• Dave Newlove 3 weeks ago


  • Star Wars Dude 2710 3 weeks ago

    When will you guys reenact Beauty and the Beast?

  • akorfa gomashie 3 weeks ago

    The stepsisters are really mean

  • akorfa gomashie 3 weeks ago

    Love your vids Foxy

  • Jaydenharp113 3 weeks ago

    And you do a Snow White one?

  • megan dunlop 3 weeks ago

    They’ve always been mean

  • Thomas Richards 3 weeks ago

    You sound like Matrix

  • Jane11 The nightguard 3 weeks ago

    Freddy x foxy!? Yeah no!! Lolbit only!!!!!

  • Tomas Vazquez 3 weeks ago

    Why just why Snow White

  • wowie magic 3 weeks ago

    whats next? foxy in wonderland? foxieriel:little fox mermaid tale? sleeping foxy?

  • Denise Cronin Carrig 3 weeks ago

    Foxy : I’m better than you in every witch way

  • gamer guy 3 weeks ago

    foxy is a girl ha ha ha XD XD XD

  • Fastcar Lamborghini 3 weeks ago


  • Francisco Jimenez 3 weeks ago

    Never do a video like this again

  • Chain Thunderbolt 3 weeks ago

    I lol’d SO hard!! XD

  • Bryan Castillo 3 weeks ago

    Puppet why do you were dreess

  • Funtimefreddy lps game girl Hope 3 weeks ago

    I love you gis🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐆🐆🐆🐅🐅🐅🐯🐯🐯🦁🦁🦁🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺😎😎😎 lol

  • Caitlyn Rhoads 3 weeks ago

    Do tangled

  • Kitty. Cat Lillly 3 weeks ago

    Oh no that were mean too foxy he’s my favorite 😔😠😠😠

  • Kitty. Cat Lillly 3 weeks ago

    Foxyreala xD

  • Kitty. Cat Lillly 3 weeks ago

    The boats the carriage lol 😂

  • Kitty. Cat Lillly 3 weeks ago

    Hahhahahah foxyrela said for too cut her nails

  • Kitty. Cat Lillly 3 weeks ago

    Freddy’s ok with it ):)

  • sonicvgamer plays 3 weeks ago

    Foxys a girl comfirmed

  • ash the racoon739 3 weeks ago

    Gool boy

  • Julie Grimsley 3 weeks ago


  • Julie Grimsley 3 weeks ago

    Haha pop lol

  • foxylover2000 fox 3 weeks ago

    When baby said lick the floor to foxy I said I will lick the wall then I licked it….it’s salty DX XD

  • Adrian Dominguez 3 weeks ago

    This is the most weirdest video in this channel, If I can rate this it will be, 3 STARS. What save it for 2 stars was that the”RING” was a boxing ring.

  • Laura Sterle 3 weeks ago

    I expected Ballora to be the fairy godmother instead it was BonBon!

  • Sky Hayes 3 weeks ago


  • Ashlee Vigil 3 weeks ago

    Do balloon girl

  • Dylan O'Sullivan 3 weeks ago

    PUPPETS A GIRL!!!😮😂😂😂😂😂

  • FNAFGamer 025 3 weeks ago

    You don’t have to do these but, here are some video ideas.
    #1: Funtime Freddy becomes a chicken!
    #2: Funtime Foxy is unlucky for St. Patrick day!
    #3: Circus Baby’s games come to life!
    #4: Ballora runs away!
    #5: Springtrap loses the Apple Juice bar!
    #6: Puppet’s home gets destroyed!
    #7: Garbage escapes the pizzeria.
    #8: Funtime Freddy blows up Lolbits room
    #9: There is a leprechaun loose in the pizzeria!
    Once again you guys DON’T have to do these but feel free to do any of these or change them up a bit.

  • Pillow Girl The Fox! 3 weeks ago


  • Ryance Woods 3 weeks ago

    I’ll be so sad if I leave 😢

  • Benny Omar 3 weeks ago

    Stob bullying foxy

  • funtime foxy 1 3 weeks ago

    Oh my god what happened they are very crazy

  • Noreen Sabrina 3 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy x Funtime freddy💜💝 >\<

  • Rory O'Donnell 3 weeks ago

    You should do beauty and the beast.

  • Martin Burke 3 weeks ago

    Poor foxy

  • Endogirl 1987 3 weeks ago

    This would be better




    Freddy: princes messenge
    Puppet: princes gard

  • Brothertubers 3 weeks ago

    Poor foxy

  • Leaann Tyler 3 weeks ago

    Lololol so cringy baby nice not meaney

  • FNAFFoxet fonet 3 weeks ago

    Foxy looks good in a scart lobit much love u😘😘😗😗😗😗😗😗

  • Michael Orne 3 weeks ago


  • Michael Orne 3 weeks ago


  • Daisy Gilbert 3 weeks ago

    Hahaha puppet weird a skirt

  • John Dusaran 3 weeks ago

    Hey foxy when they do that again hit them with a golden axe pleas

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