• Aïsha Gilbert 1 month ago

    freddy is a cychopathe

  • Dawn Miller 1 month ago

    Soooooooooooooo many robot gamings!!!?

  • Allison Nashion 1 month ago

    Make a vid about bonbon and foxy switch body’s tomorrow

  • Mlpcraft Gamer 1 month ago


  • Rainboom Dash 1 month ago

    Hi foxy tell freddy i love him

  • Killer star loves sans Fangirl 1 month ago

    Funtime Freddy calm down!!!

  • nightmare foxy mr. fox 1 month ago

    Why is the gallic gaming in the wall? And what’s with the pokemon?!?! Like if you would like a video about pokemon?!

  • JHEZZICA MALINGAN 1 month ago

    Lol foxy just said it was puppet and Freddy was like *gasp* puppet your a monster!! Come back here >:(

  • nightmare foxy mr. fox 1 month ago

    And that’s why I hate Freddy he ruins everything

  • Melissa Bouslog 1 month ago

    Freddy dus smell gross

  • nightmare foxy mr. fox 1 month ago

    Nice video ft.foxy it’s great

  • Tracy Martinbianco 1 month ago

    Does Freddy smell good foxy

  • Sam Duggan 1 month ago

    i like it keep the good work

  • GumballCrazy 98 1 month ago

    do a episode called freakshow baby kidnaps funtime foxy

  • Michael Gregio 1 month ago

    He spelled roleplay wrong in title

  • BATIM and FNAF Plush production 1 month ago

    Does vanesa have clones like freddy does

  • Eric Diaz 1 month ago

    Laughed my head off when foxy was sniffing Freddy and when he punched him.

  • Golden Dragon13 1 month ago

    Dis vid. Make me cringe……………………..

  • Gena Gellangala 1 month ago

    Funtime Freddy had revenge!?

  • Casey McElligott 1 month ago

    Amazing video freddy is great and funny

  • Scott Darius 1 month ago

    yo rember me i will steal your acont

  • Deadly Ninjas 1 month ago

    Puppet room is getting darker yet darker. Gaster?

  • Theplatinum Rabbit 1 month ago

    A blues’ clues reference?

  • Lindsay Ewing 1 month ago

    Plz do foxy secret room

  • Mira Arianti 1 month ago

    U write roleplay “roelplay”

  • ZombieFoxThePirateFox GamingWithRex 1 month ago


  • Maya Blain 1 month ago

    Foxy why sniff🤨🤯

  • Damian King 1 month ago

    foxy mary lobit plz like propose to her.

  • Scrap Baby 1 month ago

    I thought Foxy was the only one who could open doors?!…😑😐🤐😕😒

  • FunTime Foxy The Fox Circus Baby 1 month ago

    what is your roblox channel calld

  • Lupe Govella 1 month ago

    I hate funtime Freddy’s, chanle i don’t like it tell Freddy that foxy can you tell him that for me and git your friends all of your friends and if they do not kill them

  • Cinnimon Cutie 1 month ago

    Hm. I kinda miss when you did the little animations in the beginning for Christmas and thanksgiving.

  • BrieLLe G aj 1 month ago

    Hi Foxy

  • Lol Pop 1 month ago


    Hehe foxys spelling mistakes hehe

  • Ellinore Lövgren 1 month ago

    Garfeld in de pizzerian

  • Opal loves foxes 1 month ago

    Is vovonosa next?

  • Patience Robinson 1 month ago

    puppet is dumb

  • hasan wilkins 1 month ago

    Puppet wrote it . ppppppuuuuuupppppeetttt

  • hasan wilkins 1 month ago

    Sorry puppet I just blame

  • jean williams 1 month ago

    mfw Freddy made a Blues Clues reference

  • Natalie Cornish 1 month ago

    FREDDY you broke the fourht wall becase he said gasp not click bate

  • Nighmer Foxy 1 month ago

    A+ for you 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Scotty Sandoval 1 month ago

    Stop being mean to Freddy

  • Olivia Craft 1 month ago

    freddy I like you for you

  • Olivia Craft 1 month ago

    and you DO NOT SMELL

  • Da_JX 1 month ago


  • Kid Katz 1 month ago

    Freddy please don’t blame other people 👿

  • rockstar foxy 1 month ago

    those robots made me scared and parinoid

  • Hdhdj Jshfhd 1 month ago

    Why is foxes voice a male voice funtime foxy is a girl hand event says it in sisterlocation!

  • super yy gaming 1 month ago

    Dang a love roblos

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