• Jacqueline Urueta 1 week ago

    ft foxy did you know that your charter can mock a loved one to capture a target try it on freddy

  • Gabrielcool300 Uka 1 week ago


  • Tiffany House 1 week ago

    I love lol

  • Tiffany House 1 week ago


  • Iriany Sanchez 1 week ago

    do more videos please

  • Ciddi6 1 week ago

    Foxy is so funny but lolbit 😂😂😂

  • Funtime Luna 1 week ago


  • Bonnie Gaming time 1 week ago

    i want more funtime foxy x lolbit please

  • Sarah Emery 1 week ago

    I kinda hate Lolbit for arresting people

  • Mika Talman 1 week ago

    IF ft foxy is in girls night’s and lolbits not that means lolbits her boyfriend so Why is lolbit a girl this is soo weird

  • ItsEthan 1 week ago

    I know im asking 2 mutch but can you put the map your using in the descript

  • Jun Jun Hans Jacobsen Ravn 1 week ago

    Love you vides ti

  • Bluebunbon 1 week ago

    I watched this on my mom’s tv because my computer went down because of the energy went out and my iPad didn’t work as well, and I used tape on my charger and it magically got my iPad to 100%!

  • gamingwitgee 1 week ago

    Who ever dislike will get slap

  • JoeJoeMac 9 1 week ago

    Ok everyone look at custom night

    Ladies night:Ballora F.Foxy (Funtime foxys a male tho) bonnet

    See no lolbit so

    lolbit is a guy

  • Galexy Wolf 1 week ago

    Some people think that the animatronics kill the guards for more people to help them kill purple guy
    Some people think its because the animatronics think that the guard is purple guy soooo yeaaaaa

  • Canons Toy Channel 1 week ago

    Foxy tell puppet to kill lol it pales plaes,plaes

  • Love Tee 1 week ago

    Ballora get recked

  • Jamie Lehr 1 week ago


  • Jessica Shriver 1 week ago

    I think lolbit should have her own channel love your vids and where has baby been all of these videos without her

  • goldennightmarefoxy 1 week ago

    Puppet messed up

  • akorfa gomashie 1 week ago

    Yay tables are back please dont take them away again

  • funtime freddy 1 week ago

    Gosh lolbit god seckuirity guard

  • Dawson Hohong 1 week ago

    Foxy! Foxy! I have 3 of your shirt,s

  • James Campbell 1 week ago


  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    *whos idea was this*

  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    Chiseled rock=pizza

  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    Mmmm som chiseled sand the new mayanaise

  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    lolbit looks poor with that on

  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    I want spring *tarp* now and I mean tarp

  • Tara Schulte 1 week ago

    new rule being a bit friend is illeagel

  • Awesome Eve 1 week ago

    Lolbit is amazing and tuff for a girl 👍

  • angie P 1 week ago

    Omg xD really

  • Dark_Pixels 1 week ago

    Does anyone else relise that foxys Xdardeth he has blue hair and a lip piercing

  • PANTHER ZONE 1 week ago

    lol i will do batter as a Security Guard Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • Kittergamez 1 week ago

    I DARE YOU TO CLICK Read more

  • Master Jm 1 week ago

    Puppet do a illegal lab work doing experiments on people and making monsters

  • Elijah Ramatali 1 week ago

    I’m glad lolbit is being more part of this

  • jasmine shephard 1 week ago

    Lobit needes a chanle

  • Crimson the fox 1 week ago

    Nice another night gard

  • Tyree Roberson 1 week ago

    So far almost everyone has been security guard

  • Geertje Visser 1 week ago

    darzeth hello

  • lolbit Baxter 1 week ago

    Just because you like lolbit does not mean she likes you

  • abriones429 1 week ago

    Do not press read more

    Your wasting Your time

    Only the begining


    Can you make it to the end

    Not done yet

    Little longer

    Almost done

    10 more seconds.











    You made it of you DID like this comment :3

  • Elizabeth Keys 1 week ago

    Bracke up with Lopit. She hrs you evreey time

  • Juantorres Torres123 1 week ago

    Lolbit when are you going to love foxy.

  • Landon Clark 1 week ago

    I like Lobit voice it’s cool

  • Wolf Pal 1 week ago

    Lol, this is like any normal one of your videos, random.

    Edit: “it’s like catching pokemon”
    Me: Lol randomness

  • Funtime Loxy 1 week ago


  • Funtime Loxy 1 week ago

    But it’s true lolbit u r foxy’s girlfriend

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