• Jasiel Cuevas 6 months ago

    hello fun25 Foxy the broken one MSO someone’s phone I’m going to check you find route and kill you come in my phone Freddy’s Pizzeria come and for free we give you pizza and kind of pictures you want crush on you first game

  • Melinda Wymer 6 months ago

    Be careful maymamamahhhhhhhhhhh

  • the fox family gamers 6 months ago


  • SUPER MONTELEONES! Monteleones 6 months ago

    Minecraft Fanf! you spelled fnaf wrong bruh

  • Randidot P 6 months ago

    Foxy why is the title call minecraft fanf

  • minecraft five nights at freddys 6 months ago

    I’m from another fnaf channel

  • Kervia Andrew 6 months ago

    Foxy… tisk can’t believe you

  • Ayden V 6 months ago

    Fydthvv ki

  • Christine Valle 6 months ago

    I live in santonio and its snowing!!!!!!!!:)

  • Sillykittycats Johnson 6 months ago

    i only like the vid cus your a great youtuber

  • Spidermanelsa fan 69 6 months ago

    “Fanf” perfect

  • Spirit Wolf Gaming 6 months ago

    It says Minecraft Fanf xD

  • Micisme86 6 months ago

    I agree I like this vidos

  • Jeffrey Frechette 6 months ago

    Love your vids

  • JimmyFox_YT 6 months ago

    Wait The Title Says It Minecraft Fanf..

  • Five Nights at KEHLLAN'S 6 months ago

    Make a video when Foxy’s dog gets a room

  • Julia Colón 6 months ago

    There is none in my room!

  • Riley's Game Show 6 months ago

    Did anyone notice the messed up title

  • Funtime foxy 2.0 6 months ago

    OK it will be OK if it is just outside of the room

  • Alador35 Aj 6 months ago

    Anybody else notice he put fanf instead of fnaf?

  • Jesse and Petra Vlogs 6 months ago

    Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! (CHRISTMAS SHIRTS CHRISTMAS SHIRTS FOR THE HOLIDAY!)

  • Sandi Shamoel 6 months ago

    You spelled fnaf wrong .spelled:fanf

  • SLFOXY_ SLFREDDY 6 months ago

    Why is it Fanf

  • keldeo arceus 6 months ago

    Lol fanf its fnaf

  • Foxylover 56 6 months ago

    Spelled fnaf wrong in the title

  • Dave M.H. 6 months ago

    Foxy the title is WRONG

  • Carl Justine D. Mitra 6 months ago

    if’ you make Video Lolbit falls in love with Funtime foxy

  • the blue alien Tyman 6 months ago

    I just saying i love you vids

  • Aakiboy 10 6 months ago

    why did you name it Minecraft Fanf

  • Aakiboy 10 6 months ago

    oh never mind now its Minecraft Fnaf

  • Dermy Wise 6 months ago

    plz no plz be no shipping it’s gone too far

  • Famous.coffi Famous 6 months ago

    it is. me. undertaker. make. scary. chanel

  • Snow-tiger -lady 6 months ago

    💯 comment

  • Autism Rocks Support Network 6 months ago

    Can all you play with me soon.

  • Autism Rocks Support Network 6 months ago

    Bigfoot on camera up I’ll pee my pants inside real life you want me to do that if you want me to I can pee on you right now Lee’s Summit tablet me

  • Stacey Dixon 6 months ago

    I am a fan haha do a vid on Circus Baby has a crush on Funtime Foxy 😂😂😂☺😜😘😍

  • Phoebe Potts 6 months ago

    i love your chanl

  • shaun Sons 6 months ago

    So pancake likes to bark when foxy is gone

  • How foxy has the voice in the head:Ennard can possess others like what happened in Sister Location Ennard is bored of the body and so he wants the body to him self or another body

  • shaun Sons 6 months ago

    How does a chicken turn into a chicken apple WITCHCRAFT!!!!

  • kendall_ Lolxx 6 months ago


  • Corey Baker 6 months ago

    Funtime foxy can you ask lolbit on a date

  • Anna Melgaard Bitsch Kristensen 5b Balleskolen 6 months ago

    Can u make a vid Were balloras room turns normal Plz BTW i love your Channel and i never get borred when om Wathing your videos 👍😊

  • Isabella D'Amato 6 months ago

    Thank you guys you are so awesome for likeing my comment my brother says the 🙂

  • Fnaf Lover 4123 6 months ago

    IM THE 253rd WOO HOO!!

  • J. Cruz 6 months ago

    Can orange guy get a channel

  • Vincent Lapera 6 months ago

    This was recorded two days after my birthday

  • Vincent Lapera 6 months ago

    This gets me triggered for some reason

  • Amanda Thomson 6 months ago

    I think you should listen to join us for bite

  • Circvs baby 6 months ago

    Baby you are right !

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