• Evil Angel 2 weeks ago

    Look at my joke

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  • Shadow The puppy 2 weeks ago

    Tomorrow I am going on holiday

  • kiki gamergirl 2 weeks ago

    Foxy: it’s mine mine mine mine mine

  • Kou Jakes 2 weeks ago

    Oh mr foxy I love 💖 your vids

  • Borna Znaor 2 weeks ago

    Foxy the new groove.

  • Borna Znaor 2 weeks ago

    Is Lobit to?

  • Random Boy Vlogger 2 weeks ago

    Technically foxy owns everything cause he’s the owner

  • Lina Milenkovska 2 weeks ago

    Everything in the pizzeria is foxes what about baby’s room is low bit he’s too I don’t know anymore

  • Pro Vaeh 2 weeks ago

    Lolbit I missed you! I’ve been on my other channel for so long.

  • phreddy/sans 2 weeks ago

    Tecnally foxy does own everything

  • Puppet Master 2 weeks ago

    When foxy kept saying things were mine remind me of the song “Mine” from lazytown

  • Lisa Helmer 2 weeks ago

    Good for you foxy

  • jo temp 2 weeks ago

    Yay foxy

  • Rebecca Metzer 2 weeks ago

    What I think what happened, Freddy breaks through the ceiling and then a bunch of chickens fall through the ceiling

  • freedy Galal 2 weeks ago

    Foxy tall the only thing

  • Snaggysplash 045 2 weeks ago

    Hey foxy Freddy did a Baldi video. Plz do the same. Plllllzzzzzz! Oh btw I love your vids.

  • marlou reyeslao 2 weeks ago

    foxy paper bag puppet your camera

  • maryam182 2 weeks ago

    goo luck foxy I know one day lolbit will fall for you

  • Kasey Mckeever 2 weeks ago

    whould in it just be his he is one of the owners right

  • Liam Bloggar och spelar 2 weeks ago

    Oden Thor and the others is swedish gods oden have nio ni sons Thor and Luke is not brothers

  • Blake Busick 2 weeks ago

    Hey i stole all of lolbits crush heheheheheh

  • Luca James 2 weeks ago

    Foxy you in a way ounce 90% of the place is yours because everybody uses your credit card

  • Dawn Rowe 2 weeks ago

    all that stuff isnt yours

  • butter king butter 2 weeks ago

    hey foxy evry thawing in your pizza place is yours because they used your credit card

  • butter king butter 2 weeks ago

    to buy it

  • Steve Pipkin 2 weeks ago

    Please bring back hello neighbor

  • Moto Rola 2 weeks ago

    Foxy stop liying

  • FairyToMC 2 weeks ago

    when you say this is mine i think of the mine song from Lazy Town XD

  • Funtime Channel Roblox&More 2 weeks ago


  • *The Royal Kitty* 2 weeks ago

    Actually foxy do own those things since they all use his credit card 😂😂😂

  • Budgie Girl22 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone else think Foxy sort of ends up like the seagulls in finding Nemo? Cuz u know how they go:
    Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine

  • DJ Sebastien 2 weeks ago

    In one of the episodes can you break the forth wall

  • love #jesusfreak 2 weeks ago

    What’s fumny is he actually does own everything but baby’s stuff because everyone uses his card!! Lol

  • love #jesusfreak 2 weeks ago

    … Until he started talking about lolbits stuff…😕😶

  • wolfhond collins 2 weeks ago

    Why you have to lie yo

  • Cambria Torres 2 weeks ago

    ;3 🙂 🙁 :]

  • Cambria Torres 2 weeks ago

    Foxy I can help you get her

  • jacksonknight1 2 weeks ago

    it is your’s because they use your credit card.

  • jacksonknight1 2 weeks ago

    you need to get better at that.

  • Natsuki Fan 113 Doki Doki 2 weeks ago

    Oh Foxy…You just nedded to act like you own everything hahaha

  • Michael Dan Joe 2 weeks ago


  • Wes Douglas 2 weeks ago

    lol funtime foxy is my fav 😛

  • Kawaii Pug16 2 weeks ago

    Foxy, this is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done….. why would you lie to Lolbit like that

  • coolgirl_ _33679 2 weeks ago

    I dont bevile that all those stuff are your but if u say it its yours

  • diggity dang dog vlogs 2 weeks ago

    make a lol bit shirt

  • Ian Rice 2 weeks ago

    Why u all ways lie in u know all that stuff ain’t yours so lie in will not get you now where

  • Ian Rice 2 weeks ago

    What why call it TNT instead of tnt

  • Mellon melody rosebella rose 2 weeks ago

    Lobit don’t believe everything you hear foxy is lying to you about some stuff belonging to him. 😞

  • Kawaii Furry 2 weeks ago

    Dear foxy, May 30 2018

    You have special designed books u made.

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