• TyTyBooBoo Games #1 2 weeks ago

    Hey can you do a good vs evil but 4 teams….such as how each team makes there own faction and units…..this would have limits that you would set…..I think this would be different and fun with a faction having funny custom skins….like or comment on other ideas you have

  • 20mikayla08 Munson 2 weeks ago

    The pink Freddy is Funtime Freddy

  • Michele Day 2 weeks ago


  • Ean Bateman 2 weeks ago

    cody do u still play roblox plz tell me want to play i will leave the channel i want to play

  • moose lover o5 2 weeks ago


  • calvin rodgers 2 weeks ago


  • MusicalFlames 2 weeks ago

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avery McMillin 2 weeks ago

    Great can you do more

  • Blaze king 360 2 weeks ago


  • Doctor Dubstep 2 weeks ago

    the 90s tech dude can’t trust it ( the robots are based on the fanf 1 game witch was based in 1993)

  • buckeyeboy054 Plays PE 2 weeks ago


  • Timothy King 2 weeks ago

    Cody I am the one said I cody

  • captain springtrap gaming 2 weeks ago

    I love your VI’s I like your cannal

  • Jocelyne Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Do more I have to figure out what happens next I’m a fan

  • TheCheeseraxGaming 2 weeks ago

    When did Joe came back?

  • Benjamin Holmes 2 weeks ago

    Pls continue this series

  • Trey Torres 2 weeks ago


  • Reese Cline 2 weeks ago

    side anyone rember when the antins use to play with the turtles

  • Fire Knight 2 weeks ago

    Do spleef pls

  • Brentyn Sheler 2 weeks ago

    Cody joebuz in surfs up

  • Super Cash 2 weeks ago

    Please don’t give the other Super cash videos because he is my he’s my Grandpa

  • Bane Long 2 weeks ago

    Acctuly its spring bonnie

  • Seargent Phillis 2 weeks ago

    When Joe started shooting at the golden animatronic I jumped because I thought it was a jumpscare(I was wearing head phones

  • ThePancake UniverseWorld 2 weeks ago

    Tell whoever played foxy that I like their voice

  • Primus03 2 weeks ago

    Joebuz is dead now

  • Dail Reann Adriano 2 weeks ago

    Nice vid

  • Naughty Shadey 2 weeks ago

    Play raven field

  • Naughty Shadey 2 weeks ago

    Play thievs of the see

  • Naughty Shadey 2 weeks ago


  • Angie Emmons 2 weeks ago

    Hey Cody when are you going to do more realm of Atlantis because I really want more Atlantis role play “(( like if you want Cody to do more realm of Atlantis))”

  • Ólafur Benóný Jónsson 2 weeks ago

    you said the gold bonny was springtrap no its not its springbonny a yonger verson of springtrap ok

  • Adem Erdem Güler 2 weeks ago

    Ananızı sikim

  • Pichu Stardust 2 weeks ago

    Why are the titles like versions of what will happen next that’s what I feel

  • Pichu Stardust 2 weeks ago

    I mean the last one was called what happened to foxy and foxy was never in thst last one and that title males since for this video and this is called foxy kills anamatronics with a pic of foxy chocking freddy but foxy doesn’t harm an anamatronic and freddy isn’t in this one so I bet like 1000 dollars that in the next video foxy will attack an anamatronics

  • Blackpanther514 Plays 2 weeks ago

    Well, foxy always wanted a spo on the stadge

  • Moon Light 2 weeks ago

    What’s that awesome music on the end of the video?

  • Elliott Eriksson 2 weeks ago


  • Zoran Jotanovic 2 weeks ago


  • Zoran Jotanovic 2 weeks ago


  • Turtle Bot 2 weeks ago

    This channel was good once……

  • William Heffron 2 weeks ago

    S2 how to train your dragon 😶

  • Thomas McQuillan 2 weeks ago

    The Statue of Liberty in New York

  • KINGRAPTOR705 Thompson 2 weeks ago


  • Scott Acheson 2 weeks ago

    Go foxy

  • Erin Simmons 2 weeks ago

    Why didn’t you get Freddy Fazbear

  • Turtimus Primal 2 weeks ago

    I have a bad feeling about Foxy. Why would he be kept in that room?

  • Girlio 2 weeks ago

    “is this a butt censor?”

  • LoLBit LoverLoL 2 weeks ago


  • gabriel lixo123 2 weeks ago

    link game

  • Ker Thao 2 weeks ago


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