• Hampoon 5 months ago

    Have you ever been trolled?

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  • Horror Games Fan FNaF E BATIM 5 months ago

    Now that Lefty’s back, we’re just missing Salvaged Springtrap and Helpy (The little Funtime Freddy from FNaF 6).

  • Lolbit The vixen 5 months ago

    It it’s kewl

  • Lilja Björk 5 months ago

    Hi foxy 😍😍😍😍your real cool and i think baby and ballora 😘😘😘 ar real cute but puppyt and Freddy😣😣 and bonbon ar dume as f*** I hate them 😤😤 love your biggest fan but really I
    hate puppyt cus HE STOLE PANCAKE!!!!!😡😡😡 Ok bye hugs and kisses for you foxy
    😇😇😇. 🐕💩😄😄😄😄😄😄 I LOVE PANCAKE she or he is Soo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carrie moyers 5 months ago

    Ballora and Freddy sitting in a tree k i s s i n g first comes love second comes marriage is a baby in a baby carriage

  • G Arias 5 months ago

    Lefty such a scaredy-cat

  • fnafworldgamers 07 5 months ago

    too much clones

  • Crisbo the gamer 5 months ago

    lol make episode where springtrap and salvaged springtrap meet face in face

  • funtime freddy x funtime foxy 5 months ago

    Leffty will kill you puppet

  • AirNinjaPlays 5 months ago

    when puppet said “i don’t wanna be in there with freddy’s farts” i was rolling

  • FrannyFazbear_YT 5 months ago

    AH! Foxy! Hit its knees!

  • GDMasterCreator 12 5 months ago

    Hold on, did Ballora say cupcake?

  • Kitty cat MLP PRINCESS 5 months ago

    I feel like that fnaf sl is FNAF 5.

  • Katrina Stevens 5 months ago


  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago

    i hate lefty

  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago

    the moss

  • Marquise Pixley 5 months ago

    Can nedbear come back to the pizzeria

  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago

    hey funtime foxy lefty is a soul animatronic

  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago

    and it will kill you and they will grow taller

  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago

    i know how to destroy lefty use salvage to destroy the salvage and it will die

  • Katrina Stevens 5 months ago

    FOXY:Shut up,Ballora!
    Freddy: Stop looking at me,I’m using the toilet!

  • Katrina Stevens 5 months ago


  • Katrina Stevens 5 months ago

    No,Ballora! It stinks!

  • lusira 5 months ago

    I hate lefty I like you Funtime foxy

  • Tyler Shires 5 months ago


  • erin kloski 5 months ago

    Why is foxys room the colors of lolbit

  • erin kloski 5 months ago


  • Wolfing Jenn 5 months ago


  • Ridwan Gan 5 months ago


  • Adalina Peters 5 months ago

    Where í right

  • Weeaboo And gamer 5 months ago

    This is for 4 year old s and edgy white kids that watch jake Paul

  • Dearth_Blood Videos 5 months ago

    How come Puppet makes the same sandwich that I normally make.

  • TURTLE_GAMER72 5 months ago

    Well this is the first time one of them has for real laughed! They normally try to keep it in but puppet I think actually laughed

  • Fun and Games with CC 5 months ago

    Just saying but…WHAT TIPE OF A NAME EVEN IS LEFTY!

  • Funtime foxy FNAF 5 months ago

    Puppet is scaredy-cat jk but he gets scared a lot

  • Joel Vetorillo 5 months ago

    Puppet is a scaredy cat

  • happy baller 679 boy 5 months ago

    me too!!☺

  • happy baller 679 boy 5 months ago

    freddy is so cute like if u agree

  • Callee Taft 5 months ago

    Haha ballora is stinky!

  • Toy bonnie & toy chica 5 months ago


  • Brandon Gruber 5 months ago

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s r little secret foxy so SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • funtime wollfy XD 5 months ago

    Blora is funny end when puppet seed blora stanks XD

  • sandra schoof 5 months ago

    Lefty is never right get it

  • Team Ev 5 months ago

    Are you excited

  • Shelby Crawford 5 months ago

    It is a girl

  • Joshua Crossley 5 months ago


  • Ashlyn Hall 5 months ago

    I like Puppet,he is funny

  • Paula Rice 5 months ago

    I mean I’m not Freddy foxy and pop it in the tree k i s m i n g first comes love second comes marriage then comes with the baby carriage that’s not all that’s not all as baby drinking alcohol

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