• Daniel Pogi Abalos 2 weeks ago

    I hate Puppet when he does thees things

  • abriones429 2 weeks ago

    Weewoo weeoo we have a runner

  • firewolf337 2 weeks ago

    Brutality I got that from Mortal Kombat yeah

  • YR Films 2 weeks ago


  • It’s FOXY! 2 weeks ago

    Great vid

  • WILLIAM RALPH 2 weeks ago


  • Jessi_da_tucan 2 weeks ago

    Foxy are you sick u were coughing

  • WILLIAM RALPH 2 weeks ago


  • Emma Trevorrow 2 weeks ago

    Puppets resisting a-rest

  • Adam Minnich 2 weeks ago

    This is funny

  • Maddox Games 2 weeks ago

    A Book Of Knowlage Is Is Baby’s Weapon? LOL

  • Derp Man 2 weeks ago

    Did someone say coffee

  • vincenzo distefano 2 weeks ago

    When they called for baby I thought maybe if you say coffee baby will say “did somebody say COFFEE” then it happened I laughed so hard

  • Fnaf Sister location videoa 2 weeks ago

    Foxy is cool

  • RobloxianMan64 2 weeks ago

    do a Security puppet from fnaf 6 vs puppet security puppet. like if agree

  • Alessandro R 2 weeks ago


  • Tracy Martinbianco 2 weeks ago


  • Funtime_ Games_ 2 weeks ago

    Hi foxy hhii everyone

  • sonya french 2 weeks ago

    Can spring-trap have a channel???

  • Tia Mcc 2 weeks ago

    And foxy hates children Google said if you look it up

  • The fun channel Version 0.90 2 weeks ago

    Kill Puppet already!

  • The fun channel Version 0.90 2 weeks ago


  • The fun channel Version 0.90 2 weeks ago

    Puppet is TRIGGERING!

  • Idalia Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Why is puppet there who cares

  • Idalia Lopez 2 weeks ago

    I hate you Freddy

  • Idalia Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Freddy learn some math but I love you as a friend but if you use the lava I’m going to have to dislike your videos

  • Aeoj Arangilan 2 weeks ago

    Go to jail again
    Foxy😈😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😁😁😁😁🐕🐶🐩🏰🔚🔚🔚🔚lots of funfunfunfufnufunfunfufnufnfununfufnufun hehehehehehehe and freddy

  • Eric Fowler 2 weeks ago

    Lol animatronics

  • shaun Sons 2 weeks ago

    I just watched the first security puppet video the other day and then you made another video and first Freddy has a hotdog suit and in this video he has a carrot suit that actually exist

  • No Copyright Music 2 weeks ago

    excellent video! Success is in your future!

  • Jennifer Harrison 2 weeks ago

    Bullora is growing weed

  • JaSye’ videos 2 weeks ago


  • JaSye’ videos 2 weeks ago

    Make a ballora,bon bon,lolbit channel

  • Mecas Tricia Cam 2 weeks ago

    Puppet should go to jail

  • Katie Bond 2 weeks ago

    I hat puppit

  • Dark Speed 2 weeks ago

    “That doesn’t mean your a worker” me: “…k”

  • Dark Speed 2 weeks ago

    Also like this if you agree that we need more foxy and lolbit action

  • Jimmy Irwin 2 weeks ago


  • Stephanie French 2 weeks ago

    Fun time foxy is anoing

  • Ia420ent 2 weeks ago

    Police brutality

  • JAYLEAN 2 weeks ago

    Pupt is men to fun tim fox! I Do NOT LIKIE PUPT BEY MIN TO FUN TIM FOX!👿

  • randy ens 2 weeks ago

    security puppet no

  • Deadpool 642 2 weeks ago

    Freddy was worshiping the Illuminati Baby was turning people into ice cream and Ballora Was Hiding Drugs

  • Tails Productions/Ballora Studio 2 weeks ago

    Bendy gj

  • Carly Estrada 2 weeks ago

    hi fun time foxy i love your video

  • Kasie Andrews 2 weeks ago

    I hate puppet master

  • _ZZ_ GAMING WAORLD 2 weeks ago


  • Lachlan Wouters 2 weeks ago

    I’m eating my subway and there’s no sound 🙁

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