• master boy 1 week ago

    Yay purple guy

  • Amy Humphries 1 week ago

    Awwwwwww I feel sorry for foxy

  • Lisa Mitchell 1 week ago

    Bonbon is a dead bunny🐇☠️

  • Lisa Mitchell 1 week ago

    Purple guy and puppet sound the same.(like if you can hear it)

  • joy villaruz 1 week ago

    If lolbit is not cheating then why did bon bon say what if he finds out

  • FtFoxyTheLegend 1 week ago

    Why lolbot is cheting on me just whyyu

  • George Vlad 1 week ago


  • Mathias Gorg Muscat 1 week ago

    If I was with you I would’ve killed bon bon by now

  • John Dusaran 1 week ago

    Pleas dont put bonbon and baby together pleascuze its so very weird

  • Griffin Reacts 1 week ago

    Funtime foxy deserves more than bonbon Lobit.Lobit you are NOT my favorite girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Games FUNTIME CINDY 1 week ago


  • Sasha Kulikova 1 week ago

    Is the mystery shirt lolbit?

  • caroline murray 1 week ago

    There is the word Air in the top corner lol

  • Laura Behan 1 week ago


  • charlington2 1 week ago


  • fnaf toy chica legend the greatest 1 week ago

    They are making a potion foxy

  • Dean Ryland 1 week ago

    Wait what

  • Darbakovaalia Darbakova 1 week ago

    Do you know Funtime Foxy is a girl? Don’t think about this,I like you’re videos is the FNAF mode?Can you tell me an ANSWER PLEASE? I want too the FNAF mode!!! DONUTS!!!!!!🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩LOL𗀝𗀝𗀝𗀇𗀇𗀇𗀠𗀠𗀠𗀑𗀑𗀑𗀑𗀄𗀄𗀄𗀚𗀚𗀚𗀚𗀖𗀖𗀖𗀖𗁛𗁛𗁛𗁥𗁥𗁥𗁥𗁥𗁥𗁨𗁨𗁨𗁨𗁨𗁬𗁬𗁠𗁠𗁠𗁠

  • Faith Shirey 1 week ago

    thay are dang it i really want one but i cant get one i have no munny

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 week ago

    bonbon needs chanell

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 week ago

    ahm,funtime lolbit not lolbit

  • Dean Ryland 1 week ago

    Step one to get rid of Bon Bon

    1.get freddy and say Bon Bon stole your chicken and ate it and that Bon Bon has a room

  • LTB Lennon The Boom 1 week ago

    Bon Bon is mean

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 week ago

    and foxy is not too much smart

  • ChéSean Figaro 1 week ago

    I dear he

  • ChéSean Figaro 1 week ago


  • Techman 1 week ago

    Ioı wouy

  • awesomegirl 2016 1 week ago

    foxy: how cuold this happend me.

    aka im sorry

  • Alicia Creaven 1 week ago

    I think lolbit should have her own chanle

  • Alicia Creaven 1 week ago

    Woah why dose bonbon have a knife

  • Lisa Palmer 1 week ago

    I love you funntimes!

  • baby foxy 1 week ago

    Lolbit why

  • jordin George 1 week ago

    Love is your heart :3 ×d😁😀😍

  • Oscar Hernandez 1 week ago

    I hate YOU bonbon 😡😠

  • derek3508 1 week ago


  • Ella Englehardt 1 week ago

    Guys come to spring trap to support you no matter what. And of course he will ya ya just go ahead and take some advice from him XD

  • Aidan gameing Vip cousins 1 week ago

    Lol the end was 😂 lol

  • Elemental Knights 1 week ago

    Do foxy and chica swap bodies

  • Machet Lopez 1 week ago

    I just realized baby had the movie jaws

  • Nico Scherrer 1 week ago

    But lolbit is a girl and funtime foxy too is a girl

  • Funtime foxyscare funtimefoxy 1 week ago


  • Funtime foxyscare funtimefoxy 1 week ago

    You should not be bon bons friend even though it is Logan really has a crush on you and she wants to like keep a secret from you or she cheated on you well you kill her

  • Morgan Brown 1 week ago

    Purple guy is weird because he said open wide and eat bon bon like purple guy dad did with his mom

  • sofiye s 1 week ago

    Poor foxy

  • Teresa Vargas 1 week ago

    why is Lobit cheating is she realy cheting 😱

  • jaidyn and page and haliy the saving friends 1 week ago

    Yes ty bonbon I love foxy and now foxy is mine

  • Rachel Knowles 1 week ago

    I love
    Your. Video. So much. Cat. 🐈🐇🎤🎸🎂. Foxy x. Little

  • jaidyn and page and haliy the saving friends 1 week ago

    I like foxy but this is for u foxy bonbon I will bepp u bepp

  • wolf tamer 1 week ago

    I laughed so hard in the end bonbon went so far lol

  • Kelsey Savill 1 week ago

    Lol bonbon flew at the end when foxy hit him lol I’m dead

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