• Jimwell Bulan 1 month ago

    T_T no food

  • Youtuber RM 1 month ago

    Foxy you don’t eat dogs

  • Rainbow fox Lps 1 month ago

    The thumbnail was SOOOOOOOOOOOO gooooooddddd

  • Foxy and freddy Show 1 month ago

    Puppet is perple guy lol

  • Navi Astrera 1 month ago

    Baby is getting pretty creepy

  • Nightmare Lolbit Animator 1 month ago

    I would just eat bon bon cause I’m still a fox

  • Fpj589 633 1 month ago

    I dare you married freddy

  • skullybox brain 1 month ago


  • cutelittlewolf gurl 1 month ago

    Everyone who hurnuyr:searches for foods

    Me:sniifs it out

  • DeShon Scheer 1 month ago

    Freddy vs baby

  • Goth in the Kitchen 1 month ago


  • Courtney Shepherd 1 month ago

    The start is a bit scary because mr wiggle worth head turns around and he has red eyes 😰

  • greenliongirl awsomeness 1 month ago

    Mr. Wiggle worths eyes r RED in the intro

  • hadian fauzi 1 month ago

    Hey funtime foxy i am your new fan and i have experiment

  • hadian fauzi 1 month ago

    1. Add nether wart 2.add golden carrots 3.ferminted spider eye 4.add redstone for the more timer. After you make that all you are just making invisibility potion to troll your friends on your pizzeria

  • Shadow_bonnie7 Gaming 1 month ago

    xd i get baby’s pun the muffin song

  • Shanjida Rahman 1 month ago

    um did anyone see Mr wigles worth with red eyes in the intro?

  • mangle and her fnaf's friends 1 month ago

    check freddys room

  • Ft. foxy Gamer 1 month ago

    Guys may you wish my friend rani a happy ramadan plz

  • John Henderson 1 month ago

    Does Foxy still like lolbit? It doesn’t seem like that anymore

  • Amine The Blood Demon 1 month ago

    Why you’re trying to make purple guy give you the food?? Why don’t you just eat him???!

  • Galaxy Cat 1 month ago

    Yay baby’s back yaaayyy 😊😊😄😄

  • Jo Croker 1 month ago

    Foxy marry lolbit and you kids will com and cud be the flour girls and puppet cud be the preest and lolbit sed yes and foxys room he’s extended and lolbit livs in foxys room and his kids get ther own rooms (in foxys room)

  • Lorn Perkins 1 month ago

    I loooove bon bon when he turns the table on foxy “slice slice..i want a foxy sandwich”

  • Lorn Perkins 1 month ago

    Go bon bon you show foxy

  • Tom Murray 1 month ago

    Food food 🤤🤤🤤

  • Granit Abazaj 1 month ago

    XD why does bonbon want o eat you HAHA THaTS WHAT he gets he will be eaten by circus baby

  • Catherine Mcgouldrick 1 month ago

    R.I.p circus baby’s fish

  • Catherine Mcgouldrick 1 month ago


  • baa baa 1 month ago


  • Leo the baby snow lepard gamer the YouTuber 1 month ago

    He only eats chicken foxy ok be smart

  • ViktorGamingYT/VGY 1 month ago

    the beginning of the video is apart of the title cause when you are in bed and you pretend there is a steak it’s apart of the title

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 month ago

    purple guy my bro,great idea to steal all food from pizzeria

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 month ago

    now foy doesn t have steak,freddy chicken and baby coffe

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 month ago

    and why does foxy always blame freddy for everything

  • Acusive Playz 1 month ago


  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 1 month ago

    and baby and foxy are both low

  • William Sullivan II 1 month ago

    the buss will come poopet, the buss will come.

  • iron Foxxy foxxy 1 month ago

    Did anyone see wigglesworth eyes

  • fire the wolf 1 month ago

    P-guy is puppet

  • Melody Cambrelen 1 month ago

    My favorite is steak

  • Cooled ixah 1 month ago


  • Freddy Fazbear 1 month ago

    This is how to summon f.foxy,f.freddy,and bonbon
    F.foxy is steak
    F.freddy is chicken
    Bonbon is candy

  • mikky eigbogba 1 month ago

    Foxy you need to be tougher in episodes

  • nadia 452 1 month ago

    Im sorry foxy not you eat

  • Marlisa Connors 1 month ago

    Foxy why you was going like you doing something really real

  • LargeMD _S 1 month ago

    I like how in the intro mr wigglesworth turns evil

  • Crazy fox ! 1 month ago


  • Rileigh Taylor 1 month ago

    Eat air

  • Poppy Rose 1 month ago

    In the start of the video mr wiggled worth had red eyes

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