• mc fortnite 3 weeks ago

    Purple guy do you have a stick

  • Amonnie Brown 3 weeks ago

    Ooooooo foxy ur probly going to kill purple guy cause it’s lobit

  • Neena a FANAF FAN And a creepypasta 3 weeks ago

    I know who’s purple guys crush that is purple girl i don’t know just sae that here

  • JHOEY TRAGICO 3 weeks ago

    i know whos purple guy voice actor and Jeffy actor is puppet cuz the voice
    if yo did not know or know so say N for no but Y for yes

  • Darth FIER STORM 3 weeks ago

    Freaking purple guy

  • jade alexander 3 weeks ago

    No lolbit is foxy girl soon wife lol wait can u do a video where foxy asked to be lolbits boyfriend like if u agree

  • Mangle and Foxy Burgers 3 weeks ago

    P.G is creeeeepppyyy :3 well It’s your problem now >:3 HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA plz visit meh channel

  • Taylee Hampton 3 weeks ago

    I think lolbit loves foxy cause she is in the same room as him every were he goes

  • XBoxGamerMangle Meyleen 3 weeks ago

    Oohhhhh Baby like Foxy Baby like Foxy💞yeaaaahhhhhh

  • gaster101 reacts 3 weeks ago

    one day purple guy is gonna fall in love with foxy

  • Sumuel Machala 3 weeks ago

    I know its BABY

  • Nikki Nikki Chan 3 weeks ago

    If the voice of lolbit has a Yt Channel u should put her channel in the description

  • Nikki Nikki Chan 3 weeks ago


  • Perrell Prince 3 weeks ago

    His crush should be purple girl

  • Travis Pytko 3 weeks ago

  • Eden HASDIYE 3 weeks ago


  • Kevin Gotami 3 weeks ago

    Foxy is my favourite

  • Calin Gaudi 3 weeks ago


  • Minecraftboss 706 3 weeks ago

    Purple man no you can not have lol bit that’s foxys gf not yours

  • muhammad ammar hail 3 weeks ago

    hey hey foxy

  • muhammad ammar hail 3 weeks ago

    i am hadian fauzi’s son

  • muhammad ammar hail 3 weeks ago

    can you dare to kiss lolbit again?

  • Borna Znaor 3 weeks ago

    Oo purple guy is info foxy toilet

  • Zbnññ Z no gj 3 weeks ago

    Puppet use to date Freddy’s sister

  • Nikki Nikki Chan 3 weeks ago

    Foxy nobody can have lolbit only u Are

  • dixiebutterflyvb 3 weeks ago

    ‘_’ .-. !_!

  • dixiebutterflyvb 3 weeks ago


  • Shelbi Bridgeforth 3 weeks ago

    Its lobit

  • Blom The Bunny 3 weeks ago

    Plz not break me!!

  • J Jewel Jess 3 weeks ago

    I like that he was chill about purple guy getting in the shower with ft foxy

  • Red baby01 funtime 3 weeks ago

    What!! Purple guy take girl Funtime foxy . I hate purple guy!!! ( nice video )

  • The trendy Days 3 weeks ago

    wait someone is reading my comments thx! 😀

  • The trendy Days 3 weeks ago


  • Emmy Tranquila 3 weeks ago

    I think purple guys crush is lolbit.

  • Bria Mills 3 weeks ago

    We need Golden Freddy backkk!!

  • Leah 17 3 weeks ago

    RIP wall x puppet

  • Melanie Ratt 3 weeks ago

    Purple Guy : We Just become Friends 😀
    Me:like me and my bff 😂😂😂

  • Funtime Remington 3 weeks ago

    Um, if he is weird like that, then that is Michael. Because really purple guy is serious. And… Murderous…

  • ZACHARY ZEMAN 3 weeks ago

    Yeah I thought lolbit too

  • Cristal Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or at the intro purple guy sounds like happy frog

  • Anxiety/ Virgil 3 weeks ago

    I hope purple guys crush isn’t Lolbit because her heart belongs to Foxy ❤ 💜💛💓💕💖💗💙💞💚💟

  • Kinnara Jewel 3 weeks ago

    I thought it was lolbit a ton

  • Kinnara Jewel 3 weeks ago

    I thought it was either baby or lolbit lol

  • Kinnara Jewel 3 weeks ago

    Ft. Foxy:I want the green one
    Ft. Foxy: can I eat them?
    Me:XD lol 😂 😆 😝

  • LKR Sisters 3 weeks ago

    Ohhh :0 !!! ft foxy likes lolbit and purple guy likes lolbit

  • NOOBIE me 2 weeks ago

    Sorry puppe – purple guy gtg bye

  • Genevieve Young 2 weeks ago

    I like lobron

  • Super cookie 2 weeks ago

    JJ that’s really funny advice
    Lobit + foxy =💖
    Puprle guy + ballora =😈💖

  • Max Fine 2 weeks ago

    Can freakshow baby return in the next 3 episodes

  • ann nique 2 weeks ago

    omg purple guys crush is lolbit thats why foxys angry😡 at purpleguy😈

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