• Jessica Martin 1 week ago

    I dare you to make a video about kissing baby

  • The Maximillion Gaming 1 week ago


  • Tiffany Hand 1 week ago

    Ft Freddy ex ft foxy ft frexy

  • Armando Cincire 1 week ago

    Stream on bed wars

  • Mila Victoria Marquez Gonzalez. 1 week ago

    Hi. I love your videos! Can you make a FNAF Sister Location music video?

  • Galexy Wolf 1 week ago

    Baby; So they hibernate?
    Foxys mind: Well I duunoo im just a fox that uhh………FAST THINK OF AN EXUSE!!!!!
    Me: They must of got dismantled!

  • doge doge 1 week ago

    i need to watch your vids more

  • Kawaii fnaf Kitty 1 week ago


  • Springtarp{like manglewear a tie} 1 week ago

    i’m crying on floor

  • Springtarp{like manglewear a tie} 1 week ago

    yay babbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbby backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ariel herr 1 week ago

    party pooper booooooòoooooooooooooooooooo

  • Natsuki Fan 113 Doki Doki 1 week ago

    Yay!BABY IS BACK!!☆☆☆☆

  • Jessica Karns 1 week ago

    Wow😱 that was awsome i love all of your videos you are awsome p

  • Jessica Karns 1 week ago

    You and your friends are awsome

  • Juanita Solomon 1 week ago

    Its anarchy

  • Cordae Danford 1 week ago

    Freddy X foxy no foxy X lobit yesyesyes

  • Ricoh Gaming 1 week ago


  • Dominic Parkinson 1 week ago

    funtimefoxy x funtimefreddy!!!!!!

  • Melissa Chambers 1 week ago

    I don wonna 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • teen girl x love 2000 1 week ago

    It looks like baby x fox why?

  • kyle white 1 week ago

    freddy x foxy is real

  • kyle white 1 week ago


  • Linda Humphries 1 week ago

    Fredy x foxy

  • Jonathan Garcia 1 week ago

    lemon attack😂😂😂

  • phenny and sara 1 week ago

    No babys back

  • brooke cochran 1 week ago

    foxy is crase

  • brooke cochran 1 week ago

    ha foxy now you sound like jake pupet is jeffery

  • funtimefoxy k12 gaming 1 week ago

    omg,quats and karate chops.omg I’m really laughing right now

  • Barb Fiedler 1 week ago


  • Xie Jovellanos 1 week ago

    Funtime Freddy you will pay it’s me bendy

  • Maverick Pierce 1 week ago

    freddy x foxy. p.s foxys a girl

  • I like warriors :3 1 week ago


  • Bobby Turney 1 week ago

    Poor lolbit

  • Kpop Lover14 1 week ago

    Me to I snip foxy & lolbit 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Crazy Mango 1 week ago

    Foxy 💖 lolbit

  • WolfySkull 1 week ago

    Yeaaa Circus Baby is back!

  • Hammad and King Gaming 1 week ago

    The picture of the vedio looked so embarrassing

  • Sammy The Umbreon 1 week ago

    I’m a Funtime Frexy shipper and … pfff *laughing* this is amazing! *wheeze* but i aldo liked this whole episode

  • Charlotte Egner 1 week ago

    Foxe x. Freddy

  • Charlotte Egner 1 week ago

    Cool 😎 is my morning love ❤️

  • Lefty Fazbear 1 week ago

    i love funtime freddy x funtime foxy but id rather see funtime foxy x lolbit

  • Lefty Fazbear 1 week ago

    for now

  • gatty Brian 1 week ago

    I have a voodoo doll of funtime Foxy

  • gatty Brian 1 week ago

    I can proof you are not the real foxy.

  • gatty Brian 1 week ago

    funtime Freddy is going to burn glados’ house down with lemons!

  • Melissa Acevedo 1 week ago

    what ever happened to circus babys voice that used to creep you out foxy?

  • Daniel Peter Moncayo 6 days ago


  • Dark Cookiez 6 days ago

    I love cheese and cheese my favourite.

    You sang that NEBNEB

  • Melanie McHugh 6 days ago

    freedy is a girl

  • ballora dance forcet 6 days ago


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