• Dianna Keith 3 weeks ago

    Foxy you’re the BEST

  • Catty Newwar 3 weeks ago

    I was mad earlier today at school but,after seeing this I feel a little bit better. thanks for making my day a little bit brighter. you guys always help remind me to look on the bright side of things. thank you so much.

  • Randy Richardson 3 weeks ago

    You need more likes you disurve it f.foxy is my favorite over all animatronics

  • Pikachu Boy 3 weeks ago

    I care about Ft Foxy and Ft Freddy.

  • Hui Lin 3 weeks ago


  • Brook Blevins 3 weeks ago

    My sister brook she have own YouTube I LOVE U

  • jt.sauce Gaming 3 weeks ago

    What the Minecraft five nights at Freddy thing

  • Tyler Fiels 3 weeks ago

    I saw a series baby x eneerd x mens love and in it ther wus lobit x shadow freddy baby x eneerd funtime foxy x funtime freddy dont wury in the seres funtime foxy is a girl not a boy and puppit x buloru

  • MaddoxMiró Something 3 weeks ago

    Freddy: Ur being Ur being Ur being *dramatic effect* Condescending *camera zooms on Foxy with a surprise face on his face*

  • Kimberly Saccary 3 weeks ago

    Foxy can u have an episode where u jump into the world of steven universe

  • Catplaysroblox Cat 3 weeks ago

    Love it channel

  • Darwisyah Mat Yusof 3 weeks ago

    Use the invinsibility shoes

  • sb737 sb737 3 weeks ago

    Five nights at freddy’s minecraft

  • alex/assassin/dogboy Butcher 3 weeks ago

    Stanky fox

  • Techman 3 weeks ago

    lol 😝 I

  • I AM CIRCUS BABY 3 weeks ago

    (Uses old lady voice) I remember a time when Freddy got mad because he couldn’t see his forehead. It was funny

  • Ia420ent 3 weeks ago

    Thats going to be a lot of property damage

  • Jasmine DeJesus 3 weeks ago

    Hey foxy is a lady

  • Five Night at cats 3 weeks ago

    I miss Gerald

  • Rusty Carlos Valdez 3 weeks ago

    What Freddy said was so true foxy don’t care

  • The Jazzy Emerald Rainer 3 weeks ago

    Oh no………….

  • toy mangle the EPIC fox the EPIC fox 3 weeks ago


  • Baby ft lolxy jolley 3 weeks ago

    Da drawing is soooo sooooo soooooo great

  • Luis Velazquez 3 weeks ago

    The of the video made me grin

  • Baby ft lolxy jolley 3 weeks ago

    Ur under arrested Fredbear

  • Killerzoid aka Lore 3 weeks ago

    вє¢αυѕє σf ʝʝ, ι яєαℓℓу ωαииα ѕєє α fυитιмє fσχу αи∂ fяє∂∂у ωє∂∂ιиg єριѕσ∂є.

  • Emmanuel Armenta 3 weeks ago

    Hi foxy 😃😄

  • Santi Hoy 3 weeks ago

    l love you foxy Freddy Bon Bob baby ballora puppet

  • Nichole Rogers 3 weeks ago

    Aww poor Freddy!!! All he wanted was to bounce…

  • AndreiGamer Five Nights At Freddy's 3 weeks ago

    That face onnthe tumbnail do XD

  • Shirley-Ann Cullen 3 weeks ago

    ❤ u all lol 💜😄😁(: 😍😜🙆 💩eww why did I add that

  • Shirley-Ann Cullen 3 weeks ago

    ❤ u all lol 💜😄😁(: 😍😜🙆 💩eww why did I add that
    but anyways 💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛

  • Christina Gallardo 3 weeks ago

    Wheres ballora

  • Sammy The Umbreon 3 weeks ago

    Hi! I love your videos!

  • Mohamed Ali 3 weeks ago

    Foxy is super stroooooooong and destroys the others

  • gloriannie mendez 3 weeks ago

    Fredi lovs Foxyi😐😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MrTwistedJon 3 weeks ago


  • funtime foxys stage 3 weeks ago


  • Windows Vista 3 weeks ago

    When baby said ow before it even started RMIX IT

  • Benny Omar 3 weeks ago

    Foxy x ballora make a child please

  • Abby B 2 weeks ago

    Ooooo nooo freddy missed the chicken parade 😱😂😂🍖🍖🍖🐔

  • Ila Greaney 2 weeks ago

    Freddy calm doune!! tacke yore time!!

  • Emily Broadhurst 2 weeks ago

    What if Freddy turns into a real bear

  • Katy Daniels 2 weeks ago

    Lol foxy and puppet said it the exeact same time more lol

  • Jose Marrero 2 weeks ago


  • Lyla Pruitt 2 weeks ago

    Let ti goo let it gooooooooo

  • kai d 2 weeks ago

    Puppet needs to hit Freddy with a stick he needs to learn his lesson and be good lol

  • LPS Milky way 2 weeks ago

    Remember me while I drown in the comments.

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