• funtime foxy mangle foxy 1 week ago

    Funtime foxy the voice in your head I have really had to say that then it’s just the best thing ever I think I like her more than you but not to be rude you still my favorite

  • Lulu 1 week ago

    It’s Friday the 13th for me

  • Jed Anthony irinco 1 week ago

    Who will be the next person to interview

  • Green bon bon Plays 1 week ago

    Well i think bon bon was the baddest and freddy and mostly evreyone but not foxy

  • Green bon bon Plays 1 week ago

    Wait baby was normal

  • Amie Perry 1 week ago

    Do you funtime foxy wont to go to my cinul

  • funny family videos last 1 week ago

    I thought puppet was going to make out with jj too

  • funny family videos last 1 week ago

    Most famous list

    1# : Foxy
    2#: Baby
    3#: Freddy
    4#: BB
    5#: JJ
    7#: Bidybab

  • Sister location Fan 1 week ago

    i’m starting to get TO used to the pizzeria look, can you do a video about a pizzeria BIG change

  • Eric Schooley 1 week ago

    I agree with you 👇🏼

  • tom_345 _riddle 1 week ago

    my brother calls me pesent

  • Nova NightWalker 1 week ago

    I got an idea for an episode! Please do a video with Funtime Foxy turning into a girl by puppets experiment!

  • Mary Weir 1 week ago


  • Dangerman215 TheRedstoneGuy 1 week ago

    Do Ballon boy and foxy fuse

  • James Shelton 1 week ago

    Hi foxy

  • James Shelton 1 week ago

    It`been a while

  • Sean Mcwilgin 1 week ago

    yoooooo I’m seedeng I’m kidding I’m the scout here XD

  • Sean Mcwilgin 1 week ago

    I’m Jacksepticeye actually

  • Cuong Bui 1 week ago

    Welp Thats Freddy For Ya..

  • Alynda Foster 1 week ago

    i love your channel ive benn watching for almost 3 years and i watch foxy’s other channel xdarzethx – romblox and more

  • Alynda Foster 1 week ago

    oops i mean been

  • Isabella Dickerson 1 week ago

    165 yay

  • Katie Stubbs 1 week ago

    Omg I love you Funtime foxy eeeeee I’m inspired bu you te he he milk!!!!😍😍🙋😘😝😋

  • funny family videos last 1 week ago

    Foxy your the boss and you need to be that

  • FranTheGamer 1 week ago

    Is santiogo t here?

  • Golden Freddy Fazbear Gamer1983 1 week ago

    It’s fnaf 2 all over again

  • Ellen Passchier 1 week ago

    can you make ye video ware the voice get out and the voice is gayte

  • Jayden Holsey 1 week ago

    For the latest time kill thim

  • Jamari Melson 1 week ago

    Famous people today

  • Angel moon 1 week ago


  • Luca James 1 week ago


  • ZantherTheWolf YT 1 week ago

    But foxes can’t eat chocolate

  • isaiah perez 1 week ago

    Only foxy

  • Darth Plushiez 1 week ago

    I think foxy might be the most famous

  • Milo Adam 1 week ago

    490 like

  • Iris Sandoval 1 week ago

    Cool brah

  • Iris Sandoval 1 week ago


  • Marquise Pixley 1 week ago

    That trailer was probably for Fnaf 6

  • Abiodun Emecheta 1 week ago

    I’m from a different country so I spell it like that and you can say it both ways Freddy or Freddie

  • Cassie Best 1 week ago

    Hi funtimefoxys good day and happy day.

  • Tyree Roberson 1 week ago

    Freddy should have a child

  • Dillon Walker 1 week ago

    piz have kill foxy

  • Grant Smith 1 week ago


  • Francis Volcheck 1 week ago

    I think that you should do a video when freakshow baby turns foxy into shadow Funtime Foxy and the other animatronics are trying to go a way to cure him but in the end freakshow baby separates Funtime Foxy from Shadow Funtime Foxy into two people so there will be shadow Funtime Foxy and Funtime Foxy.

  • Techman 1 week ago

    Am famis

  • Tonja Smither 1 week ago

    do a video of: foxy from fnaf 1 witch is you. comes to sister location

  • Lillian Clemens 1 week ago

    Could you give me a shout out plz you are amazing foxy, baby, ballora, freddy, bonbon, and lolbit and bonnet thank you

  • FNAF Kitty 1 week ago

    leave a like if you agree if markiplier should be the night guard.

  • Leyah Scott 1 week ago

    Foxy the best


  • Delenter 1 week ago

    Lol fancy

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