• Peter Ssamusew 3 weeks ago

    Hi Cody, my grandfather past away and its a sad day for me at school. Ur videos light up my day, thank you for doing that…..

  • HacksXLXz 3 weeks ago


  • Wily Wyvern 3 weeks ago


  • Quak_Smoooke 3 weeks ago


  • commandeered4 3 weeks ago

    Yay the chicken man is back

  • foxy ? 3 weeks ago

    And why do 1 of the boys have a trolling mask

  • Monique Guidry 3 weeks ago


  • Alexander Morgan 3 weeks ago

    Why is Jim so small?

  • JUSTIN AID 3 weeks ago


  • NathanIsGonnaCome BRDGS 3 weeks ago

    Suh dude wutsup im 78 lolololololol

  • Ajoe Mye 3 weeks ago

    no offense but fnaf is old af

  • silver souls 3 weeks ago

    Hi I love your vidows

  • Hi

  • Kieran Wagner 3 weeks ago

    Cody the pals are going to create crazy craft

  • Silent Ninja 3 weeks ago

    Can u tell the Atlantians to also subscribe to my channel, it’s call SilentNinjaPlays 🤫🤫🤫

  • hoodini da best 3 weeks ago


  • Shawn Stanford 3 weeks ago

    y no foxy shown?

  • Bon time freddy 3 weeks ago

    Replace freddy with toy freddy

  • Bon time freddy 3 weeks ago

    Its freddy Fazbears pizzaria not five nights at freddys you messed that line up sorry

  • Angel killer 3 weeks ago

    were is foxy

  • Bon time freddy 3 weeks ago

    Thats a stone brick lol

  • nightmare withered foxy the master of fnaf 3 weeks ago

    respect the fox jerks

  • Daisy The alpha 3 weeks ago

    What’s the outro song name it’s catchy

  • Monique Aubichon 3 weeks ago

    hi cockadoodledoo don’t you guys play with little lizard and tiny turtle

  • Angel Vazquez 3 weeks ago

    Was that kid captain deadlocks voice

  • Enric Winters 3 weeks ago


  • Dylan McFiggins 3 weeks ago

    hay cody. can you/when. bring back jurassic craft? the last one you and joe posted was on Feb 6, 2016. TO LONG AGO lol… like this comment 1 like = 1 bring back jurassic craft 🙂

  • Fire troop 3 weeks ago


  • matscrof scrofano 3 weeks ago

    Love the drama

  • nightmare withered foxy the master of fnaf 3 weeks ago

    im unsubed

  • JEAN MARIE BELLEZA 3 weeks ago

    cody you shud do a minecraft payday

  • MemeyJerry 3 weeks ago

    Fnaf is already ded bruh..

  • Jordan Hamoton 3 weeks ago


  • pairote pinjai 3 weeks ago


  • Infinity Savage 3 weeks ago

    Who’s watching this in 2018!?!?

  • Brian Key 3 weeks ago

    Greate vidio make more fnaf vidios

  • Fraser Stewart 3 weeks ago

    what the heck i got on to to a vid with under 1000 likes?! w-what?? oh and i love you cody i have been subscribed for years DABED

  • yoshi gaming amd more!! 3 weeks ago

    Om gosh fav tuber

  • joshua baker 3 weeks ago

    Cody please stop going to Random scenarios jest stick to what happened last episode. And keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Seaclouddragon 3 weeks ago

    i love your videos i remember the old intro.I remmeber when i breathed normally.A few years ago i watched your videos. i would always write down your shirt sales ending…Hahah….

  • ToxicWolf 3 weeks ago

    ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!!!!

  • Trenton Baumgardner 3 weeks ago

    joes back

  • Sarah Hicks 3 weeks ago

    Thx for a other great video!!!!! I love how you make me smile 🙂

  • Brennan Carll 3 weeks ago

    Did Jim get smaller and crazier

  • Blaze king 360 3 weeks ago

    If Cody and joe both birds can we call Cody and joe the triton twins

  • pepper mellott 3 weeks ago


  • Heitor Peres Gerspacher Lara 3 weeks ago

    will u release the map?

  • Platinum Miner 3 weeks ago

    I have asma


  • Conner Nelson 3 weeks ago

    hi cody i was wondering how do you get your mods

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