• Shannon Nash 3 months ago

    Foxy that’s not a clone it’s real Freddy

  • Aventureros de maravilla 3 months ago

    I’m still waiting for a vid about Ft Freddy x ft foxy

  • levi ackerman 3 months ago

    Freddy fakes run around

  • Christine Aya 3 months ago

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  • Helpy Fnaf 3 months ago

    That isn’t the real Funtime Freddy!!!!!

  • minecraft Molly and Logan 3 months ago

    Why dose baby have the bigest room!

  • Benedict Tolentino 3 months ago

    And we bring to you the origins of Robot Gaming. 🙂

  • The T.U.M girl rocks Anya 3 months ago

    Is that Freddy one of puppet client

  • The T.U.M girl rocks Anya 3 months ago

    They redecorated the place

  • imagine yoshi 3 months ago

    Man, I thought it was the aquarium option that I requested, oh well…..

  • Audilayna Magnison 3 months ago

    I might have saw freak show baby if I get two likes I’ll saw when

  • Audilayna Magnison 3 months ago

    That’s not Freddy that’s someone else

  • funtime LPS 3 months ago

    Today was my birthday

  • Jaedra Hale 3 months ago

    I think Freddy actually died XD. And Puppets trying to cover up the evidence.

  • funny family videos last 3 months ago

    Please please kill that clone it is annoying

  • Audilayna Magnison 3 months ago

    Funtime Freddy is old freddy

  • jazzy TEM 3 months ago

    Me: *hears puppet say “let me open it up” * its probably like a new flower or something

  • fnaf gamr great game 3 months ago

    Foxy is a girl

  • Mark Myers 3 months ago

    Foxy, Freddy has been replaced

  • Landen Lepock 3 months ago

    Foxy Is the Best! But Don’t yell at Freddy all the time plz

  • landon nankervis 3 months ago

    Bonnie is a time traveler!!!!!

  • Edgar Fraire minecraft tester 3 months ago


  • Nallely Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Facecam facecam

  • Barrett Garbow 3 months ago

    Baby × fun times foxy

  • Barrett Garbow 3 months ago

    You are cool 😎😎 baby and You cool foxy

  • Barrett Garbow 3 months ago

    You are cool 😎😎 Baby and you are cool foxy

  • Zackary Chiroy 3 months ago

    Freddy from fnaf 1 is funtime Freddy
    Because funtime Freddy had finally died

  • crazywithcandyEmma yep 3 months ago

    Freddy’s voice cut out a little

  • Snow spartan 3 months ago

    Freddy is the fnaf 1 Freddy because of the way I think

  • Julia Romero 3 months ago

    oh yea

  • AlecJ Play's 3 months ago

    Can you guys do a ROLPLAY on Garry’s mod I would love that and it would be more funny lol😃

  • Cocoa The Dutchie 3 months ago

    I just heard the brown on freddy and the ”paint chipping” I think freddy from fnaf 1 is going undercover with Puppet to find out stuff from the future

  • Nickole Resendez 3 months ago

    are vids always crack me up!!

  • SUPERSPACEMONKEY 3 months ago

    That is freddy fazbear

  • Aakiboy 10 3 months ago

    I think that this Freddy is the Freddy from the old location cuz the old Freddy didn’t like chicken that much and when foxy came into his room Freddy was like
    *he got married to a cow?* and foxy said *I see a little bit of brown on you* and puppet was like *the other Freddy was pretty big so you have to eat at least 30 chicken a day 1 chicken every hour cuz the old Freddy was a lot bigger* and he said that he was wearing makeup

  • angelo medina 3 months ago

    foxy why freddy’s room is’nt weird it’s cool if freddy’s room is keep changing

  • stacy harris 3 months ago

    I love your vids post a another one

  • darius Brown 3 months ago


  • darius Brown 3 months ago

    This vid is so funny

  • Super Jake 3 months ago

    Same I love your vidsssssssssseeeeeeeeooooooooossssss

  • Amber Martinez 3 months ago

    Bonnie is right btw i love your vids and you should bo one on undersawp

  • the obvious theroist 3 months ago

    his video’s are sick

  • baby brother 3 months ago

    foxy your kids have met Lolbit as a kid

  • jack Johnson 3 months ago

    Foxy ask lolbit out for Valentine’s Day give her a hug or kiss XOXOXO love 😃🤗😅

  • Amy Brock 3 months ago

    Funtime Foxy, Ballora, Funtime Freddy! Oh what the heck! They are all my favorite! My most fav is Puppet, Foxy, and Springtrap. But I like the rest too.

  • ixen 06 3 months ago


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