• emma6801 emma6801 3 weeks ago

    Hey foxy are you going to go downstairs in bon bons room?

  • Tracy Martinbianco 3 weeks ago

    You my favorite ft foxy

  • Crazy Sans {partially possessed by chara} 3 weeks ago


  • Fnaf lover cutie 3 weeks ago

    He can type but he can’t read!!!!!


  • Deisy Rinconi 3 weeks ago

    U should do a wedding with lobit and u and ur kids plzzz

  • logans world 1987 3 weeks ago

    Foxy and freak show baby

  • Ezequeo Montiel 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos and you are cool

  • Ezequeo Montiel 3 weeks ago

    see bantdm ok coool

  • Akeem Marchbanks 3 weeks ago

    Spring fox would really be Funtime golden foxy

  • pokeblox 3 weeks ago

    😐 *I hate you freddy*

  • pokeblox 3 weeks ago


  • Peter Reactz and more! 3 weeks ago

    Spring Foxy?

  • jasmine candler 3 weeks ago

    Whats circus baby’s chanel called?

  • Freddy Funtime 3 weeks ago

    Hello boy Funtime Foxy-foxy fuse with sping trap but he was stuck

  • steve donaldson 3 weeks ago

    How long does it take to make your videos

  • Enderman Barnes Mocs 3 weeks ago

    Foxy please Do a face reveal

  • χRѧṅԀȏṃWˀo̫l⃣f⃣ 3 weeks ago

    THE I CAN’T FIX YOU PART WAS A REFERENCE TO A SONG named i can’t fix you and baby said it so its a double reference.

  • Twisted Bannie [Amazing Gen] 3 weeks ago

    *Coming Fuse Fnaf Speedpaint*

  • Funtime Foxy + Funtime Freddy = Froxy

  • oscar epic adventure 3 weeks ago

    Hello sproxy

  • cheb sadarom 3 weeks ago

    yes you have 049

  • shaun Sons 3 weeks ago

    The only other animatronic who met the voice is Springtrap

  • shaun Sons 3 weeks ago

    I saw a thumbnail of a Tangle video and i rewatched the intro and looks like theres another channel to the team

  • shaun Sons 3 weeks ago

    Never let Bonbon help when theres a situation (except if Bonbon if it started in Bonbon’s room)

  • shaun Sons 3 weeks ago

    Puppet should seriously have a security system that can protect it from Freddy coming in

  • Regan Keehn 3 weeks ago

    Your the best

  • Lolbit the fox 3 weeks ago

    Me: SING IT

  • Lolbit the fox 3 weeks ago


  • Geraldine Doctor 3 weeks ago

    foxy make a twisted animetronic vid already i am tired and want twisted freddy,twisted bonny,twisted chica and twisted foxy

  • April Louise Partlett 3 weeks ago

    Did u know that in sister location funtime foxy and mangle r auctully a male NOT a female and if u disagree with me thats fine too me 😑 but if u disagree it doesn’t mean u know sister location and fnaf more than me 😑

  • Sniper kitsune [ANIMATION] 3 weeks ago

    The voice confirm is girl foxy *CONFIRM*

  • i love cats and i love you all 3 weeks ago

    Do foxy swaps bodies with chica

  • Captain Teemo 3 weeks ago

    I cant fix you

  • ms gr 3 weeks ago

    hey make lolbit have a channle too

  • Static Claw 3 weeks ago

    Circus baby’s Channel was released I’m fangirling I swear ballora or springtrap I’d gonna have a Channel!!!

  • FunTime Sucurity Puppet 3 weeks ago

    Can I one day join you
    Oh and awesome

  • Descovery26 3 weeks ago

    foxy liar where is tangles channel

  • Mikael Baharlouei 3 weeks ago


  • Mikael Baharlouei 3 weeks ago

    Strange voice x springtrap

  • Lee Simpson 3 weeks ago

    f-Foxy your my fav fun time

  • funtime foxy 1 3 weeks ago

    Ummmmmm what 😯😯

  • Super Sans 3 weeks ago

    I do NOT like Fish im sorry guys

  • i love cats and i love you all 3 weeks ago

    Spring foxy

  • juli ruggiero 3 weeks ago

    Spring i mean reagy do still loving ballora

  • Mr Glitches GTA 3 weeks ago

    I am mrglitches’s son I love fnaf

  • dandan Lowe 3 weeks ago


  • Delilah Vaughters 3 weeks ago

    ” Do you know how to speak to women?” Says Springtrap.

  • CraftedGoldenApple Z 3 weeks ago

    Wait Freddy would have to scrape springtrap off the ground so that means springtrap can walk now

  • Andrew Lowers 3 weeks ago

    Foxy said Voice is a girl!Its Bonnet!

  • Stephanie Matthews 3 weeks ago

    Lolbit foxy has a crush on you😄😄😄😄

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