• Casey McElligott 1 month ago

    I like rg as a human

  • Erick Ariza 1 month ago

    Why so many ads

  • maryam ahmed 1 month ago

    Turn of freddy clones then kill fredd then steal his stuff and and use puppets machine then youre robot

  • Alisa Porter 1 month ago


  • Stikbot Camps 1 month ago


  • curicus baby lover and ft foxy lover 1 month ago

    Oh dear god

  • Estefanie Santana 1 month ago

    Ask puppet

  • Joaquin Hernandez 1 month ago

    please make one that lolbit turns human please and thanks for doing the idea

  • TheBearWithButtons 1 month ago

    Not Robot Gaming

  • Mary Bernard 1 month ago

    U guys look so cute

  • maddy murray 1 month ago

    I was late to the video because I went shopping and I played with a cute little black cat but good video but I’ve got a question why does everyone take over foxys channel

  • Jimi Bulpitt 1 month ago

    The character who was Funtime foxy which is the plush sounds like fandroid

  • Daimon Gould 1 month ago

    Under foxy,s bed their is a box that has a never star.😜😜😜😜

  • Arctic Fox 1 month ago

    Freddy looks so cute!

  • Gabby Shirey 1 month ago

    gallant should have used his real voice

  • SpiritXylene 1 month ago

    Can you guys please stop using foxy’s account and just use your own it’s kind of getting annoying please if you do I’ll send you $50 million

  • FNF LOVER FNF circes baby 1 month ago

    Freddy is humen but is in game mode 1

  • Plush Tale 1 month ago


  • Erin Hogan 1 month ago

    Do fun time foxy as a Homan pleas 😶😶😶😶😶😶 pleas or l never see your videos ever a gen 😝😝😝😝 that’s me 😂😎😎😎😎😎

  • Purple Fox Drawings 1 month ago

    I would really love to make art for your thumbnails, but this comment probably won’t even be seen.

  • kodi Davis 1 month ago

    Freddy looks cool

  • Adam Kemp 1 month ago

    Lolbit turn into a baby lolbit turns into a baby please

  • Maria navarro 1 month ago

    Please do a video where foxy turns human I want to see what he looks like in his human form

  • AshyThePanda Gaming 1 month ago

    why five chickens

  • AshyThePanda Gaming 1 month ago

    and i love how robot says what happened to my voice

  • mr cool 1 month ago


  • Emanuel Kohut 1 month ago

    The nether star under foxy’s bed could work

  • AshyThePanda Gaming 1 month ago

    and lol no cut

  • Devin O'Neill 1 month ago

    Yeah I’m happy 😃

  • Ben Jones 1 month ago

    Freddys voice doesn’t fit his human form. Your voice fits you tho robot……or……….um human gaming.

  • NachoNuke 1 month ago

    Funtime Foxy should have a nether star under his bed!

  • tabotchok1 1 month ago

    Freddy looks adorable as hooman xD

  • Tatiana Ware 1 month ago

    Kill you have videos not videos

  • nothingis inpossible 1 month ago

    kill yourself and be a ghost then get in one of those tiny robot gaming then get the shrinkerater and blast yourself with it and there you go

  • Savannah Lander 1 month ago

    If you look hard enough you can see I need to Freddys one

  • Joshua Justice 1 month ago

    im a gamer and I’m not hoomen

  • Susan.B Morales 1 month ago

    That springtrap thing is called springlock and if you get the suit and you get that springlock and you become a anamatronic


  • Syn Step 1 month ago

    Do lobit becomes human

  • tyler Donovan 1 month ago


  • blogging for fun 1 month ago

    Hello evertbody its your favorite human gamer

  • Logan Young 1 month ago

    I love watching you videos everyday

  • Logan Young 1 month ago

    I love your videos everyday

  • Kadra Milette 1 month ago

    Is robot callum

  • Trinity Templeman 1 month ago

    Freddy is human

  • Elli Bear 1 month ago

    Did anyone see they are in gamemode 1

  • gymnastic's brat's 101 1 month ago

    I rather F.T. Freddy like this, and I want to see C. Baby, Ballora, and F.T. Foxy like this!!

  • DAVID ESTWICK 1 month ago

    Can you do a video when foxy turns into a human

  • Lady She 1 month ago


  • Allison Kloski 1 month ago


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