• abdul hassan 2 weeks ago

    uh his are red

  • five nights at Freddy’s Plays 2 weeks ago

    Hi love your videos

  • Taco LPs 1234 England 2 weeks ago

    Which crazier da pizzarea or neighbor house i think pizzarea

  • Saoirse the Ballerina 2 weeks ago

    Where is JJ and the slime child?I mean,they are your kids too

  • TEAMTRAINOR 2 weeks ago

    This was weird

  • FNAF Family 2 weeks ago

    may the fourth be with you

  • Foxy I think you should so your kids JJ

  • Vincent_and gang FNAF 2 weeks ago

    Wait….uhhhh JANE!! You need to see this!!!! Oh my god…..this was the fight about the cookies…..

  • BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115 2 weeks ago

    Best line: Foxy JR: ( wispers ) “do you like butter?”
    “My butter?”

  • maria sanchez 2 weeks ago

    Funtime Foxy can you make a video with all your kids and Lolbit in it too??

  • maria sanchez 2 weeks ago


  • glitterbomb 89 2 weeks ago

    Lol bb falls from the sky😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • pirate Foxy 2 weeks ago


  • Debbie Riggs 2 weeks ago

    I ‘m so sorry guess she is trying for brownie points to be at choir tonight or tomorrow night it was not working on the pager to me thanks 88

  • GSC 25 2 weeks ago

    Ballon boycould go up there cause he blew up a lot of ballon then they all pop

  • Xander Elijah Ocampo 2 weeks ago

    Make more

  • Charlie and Katie Twins 2 weeks ago

    We’re did balloon boy come from hahahaha

  • Rainbow Type tv 2 weeks ago

    Foxy mr wigglesworth is evil

  • GamerBoyYT 2 weeks ago

    Commercial break

  • B Cruz 2 weeks ago

    Did you know that Mr.WigglesWorth is alive 😱😳😨😰😥😓😬👀

  • Chantelle Crowchild 2 weeks ago


  • Freddygamer3478 2 weeks ago

    ballon boy is magic

  • SuperFreddieJayier 22 2 weeks ago

    Funtime Fox is a girl

  • Isabella Lps 2 weeks ago


  • Isabella Lps 2 weeks ago


  • Adventures with Iya 2 weeks ago

    Lol so funny the first part was the one so funny 😂 lol also the intro is in the middle of the video lol

  • Danille Lamprey 2 weeks ago

    Where is Jj

  • Lyla Pruitt 2 weeks ago

    Chetr chetr pumpkin eatr

  • Jamie Scott 2 weeks ago

    Foxy I’m sorry to tell you this………I-I hate one of your dather’s 😿🙀 is Foxy Jr I love mangle your dather 🦊💖💝💗💞💟❣

  • Jamie Scott 2 weeks ago

    I’m sick by the way I hate being sick I got sick yesterday I been coughing and I have a running nose and my throat hurts to and sorry for you to hear that 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Landen Lepock 2 weeks ago

    This is so funny 😂

  • Vivienne Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Why’s foxy in the tree and make a sleeping beauty episode on the fnaf channel where lolbit and foxy are the princess and the Prince and she picked her finger on the spinning and he has to save her.

  • Vivienne Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Where’s jj though she needs to meet foxy Jr and mangle.

  • Raven Brown 2 weeks ago

    My uncle had a wedding yesterday at Lily pad park in Chicago

  • Sahar rahmani 2 weeks ago


  • Asser Ismail 2 weeks ago

    I love your vd

  • mangy fox 2 weeks ago

    Its his airplane hat

  • mangy fox 2 weeks ago


  • Sophie Harris 2 weeks ago

    JJ should’ve been in this 😂

  • Cynthia Dalton 2 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas jocing🍛🍜🥟

  • Cynthia Dalton 2 weeks ago

    Mr. Wigglesworth head with moving😅

  • Monette Predelus 2 weeks ago


  • Abby B 2 weeks ago

    Magic stomach are real 😂😂

  • angela geyston 2 weeks ago

    Were my coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke

  • cure x boredom 2 weeks ago

    Her thing is in her bjj

  • cure x boredom 2 weeks ago

    Fucky mangle i LIKE u when she WAS gone

  • kitty cute 2 weeks ago

    Its okay we’ll stab them with a Q-tip foxy 2018 lol

  • Casquwalsh 2 weeks ago

    Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

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