• Damari Smith 2 weeks ago

    What is the pizzeria called for the map

  • Fox girl 295 2 weeks ago

    Wow I always love your vids.

  • Kittengaurdian 2 weeks ago

    Imma not judgen but umm you aren’t an ARTIC fox sry my friends fav animal is that and he lets meh know bout it all the time so ya your not an artic fox… don’t judge meh >~<

  • Alexa Martindale 2 weeks ago

    Ballots sounds like a flirty cow

  • DevonTMA //TheMotionAnimator 2 weeks ago

    Freddy is… Fred!!!

  • DevonTMA //TheMotionAnimator 2 weeks ago


  • Marquise Pixley 2 weeks ago

    Can you guys do more of fnaf 6 pizzeria simulator

  • Lolbit The Fox 2 weeks ago

    Lol you used bthe same pic for babybfrom when foxy god prankes by his kids

  • Circus Baby The Cute Clown And The Krew 2 weeks ago

    funtime foxy- haha you have the hiccups
    baby- shut up not funny

  • Lolbit The Fox 2 weeks ago

    Also i have the * hick * hick ups

  • Faithy C 2 weeks ago

    Awesome job I love it keep up the great work

  • Ellie Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    I love this channel and I subbed today

  • Joshua Gunderson 2 weeks ago

    arctic fox foxy

  • Anita Kolić 2 weeks ago

    oh no not hiccups

  • The Dairy God 2 weeks ago

    How can circus baby have the hicups shes a ANIMATRONIC!

  • Marquise Pixley 2 weeks ago

    Can nightmare foxy come back

  • moonfox B 2 weeks ago

    Hiccups mean u are growing

  • Kinsey Mullins 2 weeks ago

    Baby it’s ok I have hip cups all the the time

  • Tyree Roberson 2 weeks ago

    Cool vid

  • Digital Gaming 2 weeks ago

    😂 drinking all that water chugging all of it and then Foxy was in the freezer and then this happened. When life gives you lemons,you cram it down someone’s throat until they see yellow

  • catherine holmes 2 weeks ago


  • noam k 2 weeks ago

    Freddy:wait a sec it’s in my bookshelf
    Foxy: baby don’t turn around
    (Freddy puts on the costume)

  • tmal1902 2 weeks ago

    How does an animactronic have hiccup if they don’t have lungs

  • KD JAM 2 weeks ago


  • Trinity Smith 2 weeks ago

    The only thing in scared of is the it movie

  • Sharon Humphrey 2 weeks ago

    I want foxy to kiss baby

  • crazy Smith 2 weeks ago

    It doesn’t make sense that she drank milk and got hicups

  • Shady Thank you 2 weeks ago

    You Created video

  • Kieran Johnson 2 weeks ago

    I <3 fnaf

  • edzotike buters gaming 2 weeks ago

    Fred,Freddy,dogeybear and sheep

  • Aidonnie Plays 2 weeks ago


  • edzotike buters gaming 2 weeks ago

    Cow bollaro

  • Marisol Portillo 2 weeks ago

    Why does balorra sounds different

  • Amber Rooney 2 weeks ago


  • Sophisticated YouTube 2 weeks ago

    Baby it’s ok I have hikuppes everyday

  • Sophisticated YouTube 2 weeks ago

    Well almost everyday

  • Heather Short 2 weeks ago

    awwwwwwww poor poor poor baby

  • Pepper The Fox 2 weeks ago

    lol i feel your pain;-;

  • SillyPotatoes 24 2 weeks ago

    Maybe foxy becomes a human

  • Nicole Guidry 2 weeks ago

    You are a artic fox because you white

  • Ridgie da fox 2 weeks ago

    Can you please do a vid on Melanie martinez 😿 thank you

  • kayla Torres likes alice angel09 2 weeks ago

    How long has Freddy had that sheep costume?

  • funtime foxy's voice 2 weeks ago

    Ballora cow XD

  • Rona Banaga 2 weeks ago

    I want to see Circus Baby’s Clone

  • de emelie en star show kluit 2 weeks ago

    Poor funny baby

  • fnaf sisters location lolbit 2 weeks ago

    Did you rilly forgot that dady was holding her breath

  • Ash Pig 2 weeks ago

    make a vid wen you have hicups

  • Hayden Paulson 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice that bonbon didn’t say anything when she hiccuped

  • Miss Onofia 2 weeks ago


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