• maddy murray 1 week ago

    puppet:”yeah i have a thing for freddy” me:”PUPPET X FREDDY”

  • Love Love 1 week ago

    Freddy sent me

  • Catherine Botones 1 week ago

    i missed baby in every episode

  • Lamar Nelson 1 week ago

    So many saw and jigsaw references

  • Funtime foxy 1 week ago

    Love ur vids foxy

  • Trilby Arceneaux 1 week ago


  • Trilby Arceneaux 1 week ago


  • FelizSquad 1 week ago

    A Moment Of Silence For Fnaf Zone..

  • Feather Tail 1 week ago

    When will y’all reveal camera mans skin if he/she as a skin sorry if I’m annoying ya

  • funtime roxy the gamer 1 week ago

    My favorite animatrioic is puppet.

  • Josh Jackson 1 week ago

    Foxy why don’t you take all your friends down the elevator and discover every single room

  • Gabe Street 1 week ago

    Say# ballora

  • Gabe Street 1 week ago


  • Funtime Foxy 1 week ago

    R.I.P puppet

  • Ramona Wootton 1 week ago

    Look at my idea at the video where the ice cream shop opening the 2nd one and look at my idea of your friends try to eat you

  • Bryce Tran 1 week ago

    Where’s the duck

  • Ronnie Sams 1 week ago

    i just watched your live stream

  • Bryce Tran 1 week ago

    😦 poor lolbit

  • zombieboy herobrine slave 1 week ago

    Foxy do you have a roblox channel

  • Mia Altstaetter 1 week ago

    I miss baby

  • Ashley Rose 1 week ago

    I miss baby

  • Natsuki Fan 113 Doki Doki 1 week ago

    Omg Puppet died?!WHY BON-BON, WHY?!!?

  • Catrinsan Minecraft 1 week ago


  • Anitra Ramirez 1 week ago

    Wow,lolbits the only one who uses common sense when it comes to opening a door or gate,even baby cant do it.lolbits more high tech

  • Marko 1 week ago


  • Adam Starr 1 week ago

    Hey guys!! Me again !! I’m just wondering if you could tell me how to get to your map on mincraft the actual game??

  • Jasmyn Dees 1 week ago

    You are not a Poopa Foxy! Don’t worry! 🙂

  • Flori Cabrera 1 week ago

    I think foxy have so many momey and he is rich

  • raelene hutchison 1 week ago

    do a video adout you got stuck in the bastment of the pizzaria and evryone say’s “”were’s foxy””

  • Aventureros de maravilla 1 week ago

    Foxy’s able to control everyone’s dream

  • Aventureros de maravilla 1 week ago


  • Drake Phillips 1 week ago

    Hi he

  • Drake Phillips 1 week ago

    Not. Know

  • John Powers 1 week ago

    I’m making an animated of this

  • Daniel fire 907 1 week ago

    Hey foxy you should play murder mystery and if you ever go to Roblox I’m thereIf you need me bye I’m just gonna keep watching this video

  • Evan Maisonave 1 week ago

    these videos is the only thing i need in my life

  • Golden Foxanne And friends 1 week ago

    Love your videos foxy!!

  • Bronwyn Gibler 1 week ago

    FOXY STAHP SMASHING BONBON”S TABLE YOU BIG JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph McKee 1 week ago

    Good into

  • Gselle fox Martinez 1 week ago

    I i love sister loceshon

  • Gselle fox Martinez 1 week ago

    And i love so much foxes.😇

  • Kris Schaefer 1 week ago

    8000$ for a seet?

  • Roxana Morales 1 week ago

    Freedy stole your camara

  • Amanda Bell 1 week ago

    I love you fun time ROWLI

  • Estela Miranda 1 week ago

    Love your vids

  • akorfa gomashie 1 week ago

    Lol funniest video ever

  • FNaF Gaming 1 week ago

    Foxy should have said “Simon says everyone find someone to kiss on the cheek” THATS FOR U LOLLY OR FUNBIT LOVERS!!!!

  • funtime frenzylynn 1 week ago

    The board in bolloras room says foxy smells XD

  • PhoenixTGM400 Thegoldminecart 1 week ago

    Can lolabit have a channel

  • Wolfy gamimg 1 week ago

    So many saw jokes! (I love the movies)

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