need to work this out lol I need to put sonic.exe away back in his place

  • Terence Davis 6 months ago

    Minecraft five nights at Freddy’s plz do a video about Lobit goes into foxy computer and tv

  • Shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form 6 months ago

    Sonic senpi! Sonic exe senpi OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

  • Shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form 6 months ago

    Pancake help Fox… What!!?? NO ONE EATS PANCAKE!!

  • Little Brine 6 months ago


  • Markey Lynn Jr 6 months ago

    Please kiss Freddy

  • fnaf plush adventure 6 months ago

    Nice vid

  • Zaffrey pro sweg boy king mlg foxy 99999 6 months ago

    Leave his tail

  • I love train 6 months ago

    OH FINALLY SONIC kinda realise pankace is A LLAMA kinda

  • the legend girl 6 months ago

    well that happened

  • ALI Nasin 6 months ago

    online video good job and I am 10 my cousin’s like you’re you tube cancel

  • FNAFtude 6 months ago

    Ballora’s dead😲

  • Homie Zanel 6 months ago


  • TheGoldenBlaze TGB 6 months ago

    Good job you left your friends they are mean to you good job

  • juan lopez 6 months ago

    What about calum

  • juan lopez 6 months ago

    Kill lazer gun

  • Adrian Casio 6 months ago

    Exe. Sonic

  • juan lopez 6 months ago

    He is god do god mod

  • Aaron Hook 6 months ago

    lol rake was like naw i gonna stay here Bp

  • Scott Nelson 6 months ago


  • Scott Nelson 6 months ago

    and why pancake!

  • Aly15 Pagsn 6 months ago

    do tale exe

  • Heidee Saylor 6 months ago

    Where’s voice

  • Faillinhide Gameing 6 months ago

    🐑 Baja

  • lisa martin 6 months ago

    gggggggoooooooo ffffffoooooxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy

  • Hannah Adamson 6 months ago

    Is it just me or did they RUIN sonic.exe

  • Kawii Fox 6 months ago

    Your pet is Llama

  • Mario Salazar 6 months ago

    No. Non k. Nx

  • Christian Gonzalez 6 months ago

    If no foxy x lolbit u will lose subscribers

  • Mandy Cliff 6 months ago


  • Breacher King 6 months ago


  • The Diamond Golden Productions 6 months ago

    8 things i know about you.

    1: You are reading this
    2:You are smiling
    3:You are smiling again
    5:You stopped smiling thinking that this text is going to say the same thing
    5:You didn’t realise that i skipped number 4
    6:You looked back
    7:You are smiling again
    8:You are going to like this comment

  • Chernita Wallace 6 months ago

    Sonic exe 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • princess Bre 6 months ago

    do more .exe

  • Kawaii Chan 6 months ago

    Foxy: nono no I don’t want to be here Whit hm!
    *He places rake so he doesn’t escape*
    Sonic: what is this…
    *Foxy laughed in the backround I think or Freddy did idk*

  • Jaala-mari Hibbert 6 months ago

    sonic exe forgot lol bit

  • bendy fan boy 6 months ago

    If you hit sonic i swear ill kill you everyday

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