• F. Alaa 3 weeks ago


  • Rosalina Mira 3 weeks ago

    Lolbits voice is so cute

  • Dagny Kapitola Gardarsdottir 3 weeks ago

    Yassss now I can finally surscribe to you

  • Filip Batista 3 weeks ago

    BonBon Selfcontrol 😑😑😒😒😢

  • Miya the toy chica 3 weeks ago

    Funtime Foxy what time you will go to open springtrap door!!!!!!!

  • Funtime and Pirate 3 weeks ago

    Yay self control is so hard

  • Sean Terry 3 weeks ago

    greninja water stealth

  • hadian fauzi 3 weeks ago

    Hey there who liked this comment?

  • hadian fauzi 3 weeks ago

    Also check out his funtime shirt com

  • hadian fauzi 3 weeks ago

    I like that ahirt

  • hadian fauzi 3 weeks ago

    I mean shirt

  • David Craft M.C. 3 weeks ago

    Hey guys!!! Check out minecraft java 1.13 (a.k.a aquatic update) this update has so many new water mechanics and new mobs and new items and more!!! Maybe it will help your roleplay!?

  • Teyanna Lachelle 3 weeks ago

    Where’s Freddy!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Destiny Harper 3 weeks ago

    You should say that thing wear we can possibley
    Go onyour server and i am a big fan so sorry if you took that as being rood and also you and lolbit should
    Go see your children.can you also put freddy in more of your videos and im not trying to be rood but me and my
    Friends who are also big fans wanted to see these
    And . Can you say the time you post vidios

  • fun time Lefty 3 weeks ago

    You mased up

  • fun time Lefty 3 weeks ago


  • Jascat's Adventure of Gamming 3 weeks ago

    Pun city (the title and thumbnail)

  • Leuage of Junglers 3 weeks ago

    you can mec a lobet come in your room and is like hey sia in 32.6 and kiss you XD

  • sky scraper 3 weeks ago

    cool vid

  • TJ TV 3 weeks ago

    Bon Bon is bonett and the voice is Ennard wait what happened to the voice also scrapbaby bin gon for a wial so has lefty /puppet /hennre baby girl and next episode is about foxy becomes a master niger and teachis Lolbit

  • Angel9853 matinez 3 weeks ago

    I find Bonnie when they pass Bonnie

  • Richard Norris 3 weeks ago

    I love narito I LOVE IT

  • fox Kingdom 3 weeks ago

    Poor bon bon hope they go away and good vid love it♥️

  • Team 6 and BananaBusSquad 3 weeks ago

    foxy is not too smart

  • skate champ 3 weeks ago

    Can you make a video where baby is a boy

  • Distroyer 09 3 weeks ago

    Life = F.N.A.F’S

  • Laura Platis 3 weeks ago

    Poor BonBun!!!

  • Dangerman215 TheRedstoneGuy 3 weeks ago

    Use the Minecraft aquatic update in your vids. Like if you agree

  • gloria hernandez 3 weeks ago

    tell Funtime Freddy to stop eating chicken

  • mohamed alshehhi 3 weeks ago

    you should make nightmare have his own channel

  • gloria hernandez 3 weeks ago

    why does Funtime foxy love love it

  • Rylee Bennett 3 weeks ago

    Springtrap sucks

  • Maria Rios 3 weeks ago

    Funtime Foxy should rite lobit a song and then sing it to her

  • MARTHA HENDERSON 3 weeks ago

    Bon bon put that in a sentence self C .O.N TRoL

  • matt beckerman 3 weeks ago

    hi bon bon hi foxy hi Freddy hi ballora hi puppet hi circus baby

  • Jennifer Whitaker 3 weeks ago

    bonbon is crasy

  • Erickson plas Aleman erick 3 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy sounds like darzeth

  • Donna Ross 3 weeks ago

    Hi lolbit

  • Kristian Kj Brother 3 weeks ago

    I’m now Marta I am a green belt

  • Priscilla Suarez 3 weeks ago

    Bonbon had a voice as his dark past, theory pointed.

  • Falyn Martin 3 weeks ago

    Bon bon is like a ninja teacher 😉

  • StarzSoda YT 3 weeks ago

    *your a wizard bon bon*

  • SMN4 Gamez 3 weeks ago

    Bon Bon should get his own channel!

  • Rylee Bennett 3 weeks ago

    Puppet is scary

  • Random stuff And singing 3 weeks ago

    U should make everyone in the pizza place go to puppet and make foxy a girl

  • 《foxerz》 3 weeks ago

    Shadow bonnie?

  • Michael Sedam 3 weeks ago

    Can bonbon get a chanel

  • Michael Sedam 3 weeks ago

    I mean channel

  • fnaf pro 3 weeks ago

    Bon bon should open his channel

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