• Paige Papastratis 2 weeks ago


  • Rhonda Snow 2 weeks ago

    A Funtime foxy I play Minecraft with my brother I love Minecraft I played online on a mini games and I’m one of your fans I like your videos tell me the truth

  • Leslie Elmore 2 weeks ago

    I need 100 likes because I lost a tooth and now I’m covered in blood

  • rich teen 2 weeks ago

    What wee wee

  • Bonnie Is cool 2 weeks ago


  • Bonnie Is cool 2 weeks ago

    And cute

  • Ace Banaga 2 weeks ago

    What if Funtime Foxy’s invasion

  • Freddy and bonnie Episode 2 weeks ago

    Wee wee hahahahaha😂

  • Quiel Alava 2 weeks ago

    Foxy x baby confirm!

  • dank memes 2 weeks ago

    Infinity war in a nutshell

  • Banna the Bunny 2 weeks ago

    can you guys do a vid of foxy acting strange and also acting like he is going to kill his friends,when he is around other people he doesn’t act strange,like Freddy was in that vid that Freddy was a “genius” but hid it

  • Incineroar Tamer 2 weeks ago

    (The voices of the babies it’s so cute)here is Circus baby and Funtime Foxy the only survivors

  • stressed phangirl 2 weeks ago

    Hurry just jutting fifth free gym by gig try church dry day get that tech hurry hurt by bug church effect by stuff thru by ft by try by by urgency but cf guy

  • kaylynn 2 weeks ago

    funtime foxy wood you rather have an army of clones of your self or the evil clone foxy vs mangle funtime foxy jr

  • Damien Jarvi Zamora 2 weeks ago

    Baby ballora:ebola


  • AndreiGamer Five Nights At Freddy's 2 weeks ago


  • zieya castro 2 weeks ago

    iam sad

  • The Dob Fam 2 weeks ago

    Uh…ARORA BORIALIS!at this time of year!at this time of day!in this part of the country!totaly localised in your kitchen!!!

  • CupcakeKatYT :3 {Twinkle Star} 2 weeks ago

    I love the baby episodes they are so cute and funny!!♡♡♡

  • TheChaosAffect 2 weeks ago

    Spoiler alert they referenced Infinity War at the end

  • Gabriel Nugroho 2 weeks ago

    Bonbon its evil

  • Tammi Day 2 weeks ago

    you ever got puppet

  • ramadhan zaf 2 weeks ago

    Baby and f. Foxy is iron man
    Freddy is spiderman
    Ballora idk
    Bonbon is thanos
    Bonbon snap his finger freddy’s gone and ballora gone to baby and f. Foxy is a life
    Marvel avanger infinite war

  • Armie Hanson 2 weeks ago

    i have a another acc its rapidfirefly4598

  • Angela Mundy 2 weeks ago

    & wut hapnd to fabby & bloru

  • Reina Cardoza 2 weeks ago

    Why do i feel dayjavo after cb told foxy he could be helping her?

  • Bryan Beaver 2 weeks ago

    wooooo best chanel

  • Kendrick Almazan 2 weeks ago

    make bon bon a channel

  • Natsuki Cutie 2 weeks ago

    😗😗😗😗😗😍😍😍 I ♡ ur Vids

  • ZantherTheWolf YT 2 weeks ago

    U can wead?

  • Evander jevera 2 weeks ago

    There is a secret door

  • ZantherTheWolf YT 2 weeks ago

    Wait guys… Freddy is finally in survival mode

  • Kittyfox FNAF5 2 weeks ago


  • meowmeowgamer 2 weeks ago

    Uganda Knucles are true why are you do memes in the videos

  • Ia420ent 2 weeks ago

    Hello suppreme ruler baby (properly said ruler)

  • bonbon plays 2 weeks ago

    Why do you keep making the cutest videos!!!!!????? 😢😢😢😢
    So cute! Your killing me of cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffené Gaston 2 weeks ago

    The person on the picture is fakeChewbacca mom circus baby is my mom

  • Nancy Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    Aww so cute

  • Nancy Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    There little babys

  • Gabrielle Crocker 2 weeks ago

    foxy you baby

  • Gabrielle Crocker 2 weeks ago

    Bomb there during you duff

  • funtime foxy's voice 2 weeks ago

    Bon bon best parent, when he’s tired of them what’s he do… Throw them in a hole XD

  • Antartica Winter 2 weeks ago

    U can weed?

  • Jordan Green 2 weeks ago

    2 things I want to see
    1: more circus baby and bidybab relationships
    2: baby scooping someone

  • Lupe Mendez 2 weeks ago

    The babyies voices are cute

  • Ultimate Gem 2 weeks ago

    Baby circus baby

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