• SCP 049 1 week ago

    Nice vid 😃

  • gibber89 1 week ago

    The ending XD

  • Sandy Welch 1 week ago

    Hi puppet you have a good day.
    Hi freedy you are the dumbest guy ever.

  • SpringTrap 1 week ago

    Well why am I not in this 🙁

  • Diamond Freddy 1 week ago


  • Diamond Freddy 1 week ago


  • Diamond Freddy 1 week ago


  • jo temp 1 week ago

    Foxy yay

  • Rea De Vera 1 week ago


  • The Lyon Gamer 1 week ago

    Foxy can you make an episod of you all going back to school or to the beach please?

  • Keaton and Gavin maybe 1 week ago

    Can you make a video on ennerd coming to circus babys pizza world.

  • Keaton and Gavin maybe 1 week ago

    But ennards a good guy

  • Firefhight kun 1 week ago

    P p p p p paintwater

  • Oblitera Gaming 1 week ago

    Foxy became a germaphobe

  • KaistellRave1- Minecraft and More! 1 week ago

    Okay. I’m going to make a comparison.
    Lolbit trying to help Foxy get clean is like that seen in Despicable Me 2 where Lucy tries helping Gru get the cupcake frosting off his face.

  • Melissa Collins 1 week ago

    Foxy I am your fan

  • Melissa Collins 1 week ago

    You are soooo clean

  • Christine Porter 1 week ago

    Fun time I love your vids they are amazing ☺️ 😃😉

  • Jackie Navarro 1 week ago

    well I now that this is a fan made but in the game puppet is a girl

  • Alan Gamer 1 week ago

    Foxy, you should get revenge on Freddy for pushing you in trash. Who agrees?

  • Jamie Jones 1 week ago

    alan gamer yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Morier Vlog 1 week ago

    When i saw the title i though you ment Like The ‘’Dirty’’ Dirty if you know what i mean. 😉

  • Ultimate Gem 1 week ago

    When are the nightguards coming back

  • Youtubegamerboy151 Youtube 1 week ago


  • Andrew Nicholson 1 week ago

    Foxy can you please do a face reval

  • EnnardGirlVlogs TV 1 week ago

    I can give you some info about Ennard

  • jodz1989 1 week ago

    I love fun time foxy

  • Angelica Daniels 1 week ago

    Freddy: I’m sick.
    Me: Good. Karma has given a punishment for throwing Foxy down the garbage shoot.

  • guava juice and red dragon 1 week ago

    do know mango tango

  • Fathmath Ainee 1 week ago

    Now foxy got OCD!!!😂😂😂

  • Captain Funtime Freddy the girl 1 week ago

    I know I sound rude but you guys don’t have to put to buy your shirts

  • A1varz _311 1 week ago

    Freddy with nice pants: foxy I dont feel good
    Foxy: oh please don’t fade away from me
    Me: * has flashback of spiderman in infinity war *

  • Tina Rhudy 1 week ago

    I. love. you. vidos

  • Tyree Roberson 1 week ago

    Its funny when everyone tortures Foxy

  • Diana Martinez 1 week ago

    Funtime foxy is ciot

  • foxy the piret fox 1 week ago

    sorry foxy for gitting dirty all because stupit Freddy grrrrr but like please

  • Mariesa De La Cruz 1 week ago

    I think foxy is a germefob

  • Luna the cat 1 week ago


  • Daniel Revilla 1 week ago

    Is funtime foxy darzeth???

  • Foxy Smith 1 week ago

    play a video game with baby…

  • Jayne Wilson 1 week ago

    To the my room

  • Priya dharshini 1 week ago

    *plays with Lolbit and sees funtime foxy*

  • AnGee Jones 1 week ago

    Ship the merch to TX

  • AnGee Jones 1 week ago

    Hey guys are you looking forward to ,

  • Ericia Alves 1 week ago

    So animatronics still work in water?

  • amarhia cutie 1 week ago

    you need to STOP overreacting over every little thing 😤👿

  • Paula Carter 1 week ago

    Can you make a special video on Thursday because that’s my birthday PS PS you are the best YouTube or’s ever

  • Kayla The Fox 1 week ago

    U has a fan named imagine

  • Joshua N Stokes 1 week ago

    No such thing as a clean fox, foxy. XD

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