• Arianna Crabb 2 weeks ago

    Um who is this?Foxy get your camera back from this paper Bonnie guy

  • The TrainBrain 2 weeks ago

    I am requesting a warfare one involving Halo weapons/vehicles, the animatronics are divided in two groups once puppet goes and makes new weapons that they all test out in a big battle arena [I suggest getting a Blood Gulch map, one of the first halo maps] and they have vehicles and stuff too. You guys can make a little dispute or something that they’re having and then more of them join different teams and do the above [Involving the weapons and vehicles that puppet has crafted, known as “experimental” weapons because he was bored, oh yeah now that springtrap can walk as well he can be apart too!]. The mods required to do this would be Halocraft and KC’s weapon mod. I’d love to see this, please take it into consideration and keep making awesome videos!

  • Arthur Chia 2 weeks ago

    “Ok I’ll give you my soul

  • The TrainBrain 2 weeks ago

    Also where’s freddy I miss him.

  • Funtime Foxy 2 weeks ago

    Why is a paper bonnie recording?

  • ExtremeElixer 103 2 weeks ago


  • Marty Cummins 2 weeks ago

    Dear Funtime foxy,Funtime Freddy,circus baby,ballora,and lolbit,

    Hi guys I would love it if you guys started play ROBLOX like Funtime Freddy,but I need you Funtime freddy to make a another ROBLOX account and if you guys had a group channel that was ROBLOX and I want ur usernames to be FnafFuntimeFoxy_Yt than FnafFuntimeFreddy_Yt than circusbaby’s_Yt than danceBallora_Yt than FuntimeLolbit_Yt and I forgot bon bon XD so smallBon_Yt and my username on ROBLOX is Heathen28 and please friend me and thank you please read this note πŸ™‚

  • King foxy 500 Ft foxy 2 weeks ago

    No I like my soul and I don’t want my soul to go until I want you to ok

  • Nathan Gaming 2 weeks ago

    No you cant Foxy take your camera thats why i dont watch this channel anymore

  • Jake MC Gaming 2 weeks ago

    just let nightmare Bonnie teach paper Bonnie how to be an animatronic

  • Foxy the pirate fox 2 weeks ago

    Goofy about Pokemon dying inside of spring-trap suit because spring lock

  • dursten jr Adventures 2 weeks ago


  • Jed Anthony irinco 2 weeks ago

    Yo paper bawnie here *gives paper bonnie water*

  • Llama toons 2 weeks ago

    Hey maybe you could have the mythology nightguards visit or something that be cool.

  • The Dob Fam 2 weeks ago

    Babby:scare me
    Babby:*slowly walks away*yeah I’m just gonna*runs away*BYE!

  • FeatherKit 2 weeks ago

    Hello Ballora/Bonnie

  • FeatherKit 2 weeks ago

    Wait…….is Ballora Springtrap as well? Cause they never talk at the same time.

  • shadow fox 2 weeks ago

    I have no soul so haπŸ‘Œ

  • Dragon Hi 2 weeks ago

    he sounds like turbo from wreck it ralph

  • Tina Couch 2 weeks ago

    foxy paper Bonnie took the camera

  • ignited freddy Chanel 2 weeks ago

    Good job Balora

  • Morten Pedersen 2 weeks ago

    Sure paper pal bonnie

  • Aden Woodward 2 weeks ago

    i eat paper

  • nancy massivi 2 weeks ago

    Do a 360 video plz

  • SUPER GAMER GIRL 2 weeks ago

    Paper pal…

  • butler game on 977 2 weeks ago

    You will never take my sole

  • Fnaf lover cutie 2 weeks ago

    Foxy paper bonnie took the camera!!!

  • Windows Vista 2 weeks ago


  • FoxGamer 1 2 weeks ago

    no no no…
    My nightmare.. school!!!
    Get away im gonna get raped by girl math!!! Noo someone get my gun! πŸ”« help me!!!
    *gets draged*

  • Charlie and Mojojojo998 2 weeks ago

    Foxy time ballora took the camera

  • lolbit lock 2 weeks ago

    I am whor favoret fan

  • Jaiden Bryant 2 weeks ago

    I’ll give you my soulπŸ‘πŸ™ƒπŸ‘

  • Jaiden Bryant 2 weeks ago

    I got an idea for a video how about all the sister location characters turn into paper of them selfs

  • Skye Fly203 2 weeks ago

    I have no soul.

  • Charlie Milne 2 weeks ago

    Can you do cuphead meets sister locashon

  • Foxy DJ 2 weeks ago

    What the mess. You can’t have my soul you can have Bonnie’s though

  • Tessie Chetcuti 2 weeks ago

    If you take my soul I will hunt you down till I cut you in half with scissors

  • troy holcomb 2 weeks ago

    Paper bunnies stealing your camera is that our souls paper bunny is trying to eat our souls

  • Krista C 2 weeks ago

    You can have my soul☠️ πŸ€™ me

  • Maria Rios 2 weeks ago

    Funtime Foxy should show lobit mangle and funtime Foxy jr

  • Draceo 130 2 weeks ago

    (Please make this a video on the main channel) hey i have an idea for an episode puppet makes a love potion for foxy but when he tries to throw it at lolbit he hits baby,ballora,and lolbit they then fight and whoever gets in the middle of the fight they can 1.have the effects of the potion except foxy or 2.they get hurt badly so after foxy goes to everyone (insert anything else) and he goes to puppet makes a reversal potion so foxy has to choose either lolbit’s love and get her hurt or turn everything back to normal(add anything you would like)

  • ft freddy22 2 weeks ago

    Inhals deeply FOXY!! PAPER BONNIE TOOK YOUR CAMRA!!!!!!!!

  • Nintendo gaming 2 weeks ago

    foxy paper bonnie took the camera

  • Ryan Smith 2 weeks ago

    Hi my name is Ryan Smith I’m sick and it’s my birthday

  • Damaris Angueira 2 weeks ago


  • Ronnie Cruz 2 weeks ago


  • Paul-thomas Williams 2 weeks ago

    Bonnie paper bonnie took the time machine

  • corupcion steve 2 weeks ago

    I dont habe a body or a soul

  • corupcion steve 2 weeks ago

    Im a computer program

  • sasha garcia 2 weeks ago

    I’m so Abiktid too fnaf

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